**Scene begins as a flashback sequence. At first there is nothing but blurry images, much as one would see on television while watching an unscrambled station. For a few moments, the blurry image remains, almost as if the mind in which it is occurring cannot bring the scene into focus. A faint sound of voices can be heard accompanying the blurry image, but not distinct enough to decifer who is speaking or what is being said**

**The sequence quickly changes to a more visible image. The sequence takes place in early 2002, at an NWL event. The image is that of a wrestling ring, with two men standing inside the squared circle, in the midst of competition. Although the image is much clearer than the previous sequence, the scene still seems somewhat foggy such as that in a dream state. The audible screams of the crowd can be heard, but almost as if they're talking in slow motion. As well, the action in the ring appears almost in slow motion. Suddenly, as the match draws to a close, the scene speeds up and the action becomes regular time speed. For the first time, we realize that one of the combatants is Sebastian Black. We see him send his opponent into the ropes and stand at a ready position to execute his finisher. His opponent, John Simmer, rebounds off the ropes and is caught in Black's grasp as he locks in 'The Black Out'. Within moments, Simmer is out like a light and the referee is raising Black's hand as the new NWL Champion. In the background the crowd is on its feet for the new king of the hill. Suddenly, absolute silence. Scene fades to blackness**

**New flashback sequence begins. It is early summer, the event is the IWF's second Pay Per View. The scene in the ring involves six individuals, two teams of two in a triple threat tag team title match. The duo of Black and Tommy Gunn are seen a mere seconds away from what became their biggest triumph as a team. As a wild melee ensues, Black is seen covering one half of the Heavenly Bodies, as the referee makes the count of three. The image starts to get fuzzy with the scene showing the referee raising Black and Gunn's hand in the air as the new IWF Tag Team Champions. Again, absolute silence, as the scene fades to blackness once more**

**New flashback sequence begins. This time it is late October at the UWA's Pay Per View. As with before, we see a match in progress. The combatants, as before Sebastian Black, and his opponent, the reigning UWA International Action Champion Willy Beaumont. The action in the ring is fast paced, with back and forth momentum swings for each man. The crowd can be heard yelling and screaming, as both men draw near victories. As with the previous flashback sequences, the end draws near as Black once again locks Willy in 'The Black Out'. And once again, Black's hand is raised in victory as he holds the UWA International Action title above his head to a mixture of cheers and boo's. Once more, the scene abruptly fades to blackness as we experience absolute silence**

**The scene is no longer a flashback, as we find ourselves inside Sebastian Black's appartment. As was obvious by the dream sequences, we see Black passed out on the sofa. The television set remains on, as some kind of midday game show is being shown. His clothes appear matted down and creased, possibly having been worn for more than a day straight. His blue jeans with what appears to be some kind of ketchup or barbeque stain down one leg, as well as what appears to be grease stains on his white 'beater' tank top. His leg has an involuntary twitch as his mind is deep in sleep. Just then, there is a knock at the door. Black stirs slightly, but only to turn over onto his other side. The camera pans over to the door, as we see it start to slide open. In walks a rather large man, with a distinct gruff expression. He is recognized as Joshua Cunningham, Black's former bodyguard and current enforcer for the 'Real' Untouchables in the TWF. He makes his way over to the sofa and kicks the cushion**

Cunningham: "Hey, wake up. I ain't got all day."

**Black barely stirs, rolling over and muttering something incoherent before passing out again. Cunningham frowns, then kicks the sofa cushion once again**

Cunningham: "I'm not kiddin'. Get the f**k up or I'll get you up."

**Black's eyes start to open as he struggles to focus on the image of the figure standing before him. He wipes his eyes with his hand, then props himself up on one elbow**

Black: "..the f**k. I was sleeping. What do you want?"

**Cunningham grins, knowing full well not to expect a big mushy greeting**

Cunningham: "Come on, I'm here to get you in shape for the rumble on Saturday."

Black: "You're here to help me? Where was your sorry ass when the UWA shut down and I was looking for a job? Oh that's right, you ran off to the TWF to kiss up to your old buddy Blazer, leaving me high and dry. And now I'm supposed to believe you wanna help me? F**k that s**t, I'm goin' back to sleep."

**Black rolls over and lays on his front, as his eyes start to close once more. This time Cunningham seems to mean business. He grabs hold of the sofa and flips it over backwards, sending Black toppling over onto the brown wooden flooring. Before Black can say or do anything, Cunningham grabs him by the 'beater' and pulls Black nose to nose with him**

Cunningham: "It was Blazer who sent me, you self-loathing sack of s**t. You see, when you're part of the ELITE, you're always part of the Elite until we say otherwise. As far as I can tell, no one has given you your walking papers. Not Blazer, not Somers, not no one. So what that means is, you got standards to live up to. We can't go around proclaiming to be the Elite when one of our members is a washed up drunk. Now what I suggest you do...no make that, what I'm TELLING you to do, is hop in the shower, wash up that two day old stink you got going on there, get dressed, and meet me at the gym down the corner. The workout's gonna be a bitch, but I can assure you that it'll be nothing compared to what I'll put you through if you don't show up."

**Before Black can formulate a response, Cunningham releases his grasp, turns around and heads for the door, disappearing down the hallway. Black pulls the sofa back upright, then slumps down on it as he rests his elbows on his knees. He puts his head in his hands, rubbing his face to wake himself up. He stares at the opened door, where Cunningham had just exit**

Black: "I'll be there, you lard ass piece of s**t. I'll show you, show Blazer and Somers, that Sebastian Black is, was, and always will be the ELITE of the Elite."

**He gets up off the sofa and makes his way towards the bathroom. As the bathroom door closes, the scene starts to fade**

****Scene fades out****