**Scene begins at the airport arrivals terminal in Yokohama, Japan. It is a couple of days before the REV's Japanese Pay Per View. The airport is absolutely packed, with a combination of tourists on vacation near the holidays, to businessmen arriving and departing on business trips. Out of the crowd of people, the camera pans in on a couple of individuals making their way to the baggage claim area. As the camera draws nearer, we recognize them as Tommy Gunn and Josh Styles. Styles is dressed in a pair of Tommy jeans and a blue hooded sweatshirt, with a pair of light brown work boots. Gunn is wearing a pair of black jeans, with the side pockets and a funky looking hawaiian shirt, the stereotypical tourist shirt. He has on a pair of leather sandals. They make their way through the mass of people to stand by the conveyer belt to retrieve their luggage. Gunn sees his suitcase come down, and tries to reach it, but an elderly couple is standing in the way. He taps the elderly man on the shoulder and asks him if he can get through, but the elderly man just turns around and smiles at him**

Gunn: "Excuse me sir, that's my luggage. Can I get through to get it?"

**The man just smiles at him again and nods his head, but does not move out of the way. Gunn looks perplexed, as he turns to Styles, who is just controlling himself not to laugh**

Gunn: "No, no I need to get through...that's my luggage...LUG...GAGE...my stuff...me."

**The old man just smiles back at him again. Gunn looks like he's about to lose it, as his suitcase passes by for the second time. Styles is doing everything possible not to laugh out loud. Gunn taps the elderly man on the shoulder once more**

Gunn: "Sir...that, over there(points at his suitcase) is my suitcase. I am trying to reach it. I need you to move...you know...move...(he motions with his hands in a pushing motion)so I can get it. Do you understand?"

**The man smiles at Gunn again. Just then, Gunn starts to smell something. His nose contorts as he takes in a wiff of a foul stench. The elderly man looks back at him one more time and smiles, then walks off. Styles bursts out laughing**

Gunn: "That piece of shit just farted on me!"

Styles: "Dude, grab your luggage. There's mine too."

**Gunn grabs his and Styles' luggage. They make their way to the exit of the terminal with suitcase in hand**

Gunn: "Seems like just yesterday we were here. I don't know about you, but I've always liked this country. I can't quite put my finger on it though."

**Just then a group of Japanese school girls walk by with their little plaid kilts and knee high white socks. Gunn's stare follows them as they walk by, as Styles shakes his head**

Styles: "I think I might have an idea why you like it here. But you're right, you better not put your finger on it, otherwise you'd end up in a Jap prison."

Gunn: "Hey now, I have my limits. Besides, those girls looked eighteen."

Styles: "Whatever you say. So anyways, did you happen to catch that Allen Reed's promo? I guess he was a bit offended that we referred to him as the mystery guy, rather than his name."

Gunn: "Yeah, what was up with that? He called us idiots just because we called him the mystery guy. Newsflash, we called you a mystery guy because it's a mystery why anyone in their right mind would even consider you a legitimate threat. It's actually pretty funny to listen to you talk as if you're a somebody. First you make a ludicrous challenge to both us and the Chi-Town Express about having a tag match. Like you'd stand a chance against two seasoned teams. Then you think you deserve a shot at the Old School Title, but say that you'd rather have your little servant take the shot because you don't like fighting girls. While I'm the last person to stand up for Wendy, I can tell you right now that you're words are about as transparent as a crystal glass, because the fact of the matter is, you don't want to get BEAT by a girl. You know full well she'd kick your ass from one side of the ring to the other, and you don't want that on your resume, so you take the easy way out and pretend you just don't want to fight a girl."

Styles: "It's always funny how people come into a fed and boast about their greatness, but then immediately state who they will and won't fight. That's where we differ from individuals like Reed. We boast about our greatness, but we're willing to face anyone that wants a shot at proving us wrong, whether it be a man or woman. We back up our words, we don't hide behind moral technicalities."

Gunn: "Chances are he'll respond to this with more excuses about why he won't fight a woman, trying to rationalize it, but it'll just further prove that he's chicken shit and knows he'll get his ass handed to him if he steps in the ring with Wendy."

Styles: "No doubt. So what about this tag team title match. I can't believe the current champs have yet to make an appearance. Maybe they cut a last minute promo while we were on the airplane, but as of a few hours ago, these guys were nowhere to be found."

Gunn: "It's disgraceful really. Anytime someone holds a title, regardless of which title it is, it should mean something. A title is only as prestigious as the person who holds it. With the way the Smokey Mountain Wrestlers are performing, the REV tag team titles are almost worthless now. Then again, if the JC-Mafia wins the title, that won't exactly lift those titles into the stratosphere of respectability either."

Styles: "Yeah no kidding. Watching their promos is like watching a retarded monkey try to use a video camera. They're not even champions yet and already they're making challenges to us. Boys, that's not a very intelligent thing to do. If I were you, I'd cherish the time you have with those belts, because it'll be short lived once you sign a title match with the LPM. Signing a title match with us is as good as signing over the rights to those belts. So what I suggest you do is IF you defeat the Smokeys tonight, go back to your hotel rooms, order up the biggest amount of room service available, charge it to the REV and celebrate like there's no tomorrow. Because after tonight, the celebrations will end and the LPM will prove to you that there's only ONE Mafia worth fearing here."

**Styles and Gunn exit the terminal and walk towards what appears to be a REV rental vehicle and driver. She is an attractive looking woman, in her early to mid twenties of Japanese descent. Gunn walks up to her and extends his hand**

Gunn: "Hello...my name is...Tommy...Gunn. What...is...your...name?"

**The woman just looks at him and rolls her eyes**

Woman: "Are...you...slow? Because...I...can...speak...English...fluently."

**Styles bursts out laughing as Gunn turns a crimson red. He opens the back door and hops in. Styles smiles at the woman and hops in the back with Gunn. She smiles back then gets in the driver's seat. Scene starts to fade as the car pulls away**

****Scene fades out****