**Scene begins in complete darkness. Although it's difficult to see, the camera begins to pan around the room. Regardless of which direction the camera turns, we are greeted with a wall of black. Without the benefit of imagery, the sense of sound kicks in. Faint whispers of footsteps are heard. They increase in volume as the footsteps draw closer. A scraping noise is heard accompanying those footsteps. It sounds as if something metal is scraping along the floor. The footsteps continue until it appears as though the individual is standing a few feet from the camera, then complete silence. No more footsteps, no more sounds of scraping metal. Nothing. A couple of seconds pass then the silence is broken**

"Fear comes in many shapes and sizes. It comes in many forms. Some fear the night time, while others fear going out in public during the day. Some people fear death, yet others seem to have a fear of life, a fear of continuing on with their troubled existence. When fear begins to consume you, you no longer think as a rational human being. They say that love is the most powerful emotion a person can experience. I say whoever came up with that nonsense is a complete idiot. Fear controls all, and has the ability to turn a monster into a mouse. This is what I live for. This is who I am."

**More silence, as the figure becomes silent. A few seconds passes before we hear the same grinding steel on concrete floor once more. The irritating sound of scraping metal, as the figure drags whatever metal object he is holding along the ground around him. The scraping ceases, as he speaks once more**

"When fear consumes, people turn to safety to protect them. They turn to where they feel safe, who they feel safe with. All the while trying to mask their fears with an invisible safety blanket. The only problem is, the safety blanket is just that...invisible. It's a figment of their imagination, not really being present. Humor me, think for a moment when you are at your most scared, where do you go? Whom do you turn to for protection? The people you think you can trust. It's a natural human instinct to be drawn to the maternal or paternal figure, to be shielded from that which arouses your darkest fears. But the thing people don't realize is that fear is the blacksheep of the emotion family. Fear, love, trust, hate...they are all inter-related. Love would not exist if it weren't for the ability to hate someone. Trust would not exist if the ability to fear someone didn't exist. In order for one emotion to exist, there must be a counter-emotion, one which we gauge other emotions with. Otherwise, without these counter-emotions, there would be nothing."

**The figure begins to pace back and forth. His boots clattering with each step upon the hard concrete floor. The sound of the metal object slapping into his open palm can be heard, as the man continues pacing. The lighting inside the room starts to come alive, as we can see more visibly the outline of the man standing before us. He has his back to the camera, thus only allowing us a view of his short brown hair and wide shoulders. We see the object in his hands for the first time, a plain stainless steel metal bar. As the lights brighten to a level where everything is visible, yet the dark aura still remains, the figure turns around. He is wearing a pair of black wrestling tights and a black muscle shirt with a picture of knife through a beating heart on the front. We see his face for the first time, and remarkably it is not one of a gruesome creature. Not one hidden by a mask. But of a man in his early twenties, attractive looking even. Attractive except for the look in his eyes. As the camera pans in closer, we see the look of utter sadism in his glare. The way his lip curls in a sadistic grin. His face becomes familiar to those who have followed the wrestling industry. But the glare...the glare is new. He is, of course, Sebastian Black**

Black: "Not quite what you expected, am I. You see, I just proved my point about fear. Fear made each and every one of you believe that once the lights came on, you'd be staring face to face with your childhood monster under the bed. Now is the point in time where you all ask yourselves 'what exactly was that all about?'. Simple really, to let you have a glimpse of my world. In my world, there is no love, no trust for our fellow man. In my world it's survival of the fittest. Trusting someone will get you hurt, or get you dead. In my world, trust does exist. Trust one person, and one person only...yourself."

Black: "I'm sure most of you on the XWA roster have been too absorbed in your own little meaningless existences to even notice my stellar career. I became world champion a mere three weeks upon graduation from the wrestling academy. I headlined shows all across the world. I've held singles titles, I've been a part of a succesful and dominant tag team. My star was on the rise, and I felt in my heart that it was only a matter of time until I became the superstar that I was projected to become."

**He pauses, as he lowers his head. His breathing becomes more pronounced, finally lifting his head back up so that he is once again facing into the camera**

Black: "But then I made the most crucial mistake of my career. I trusted people. I trusted the promoters that promised me big matches and big money. I trusted partners and allies that promised to watch my back as long as I watched theirs. Anytime someone gave me their word about something, I trusted it as if it was gold. And for that naivity, I got burned!"

**He shakes his head in disgust, a scowl coming across his expression as he once again taps the metal bar into his open palm**

Black: "Never again will I allow myself to be vulnerable to the trap of friendship or loyalty. There is no such thing as true friendship. There is only momentary friendship, mutually helping each other out as long as both parties benefit. I trusted the wrong people, and because of it, my goals, what was best for myself, was treated as secondary. But no more. This is MY time to shine, and you bet your ass I'm going to do everything within my power to make sure I get it. And I make it a personal guarantee that anyone who stands in my way will pay the ultimate consequence. You see, all of you probably assume I speak of titles and money as the ultimate goal of mine. But that's where you're dead wrong. My ultimate goal is to make each and every one of you suffer for my ruined stardom. Defeating you for a title won't bring back the last five months of my life, but beating you to an inch of your life, seeing you beg me to spare you, that is my salvation. That is my ultimate goal."

**An evil grin comes over his face. He lets out a sinister laugh, his expression a stark contrast to just a few moments earlier**

Black: "Before you all jump to conclusions. I'm not the devil, I don't and never have claimed to possess 'otherwordly powers'. I am, quite simply, out for blood. Who is my first target? Anyone who decides to show up at XWA shows. The XWA has always prided itself on how extreme and violent it is, but now I'm going to take it up another level. Now we are gonna get...SADISTIC! And that's not just a promise, that's a guarantee!"

**The smile on his face disappears almost instantly, replaced by that menacing glare once more. He stares into the camera, his piercing, almost soul-less eyes the last image we see as the scene begins to fade**

****Scene fades out****