**Scene begins just after the sun has set, as the horizon is a dark shade of red, mixed in with a bit of orange where the last rays of the sun can be seen. The camera pans across the scenery, as we're in some kind of desolate cemetary. We see various shapes and sizes of headstones, with unrecognizeable names engraved upon them. Standing in the midst of the cemetary, almost seeming out of place, is a large tree, still bare from the cold winter, with only the hint of buds growing on a couple of the branches. As the camera pans down the tree, we see a figure leaning against its powerful trunk, his black silhouette unrecognizeable at first in the shadow cast by the setting sun behind him. As the camera pans in closer, we recognize him as XWA United States champion Sebastian Black. He's dressed in a pair of black jeans, with a pair of black timberland hiking boots. His bare chest covered only by the strap of the US title belt which is slung over his right shoulder. The camera pans in closer on his face as he begins to speak**

Black: "First let me start by assuring you no graves have been altered and no necrophelia acts have been committed, much to the disappointment of Savanah Roberts, who looks like that's the kind of thing that gets her panties wet."

**Black smirks**

Black: "First, I'd like to address the cowardly assault perpetrated by Miss Roberts and her flavor of the moment, Stephen Clayborne. That was quite impressive, no really it was. But seeing as how both of you failed in your attempt to defeat me in a regulation match, it's rational that you two would stoop to these kind of cheap tactics, since from behind is the only chance in hell you two would have against me."

**Black shakes his head as his smirk remains**

Black: "Savanah, that beating you endured at the hands of Dark Carnival must have f**ked up your brain, because from what you said about me, you obviously have short term amnesia. You have what it takes to defeat me do you? Savanah, you're talking to the man who ended your dominant streak in the XWA. Before I showed up, you were the cock of the walk. But since then, little miss arrogance, you've been nothing. You talked a whole lot of shit about me leading up to our match, saying how you were better than me and that you'd defeat me. Then after I destroyed you and took your most prized possession, you sulked into solitude, hiding in the shadows of the shame which you had created for yourself. The fact is, Savanah, you do NOT have what it takes to beat me. You have what it takes to annoy me. You have what it takes to maybe even arouse me when I'm in the mood for looking at beastiality pornography. But you do NOT have what it takes to defeat me for this United States title...MY United States title."

Black: "Your second mistake was taking the time to carry on about Lucifer Hawkes, when your primary focus should be the most dangerous man in this match, namely me. You see, Hawkes is a master at mind games and parlor tricks. He's like a horror flic. It shocks you and maybe even grosses you out, but when you can finally see past the lame story plot and great special effects, he's no Oscar calibre presentation. I, on the other hand, specialize in winning where it counts...that is, inside the ring. We've all proven that we can be brutally assaulted and still come back strong. Hell, you basically got your face turned into a collage of skin, scars and glass, and yet you still manage to speak. So Hawkes' tricks only have temporary affects. But mine, well, mine stick with you forever. You see, Savanah, say what you will about me, attack me from behind with your cowardly boyfriend until your heart's content, but the fact that I defeated you for the United States title will NEVER be forgotten. Just something for you to keep in mind, sweetheart. Oh and by the way, although Tasha couldn't be here to speak about you personally, she wanted me to tell you that you should do a better job of watching your back in the locker room. There's no telling when a sledgehammer might smack you in the back of the head while you're naked and in the shower."

**A sadistic, almost animalistic expression comes across his face, as he rubs his thumb and index finger across his chin, while visualizing Savanah naked in the shower, her tanned body glistening with the combination of soap and water**

Black: "Next we have the man who is completely pussy whipped by you, Stephen Clayborne. It seems the entire Clayborne clan suffers from the same infliction. The symptoms are that they get their asses beat every week, then come out and repeat the same tired line of 'you may have put me down, but I got back up'. Stephen, I expect that kind of talk from Todd, but not from you. Todd was always softer than you. Granted, he had ALOT more talent than you'll ever have, but he was soft. You, on the other hand, I thought would be able to come up with something more inspiring than recycling one of Todd's old comebacks. What you don't understand, and what Todd only began to understand near the end of his torment, is that I NEVER put my prey out of their misery right away. Where's the fun in that? If I crippled your ass, and made it so that you had to spend the rest of your days eating your food through a straw, who then would I satisfy my hunger for tormenting each week? No, the reason why you took my beating and still remain standing isn't because you enjoy the pain and want some more. It's because I choose to keep you around for my own sadistic pleasure. The Clayborne family has always been my favorite play thing, so why in the hell would I want to completely break it when I still enjoy playing with it?"

**Black lets out a soft, yet meniacal laugh. Almost sounding more like a primal beast's cackle when it has its prey at its mercy. Black glances down at the US title, resting upon his shoulder, then back up at the camera**

Black: "No, Stephen, I'm not done playing with you quite yet. The fact that you're still able to walk without the aid of a walker is a testiment to my off the wall sense of humor. And as far as your so called powers, son, I hope that bird shit on you because that had to be the lamest excuse for a special effect ever. Hell, if you look closely enough, you could see that retard you paid sitting up in a tree holding the string for that fake bird. If you want to play dress up and pretend you're the Beastmaster, then suit yourself. But a few camera tricks and having a damn bird sit on your arm aren't going to help you when I decide in what way to pay you back for your assault. If you truly think that me dragging you off was the best I can do, then you truly are much more stupid than I thought. No, my friend, what you've seen thus far isn't even scratching the surface of what's in store for yourself and the rest of the XWA."

**Black begins to crouch over, squating down as he adjusts the US title belt**

Black: "You two better have done your homework on me. Because if you haven't, you're gonna get absolutely raped on the pop quiz I'm giving at Clash of the Champions."

**Black starts to laugh, tilting his head backwards, making us wonder whether he's finally gone off the deep end**

****Scene fades out****