**Scene opens at a Chinese buffet restaurant. People are seen walking back and forth between their table and the buffet table. Tommy Gunn and Josh Styles are waiting in line for the chicken wings, holding their plates in their hands. Gunn is wearing a pair of black jeans and a half-zip pullover sweatshirt. Styles is wearing a pair of blue jeans with side pockets, and a grey tshirt with 'LPM' written on the front. Gunn gives the kid in front of him a dirty look. The kid looks back and sticks his tongue at Gunn, before stealing all the remaining wings on the plate. Gunn looks as if he's gonna grab the kid, but Styles reaches out and stops him. The kid runs back to his table, turning around once more to stick his tongue out at Gunn**

Gunn: "Stupid little kids. There should be a law to make their parents have them on leashes in public."

Styles: "Oh stop it. You're just bitter because he took the last pieces of chicken wings."

Gunn: "Damn right I am! He's already a little chubby. What does he need a plate full of wings for."

**Styles rolls his eyes at Gunn as the two continue to the next dish out on the buffet table**

Gunn: "Looks like the Chi-Town Express is a little upset about not getting recognition. Personally, I dunno why they'd expect it. All they've done since they arrived in the REV is get decent haircuts instead of those 80's mullets they were sporting when they first arrived."

Styles: "Well to be fair, I'd say they present us with more of a challenge than the tag champs will. Speaking of which, isn't it sad that the tag team champions are the WEAKEST team in the match? Either this is one helluva tag team division, or those JC-Mafia boys lucked out while the big boys were on hiatus."

Gunn: "Judging from their performance in the ring, I'd say it has more to do with no other teams being present and accounted for than anything else. Of course, Bladz isn't gonna be too pleased with that assessment, but then again this is the same guy that shoots off his mouth each week about how damn good they are, only to be upstaged by us on a night that should have been their crowning glory. Instead, we showed them exactly what it takes to come out on top in this sport. Hopefully they learned their lesson, otherwise those tag belts are just as good as gone in two weeks time."

**Styles and Gunn start dishing some food onto their plates**

Styles: "Going back to the Chi-Town Express, I gotta wonder about them getting advice from Todd Clayborne. Seems to me, he's only knowledgeable about how to LOSE to the LPM. Let's face it, his track record against us, Black and Somers isn't very stellar. He's basically been a punching bag for us, and yet he's giving advice to his boys about what it'll take to beat us. Todd, perhaps you should have heeded your own advice, then you wouldn't have been run out of all those feds by us."

Gunn: "Hahah yeah. It would be like Wendy giving advice on how NOT to get your 'T & A' displayed on live television for the world to see. But I suppose that's what Todd does best. He gives rotten advice in hopes that people who listen to the advice will actually think he knows what he's talking about. Unfortunately, it's gonna end up costing him alot of friends, since his advice never seems to work. I'm sure the Chi-Town boys won't be too pleased with Todd once whatever advice he's given them backfires during our match and they end up squandering a golden opportunity."

Styles: "But we can't underestimate them. Like they said, they're an unknown. With the WhirlyBirdz and JC-Mafia, we know what they're capable of. We've seen them in action. The same can't be said of Brad and Phillip. Especially if what they boast about is even half as true as they claim. Tag team specialists huh? Boys, you might wanna look up the definition of tag team specialists in the wrestling dictionary. You'll see a picture of yours truly in there, followed by the definition, 'a team who works cohesively as a unit greater than any other; a pair of individuals who make an impact and always come out on top'. What people don't understand is we're not just a couple of smart mouth a**holes who enjoy causing s**t. We're actually damn good wrestlers whose main focus is winning, with a secondary focus on humiliating our foes. The sooner our opponents learn that, the sooner their embarrassing moments will come to an end."

**They finish piling food onto their plates and make their way back to their table. As they're eating, a teenage boy walks up to their table with a pen and paper in hand. Gunn and Styles look up at the kid, who is wearing a 'LPM' tshirt and has his hair cut similar to Tommy Gunn's**

Teen: "Sorry to bother you, but you're the Lincoln Park Mafia aren't you."

Styles: "That we are. What can we do for you?"

Teen: "Can I please have your autograph? I am a HUGE fan. I love the way you guys go about causing s**t. I especially liked the video you guys made of Wendy Briese."

Styles: "Hehehe yeah, we're pretty proud of that one ourselves. Sure you can have our autograph."

**Styles grabs the pen and paper and begins to write a witty comment down and sign it for the kid**

Teen: "Do you guys have another video in store for Wendy? I've still got that on tape. It's under my mattress, 'cause my mom would flip if she found it."

**Styles and Gunn chuckle**

Styles: "Actually kid, I'm not sure you'll be allowed to see what we have planned for Ms. Briese. The video we made before was more along the lines of PG-13. I can promise you, what we have planned, will be rated R for sure."

Teen: "Seriously? Oh man I can hardly wait."

**Styles passes the piece of paper and pen to Gunn. Gunn finishes scribbling something down, then hands the paper and pen back to the kid. He thanks them for their time, then walks back to his table**

Gunn: "We're still going ahead with what we discussed right?"

Styles: "Damn right we are. Hell, even if the prez decides to fire us because we crossed the line, it'll be damn worth it just to see the look of horror on Wendy's face when she realizes she can't do anything about it."

**Gunn looks at Styles and sees that old diabolical look on his face. The one that Styles always got when he was the mastermind behind every single LPM scheme**

Gunn: (under his breath)"Uh oh...I just wanted to see Wendy naked again...maybe I shouldn't have gotten Josh's mind working..."

**Gunn has a look of mixed emotion on his face as Styles has an almost eerily sadistic gleam in his eye**

****Scene fades out****