**Scene opens back home in the United States. The REV has just completed its Japanese tour and the aftermath of the Pay Per View is still on everyone's mind. We're inside the LPM 'Crib', as Josh Styles and Tommy Gunn are sitting around the television set watching a football game. Gunn is holding a bowl of popcorn in his lap, as he leans forward while munching away, dropping the odd piece of popcorn on the floor. Styles is leaning back against the backrest of the couch with a beer bottle in hand. Just then, there's a knock at the door. Styles looks at Gunn**

Styles: "Are you expecting anyone?"

Gunn: "I don't think so."

Styles: "Dude, if it's another angry husband..."

**Gunn looks sheepishly at Styles as there is another knock at the door. Styles gets up and walks towards the door. He opens the door to find a fellow with a REV logo on the chest of his dress shirt. He is carrying a notepad and a pen. Styles looks him over, then allows him to enter. He leads the REV representative over to the leather couches and motions for him to take a seat**

REV rep: "My name is..."

Styles: "We don't care. Just get down to it. What do you wanna ask us? I'm assuming that's why you're here."

**He cuts him off before he's able to finish. The REV representative looks a little stunned at the harshness, but flips open his notepad and immediately proceeds to the 'Q&A' session**

REV rep: "First off, you guys made quite an impact at the Pay Per View. It seemed that the JC Mafia was so sure that you'd attempt something with Kandee that they didn't even plan for your attack on them. Care to comment on what transpired and Bladz' comments in the aftermath?"

Styles: "First off, it just goes to show how stupid those two are. They fell for the biggest trick in the book. It's like in grade two when you'd be play fighting with a friend and you start swinging your right hand right in front of his face, so he thinks you're gonna hit him with it, but then you smack him upside the head with your left. That's what we did to them. But to hear Bladz downplay the incident is downright disturbing. Son, that wasn't just some minor attack, we basically demolished you guys to the point where the REV committee was probably considering whether to hold those tag titles up for vacancy because you guys were that defeated. Your dismissal of our attack would be like calling the sinking of the Titanic a mere boating accident."

Styles: "But that's ok. Because after all, if you admitted to how damn brutal our attack was, it would prove to the world that you guys are just temporary champs, holding those straps until a REAL team such as The Whirlyz, Chi-Town Express, or ourselves take them. Now Bladz, I've had the misfortune of having to sit through every single one of your boring ass promos, and I've gotta say, you're bad ass persona isn't working. Frankly, I don't feel the fear. Maybe if you weren't such an intellectual midget, it might work better. But having a special ed student come out and threaten the rest of the teams in this match does very little for your actual credibility."

**Gunn can be heard chuckling in the background. The REV rep hears Gunn chuckle and turns his attention to him**

REV rep: "Tommy, the Whirlyz seem outspoken about the fact that they've scored a clean pinfall victory over the Lincoln Park Mafia in the past. As a matter of fact, they seemed to infer that you guys were all talk and that when it came down to it, you couldn't back it up. Care to comment?"

Gunn: "You know, that's pretty funny that they'd choose to downplay our ability. Well actually, Dan and Terry seem to be the ones downplaying our ability. Wendy seems to know just how good we are at everything we do."

**Gunn winks into the camera**

Gunn: "But yeah, I'm not gonna come out here and do a Bladz and downplay something significant into something insignificant. The fact is we WERE beaten by the Whirlyz. Matter of fact, we even stated that they have one up on use. We gave them their due for that. But you see, Whirlyz, me and Black were brand new at this game. We were fresh outta the wrestling academy, and the EWF was our first professional federation. You two, on the other hand, have been in this business for a while now. Yet, two green, brash rookies took you to your limits and almost took those tag belts away from you, with the difference in that match coming down to nothing but pure experience."

Gunn: "So what's my point? My point is it's almost been a year since we met. And while I don't doubt that you're every bit as good as you were the first time we met, the LPM has gained something we didn't have the first time we met...experience. See, now we know what it takes to win the big one. Hell, me and Black held the IWF tag titles for the entire time the IWF was open. And while you two seem to have been focussing primarily on singles competition, Styles and myself have been strictly a tag team for the better part of a year. So yeah, you guys are one up on us, but we're not the same mistake laden team we were back then. But don't worry Wendy, even as much as we've matured as a team, we still don't mind going back in time and having a little fun with our favorite little buxom babe."

**Gunn smiles sadistically, as he rubs his hands together**

REV rep: "What do you mean? Are you implying that another...ummm...Wendy Briese tape is in the plans?"

Gunn: "I'm simply saying that regardless of how I feel about Terrence and Dan, I'll ALWAYS look forward to any chance encounters with Ms. Briese."

**Gunn leans over to speak to Styles**

Gunn: "Think the REV is more lenient with the stuff they show on television than the EWF was?"

Styles: "I think so. I've seen some sick shit shown on Warriors-X that would never have been allowed on EWF programming. Oh crap, you've got that look in your eye again. What do you have planned?"

Gunn: "Oh...nothing...just mulling over something in my head. I guess my next question is what kind of legal accountability do we have when something is done inside the confines of the REV jurisdiction."

Styles: "I'm not too sure what you mean...legal accountability?"

Gunn: "Yeah, for instance the way we massacred the JC-Mafia. If we brutally attacked them that exact same way at a shopping mall or if we weren't under REV contract, we'd probably be arrested for assault. So I'm just wondering if the same holds true for other...how shall we put it...misdemeanors committed at a REV event."

**Styles looks a bit confused at first, but then smiles at Gunn, understanding what his partner has in mind. Gunn grins back at Styles. The REV rep looks back and forth at both men not understanding what they are smiling about. He starts to get uncomfortable and fidget in his seat**

Gunn: "Relax, gyno cowboy. We're not referring to you. But Wendy...my dear, sweet, toned, tight bodied, tight assed little sex toy...I hope for your sake that Twister and Dan never leave your side the entire night. Otherwise, let's just say by the end of the night, you might have a real tough time walking the next day."

REV rep: "You mean you're gonna injure her legs? That's why she'd have a hard time walking?"

**Gunn and Styles look at the REV rep, then look back at each other and start laughing**

Gunn: "Hahaha yeah...her ummm...legs. Although I suppose in a way we're talking about her legs. Afterall, to get to the Magic Kingdom, you've gotta open the gates."

**Scene starts to fade as Gunn and Styles start laughing uncontrollably as the REV rep still has a confused expression on his face**

****Scene fades out****