**Scene begins at a strip mall, in an undisclosed Michigan town. Sebastian Black's pick up truck is seen parked outside an Adult Video & Toys store. Middle age perverts are seen entering and exiting the front door, as cautiously as possible, hoping not to be seen by any friends or family members, all carrying a big black unmarked plastic bag with them. As the camera walks through the front door, the scene inside is of a near empty store, with only a handful of customers browsing the various sections. A couple of men checking out the 'Busty and Beautiful' rack. A single individual eyeing the 'Amateur Video' section. Finally, the camera comes upon two individuals browsing the 'Adult Toys' section. We recognize them as Sebastian Black and Tasha. Black is wearing a pair of black Tommy jeans and a navy colored fleece pullover. Tasha is wearing a pair of tight fitting faded blue lowrider jeans and a grey hooded sweatshirt that rides up and is showing about 5 inches of skin around the midsection area. The camera pans in closer as Tasha reaches up and pulls down what appears to be a weird looking neon green 'fake penis'**

Tasha: "Do you think Savanah likes the color green?"

*Black turns to look at the object Tasha is holding, as she shakes it in his face. He puts his hands up to shove her hand away as he shakes his head**

Black: "Get that thing out of my face!"

Tasha: "Aww what's the matter? I can't wave one around in front of your face, but you didn't hear me complaining last night when you were doing the same thing to me."

**Tasha grins sheepishly as she bites her bottom lip seductively**

Black: "Funny. And to answer your question, no I don't think Savanah would be a fan of that. Seems she might be more inclined towards this."

**Black reaches onto one of the shelves and pulls down a big box. At closer inspection we see that it contains a 'fake vagina' toy. Tasha laughs**

Tasha: "Yeah no doubt. Although from the sounds of her last promo, she's trying very hard to convince the world that she's not into the olympic sport of muff diving."

Black: "Well I don't really blame her. Obviously she's not gonna come straight out and say that she's madly attracted to one of her opponents' girlfriend. Although did you notice that she never actually turned down my offer about trading that US belt for one night with you?"

Tasha: "I did notice that. I'm thinking little miss priss is keeping her options open. By the way, did you notice the little workout outfit she was wearing? I'm not sure whether that was sweat that was making a wet spot on her shorts or whether thoughts of me were getting her womanly faucet dripping."

**Black laughs at Tasha's comment. He places the 'fake vagina' back on the shelf as they move along down the toy section. In the next section we see a collection of whips and handcuffs. Tasha grabs one of the shorter riding crop type whips, smacking it into her open palm, causing a smacking sound**

Tasha: "Now this...this I'd definitely be into with her. I could definitely see myself whipping her well toned bare ass with this, as she begs me for more."

Black: "I dunno. I get the feeling that she'd want you to be on the receiving end. By the looks of it, she's trying desperately to convey the image of a 'tough bitch'. I'm thinking that in her sexual fantasies about you, she's the 'man' in the relationship."

Tasha: "Nah, I think she's just using that tough facade to hide her obvious insecurities."

**Black pauses for a moment, almost as if what Tasha said just turned on a lightbulb in his thought process**

Black: "You know, now that you mention it I think you're right. I mean promo after promo she brings up things that I've never even mentioned before. She defends herself about things I've not even touched upon. For instance, how many times is she going to tell us that she's not to be taken lightly. How many times is she going to mention that just because she's a woman doesn't mean she can't hang with the best of them. And how many times has she felt the need to tell us that she's proven she's a worthy champion."

Black: "It seems to me the reason she brings up these things without provocation is because subconsciously she's terribly insecure about them. The fact is I've never once mentioned that the reason I'll defeat her is because she's female. But yet she makes sure to mention that I shouldn't overlook her because of her sex. She also goes on ad nauseum about how she's proved she's a worthy champion and proven how good she is. Now that, that's something that I would touch upon. But not for the same reasons as she may think."

Black: "The thing is, Savanah, it's not a matter of me thinking you're an undeserving champion because you're female. It's more because you're a coward. Whether you're a man, woman or child, it wouldn't change the fact that deep down, you're a coward. How else can you explain the fact that in a match that is already weighed heavily in your favor, you want to add even MORE stipulations to put you at a greater advantage. You know you're pretty thick, so let me make it crystal clear to you so that even one with a microscopic brain such as yourself can understand. When I made the comment about bringing a measuring stick to make sure I pin you DIRECTLY in the center of the ring, I was obviously being sarcastic. I knew perfectly well what you meant when you said 'in the center of the ring'. The point I was trying to make, and the point that obviously was lost on you, is that you claim to be so damn good, so damn worthy of wearing that belt, yet you hide behind stipulations and loopholes at ever chance. Savanah, I'll defeat you for that belt. But I'll do it on my terms. I'll pin you where I want, and when my arm is raised and the referee hands me the title belt, you go ahead and do what you do best. Bitch and moan about being screwed because I didn't follow your 'stipulation'. But if I were you, I'd prove what a real champion I was and stop trying to find legalities to save that title."

**Black grins as he smiles into the camera. His eyes have an evil glare in them, as Tasha looks at her man with lust in her eyes, almost as if his comments enflame her with every word spoken**

Black: "And as far as you constantly making mention of me not paying attention to Double R or Brad Williams, well considering both have seemingly decided to take the high road and keep their mouth shut, I don't have much to say to them. I'm sure both of them realize that this match will come down to me versus you, Black versus Roberts. So they're doing the smart thing and minding their own business. But be rest assured, I am NOT taking them lightly. When I step foot in that ring, I'll have my sights set on three targets. But for now, you're the sole recipient of my verbal assaults."

**Tasha steps in front of Black, smacking the whip down upon her open palm once more as she smiles into the camera**

Tasha: "Oh and another thing sweetheart. Keep talking trash to me, keep threatening me with bodily harm. I love it, it makes me crazy with desire hearing how badly you want to get your hands on me. So in closing Savanah, I'll ask you one last question. What letter does the word victory start with?"

**Black grins as he watches her girlfriend bring her hand up to her mouth. She holds up her index and middle fingers, making a shape of a 'V', then slides her tongue through the opening between the two fingers**

Tasha: "The letter 'V'."

**They both laugh hysterically as the camera pans in to a closeup of their faces. We see an expression of pure insanity, as if both have completely gone over the edge. The camera starts to pan away**

****Scene fades out****