**Scene begins in downtown Detroit, sometime late afternoon, as we hear the sound of car horns and other various rush hour noises. We're inside Sebastian Black's appartment, where Tasha and Black are seen sitting in front of the television set, relaxing and taking it easy. There's a knock at the door, and Black shoots Tasha a 'are you expecting anyone' look. She shrugs her shoulders in response, so he stands up and makes his way to answer the door. He opens the door and standing before him is a Fed Ex delivery man holding a parcel**

Delivery Guy: "Sebastian Black?"

Black: "That's me."

Delivery Guy: "I have a parcel for you, Mr. Black. If you'd just sign here please."

**He hands the parcel to Black, who in turn signals for Tasha to come over and retrieve it while he signs for it. She lifts herself off the couch and makes her way to the door, as Black hands her the shoebox sized package. She makes her way to the kitchen table, as Black finishes putting his John Hancock on the receipt. The delivery guy stands there for a couple of seconds after Black signed the release, obviously hoping for some kind of tip, but Black just smiles at him then slams the door in his face. He makes his way over to the kitchen table, where Tasha is seated and inspecting the parcel, looking for a tag to indicate who it is from. Black pulls up a seat next to her and grabs the package**

Tasha: "I wonder who it's from. There's no card or tag."

Black: "Let's find out."

**Black tears into the brown paper wrapping to find an actual shoebox (told you it was the size of a shoebox). He lifts up the lid of the shoebox and looks inside**

Black: "What the f..."

**Black reaches inside and picks up the item. A huge grin comes across his face as we see for the first time what the item is. It's a handheld camcorder, with a little card taped to the handle. Tasha rips the card off the handle as Black inspects the recorder, looking into the viewing hole to see if it is in working order. Tasha begins to read the card out loud**

Tasha: "Sebastian and Tasha, although we can't be there to help raise some hell like old times, we figured you'd enjoy a blast from the past, so we sent you a reminder of the good old days. Take good care of Ol' Wendy. We'll be in touch soon. J & T."

**Black lets out a laugh as he puts the camera back down on the table**

Black: "Looks like Tommy and Josh want to put 'LPM Live' back on the air. Fine by me. I've been looking to shake things up around here, and causing a little mindless fun never hurt anyone."

**Tasha giggles at Black's comment. She then takes a deep breath, almost as if just remembering something**

Tasha: "Oh yeah, you got a phone call from the XWA offices about your upcoming match."

Black: "They're probably worried about their most prized possession not speaking yet about his match with Spencer Gift."

**Black smiles a cocky grin**

Tasha: "Actually, they scrapped that match."

**Black looks at her with a shocked look on his face**

Black: "What?! Why?"

Tasha: "They have something more suited for your abilities. You're in the main event, tag team match. I guess Xtreme chose you as his partner, so now you're facing Chris Bomber and Streets Disciple."

**A wicked grin comes over his expression. He pauses for a moment, before responding**

Black: "Interesting. It seems management finally came to its senses. They realized that sticking me on what amounts to a second rate show, in a second rate match, against a second rate opponent wasn't the most intelligent thing to do. But it's good they rectified the situation before it cost them dearly. So now I can switch my attention away from the 'Freak on a Lisp' and deal with our reigning World and Xtreme Stipulation champions. This is exactly the match I needed to get back on track after this losing streak I've been on."

Tasha: "So far only Streets Disciple has made any comments. Bomber has been noticeable by his absense."

Black: "He's probably too busy gloating about his World title victory still. No matter, what he says and thinks is of little consequence to me. I'll still go out there and do to him what I do best. Which is inflict the maximum amout of pain possible, in the minimum amount of effort."

Black: "What exactly has Streets said thus far?"

**Tasha squishes up her face, trying to paraphrase Streets Disciple's promos for Black**

Tasha: "Basically he did the whole 'scary psychotic killer' routine. You know, the whole 'You're gonna pay with your life, Xtreme' type stuff. He didn't mention you. But in fairness to him, he shot his promo before the XWA brass decided to add you to the match."

Black: "I see. Well no matter, that just gives myself and Xtreme the edge. All week Bomber and Streets have been preparing to face Xtreme, and Xtreme alone. A mere two days before an important match, they are left with the news that they must step foot in the ring against a man who has nothing to lose. Why is that important? Let me explain."

Black: "Chris Bomber is the World champion. Which means that as much as he'd love to get his hands on some Tag Team gold, his primary focus is that World title. He wouldn't do anything to put his title reign in jeopardy. He wouldn't push his body to the limit just in hopes of winning the tag team belts if it means possibly putting him at a future disadvantage when it comes time to defend his World title. The same thing can be said for Streets Disciple. Adding a tag team belt to his resume might seem intriguing, but not at the expense of a title belt he already holds. Especially after going through the hell that he did to capture that title. While both men will never admit to it, the fact is this match is more of a 'bonus', if you will, to them. Those tag team belts are icing on their cake. In the back of their minds, they know that even if they lose the match, their titles remain around their waist. The same cannot be said for Xtreme or myself."

**Black leans forward, resting his arms on the table in front of him, his hands together in a ball as he continues to address the camera**

Black: "Should Xtreme lose this match, then he loses what he has worked hard to attain. He doesn't have any other titles to fall back on. It is his title that is on the line, and when you back a man into the corner, and threaten to take away his most cherished possession, then he is at his most dangerous. Listen to his words, listen to the vigor in his voice as he speaks. I don't have to spell it out for you too much. You can make your own conclusions."

Black: "As for me, well I've tasted XWA gold already in my brief XWA stint. I know what it's like to go into a title match as both challenger and champion. I know the different mindsets with each. But since those tag belts are Xtreme's, then why does that make me the dangerous wildcard in the match, you may ask? Simple. I've got absolutely nothing to lose. But yet I have everything to gain from this match. If we win, then I'll have a win against two of the current XWA champions on my resume, as well as whatever asterisk associated with that Tag Team title. Whether or not after this match Xtreme hands me one half of the tag belts, or whether he views me as the partner of the week matters little to me. So you see, this match means alot to me, and because of that, you'll be seeing a man possessed. Scoff at my words if you will, but just ask those who I've laid to pasture before you whether or not I back up my words. After the dust settles, there's nothing but black."

****Scene fades out****