**Scene begins outside a Detroit area hospital. Doctors and nurses are seen walking about. Patients and their families are also seen, some sitting at benches waiting for admittance, some being wheeled around in wheelchairs. The camera soon catches Tommy Gunn and Josh Styles exiting the main doors and making their way towards the parking lot area. Gunn is carrying what appears to be an overnight bag. He's dressed in a simple pair of faded blue jeans and a black leather winter jacket. Styles is holding a pair of car keys in his hand, jingling them as he walks. He's dressed in a pair of Nike warm up pants and a sleeveless ski jacket over a hooded grey sweatshirt**

Styles: "So how are you feelin'?"

Gunn: "Like shit. But I guess that's to be expected."

Styles: "Yeah no shit. Norwolk virus huh. That's a tough break."

Gunn: "You're tellin' me. My whole body was aching and I was pukin' up blood for a couple of days there. Not a fun week for sure."

**Styles cringes at Gunn's description**

Styles: "No matter. You're all better now. So we can get back to kickin' some major REV ass."

Gunn: "Got that right. But it's a bummer about last week's match. I guess my sickness cost us the match, huh?"

Styles: "Actually, the Chi-Town Mullet Express didn't bother to show up either. I guess to the fans' disappointment, they didn't get to see the match they were looking most forward to watching."

Gunn: "Sweet. I thought for sure that the Chi-Town boys would win by default. But I guess they figured they had no shot at us so they didn't bother showing up. Unlucky for them that they didn't know we'd have to no-show due to my contracting that illness."

**Styles chuckles at Chi-Town's misfortune**

Styles: "Yeah, but now we're on to something more important. That is, our shot at the Whirlyz for the chance at the tag team titles next week. Seems during our absense the tag division's been relatively quiet, with hardly a peep from the Whirlyz and current tag champs, Bladz and Crusher. But now that the LPM is back in action, I'm sure both camps will have loads to say about us."

Gunn: "It always seems that way. We bring the excitement. When we're not around, everything goes dull. Look at Bladz and Crusher. Our tag champs couldn't even win either of their singles matches. What does that say about the state of the tag belts when the two guys holding those belts are subpar on their own. I realize that tag team wrestling and singles wrestling is somewhat different, but come on. They both got their ass handed to them last week."

Styles: "Got that right. And as far as the WhirlyBirdz are concerned, looks like little miss Wendy Briese is gonna be pullin' double duty...as opposed to her specialty of double penetration...when she faces us in a tag team match with Terrance, then has to defend against our old buddy, Mr. Not-the-Money Todd Clayborne. I know Wendy's been known to go all night, but even someone with her endurance will be hurtin' when all's said and done."

**Gunn grins**

Gunn: "You know, I sometimes get the feeling that all these fed presidents enjoy seeing us do our thing to Wendy. I mean, here she is, minding her own business enjoying her reign as a singles champ, then all of a sudden the LPM signs on, and the president decides it's time to book Wendy in tag matches again. It's almost like an open challenge for us, saying 'come on boys, you've made a video of her, now let's see what you can do to show more of her T&A'. Poor girl, it's like throwing the slaves to the lions."

Styles: "True, but at the same time, Wendy and her boy toy bring it upon themselves by constantly downplaying the significance of what we've done to them. You see, the more they downplay the impact of our acts, the more it antagonizes us to take it one step farther."

**They arrive at their rental car, and put Gunn's stuff in the trunk. They hop in the car, as the scene shifts to inside the car**

Gunn: "So the winner of our match gets a title shot against Bladz and Crusher....this should prove to be interesting. Last time they felt threatened, they pulled off that rather weak attack on us. Remember that?"

Styles: "Haha yeah. It's too bad that we proved what they can do, we can do that much better. But I don't doubt that they'll have something planned. The problem for them is that regardless of who wins the match between us and the Whirlyz, those tag belts will be changing hands next week. Hopefully Bladz and Crusher partied with them for as long as they could, because they'll soon carry the tag 'former Tag team champions'."

**Gunn laughs at Styles' comment. The scene shifts back to outside the car, as we see the car back up and drive off out of the parking lot**

****Scene fades out****