**Scene begins inside the lobby of Deputy Mayor John Silver's office. Various pictures of the deputy mayor are hanging on the walls, as well as a large plastic plant off in one corner. There are a half dozen chairs in the lobby, as well as a small table with stacks of magazines for those waiting to browse to pass the time. His secretary, an attractive looking woman with shoulder length blonde hair, is engaged in a conversation with a Chinese fellow. The conversation doesn't seem to be going too well because it appears as though the man isn't too fluent in English. Tommy Gunn and Sebastian Black are waiting patiently on a couple of the chairs. Gunn, dressed in a pair of white cargo pants and a red hooded sweatshirt with the 'LPM' logo on the front, is watching the exchange between the secretary and the Chinese man with an amused look on his face. Black, wearing a pair of blue jeans and a brown leather jacket, seems to be engrossed in an article on the Kobe Bryant rape trial in the sports section of today's newspaper. The camera pans over to focus on the animated conversation at the secretary's desk**

Secretary: "Sir, sir. If you'll just listen to me for a minute, I'll try and explain it to you again."

Man: "No explain! No explain! I tell you already what my problem is and you say you no do anything to fix it. I want to see deputy mayor. I talk to him about my problem."

Secretary: "Sir, it doesn't work that way. I can't let you in to see Mister Silver without knowing exactly what the purpose of your visit is."

Man: "I already explain it to you. I open shop only two months ago and now landlord raising rent. He tell me I pay rent increase or he gonna evict me. Then my family live on street. What more to explain?"

**She sighs in exasperation**

Secretary: "Sir, as I told you already. You need to fill out a written report and give all the details. All you've told me is you opened some kind of shop and that now your landlord has increased your rent. But we don't know what kind of lease you signed, or for how long, or what the terms were. If you would just please fill out.."

**He interupts her angrily**

Man: "No! I fill out nothing! I want to see deputy mayor. I no want to talk to big titted secretary. You no help me. You busy playing sex eyes with muscular doofus over there."

**Gunn has a startled look on his face, as the secretary turns a bright shade of red. Whether it's from anger or from embarrassment about the man's accusations, it's unclear**

Secretary: "Now wait just a minute! I've been trying to be helpful, but if you're going to use that kind of inflamatory language about me, I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

Man: "I leave. But I'll be back. I hire expensive lawyer. Sue your ass. You make big mistake. Big mistake."

**He turns around and storms out of the lobby. Seeing him leave, Gunn and Black get up and make their way over to the secretary's desk. She looks up at them and tries her best to smile. Gunn gives her his most charming smile**

Gunn: "Tough day?"

Secretary: "You don't know the half of it. Everyone who has a problem with this city comes here wanting to see the mayor or deputy mayor, and if I don't let them in I get the brunt of their anger."

Gunn: "I thought you handled that guy quite well. If I were you I probably would have slugged him."

**She lets out a laugh**

Secretary: "I was almost tempted to. Especially after that uncalled for remark he made."

Gunn: "Ah don't worry about it. I've been called alot worse names than doofus before."

Secretary: "No I meant calling me.."

**She catches on to Gunn's attempt at humor and smiles**

Secretary: "You were joking. Yeah, well as you can see today's dealing have turned my mind to mush."

Gunn: "Don't worry about it. We all have our rough days."

Secretary: "I guess you're right. So what exactly can I do for you two gentlemen? And please don't say you're having a problem with your landlord."

Gunn: "Hehe, no, nothing like that. We've just got some...umm...old home movies that the deputy mayor might want back."

Secretary: "Home movies?"

Black: "It's a little difficult to explain. But I assure you he'll definitely want these back."

**She looks skeptical, but relents**

Secretary: "Well okay. Just a minute."

**She speaks into her intercom unit that connects her with the deputy mayor's phone and announces Gunn and Black's request for a meeting. Inexplicably, the deputy mayor agrees to allows them a few minutes of his time. She shrugs her shoulders at them and motions them towards the office door**

Secretary: "Go right ahead in."

Gunn: "Thank you."

Black: "Thanks."

**She smiles at them as the two disappear inside the deputy mayor's office**

**A few minutes pass before the door to the office opens again. Out walks Gunn and Black. Both have smiles on their faces as they stroll confidently from their meeting with the deputy mayor. The secretary notices them emerging from the office and turns to speak to them**

Secretary: "I take it you had a successful meeting?"

Gunn: "You could say that. But I suggest not bothering your boss for a few minutes. He was kinda...choked up by the home movie. He'll need some time to compose himself."

Secretary: "O..kay..."

**She looks at Gunn with a confused look on her face. He just smiles back at her and winks**

Gunn: "Thanks again for fitting us in.."

**He pretends to look at her name tag, but instead gets a nice long glance at her ample cleavage**

Gunn: "..Natasha. We really appreciate it."

Secretary: "My pleasure. Have a nice day."

Gunn: "Oh we definitely will."

**Both Black and Gunn let out a laugh as they make their way through the lobby and exit the building. The secretary turns her head to peer into the deputy mayor's office and sees him sitting at his desk with his head burried in his hands**


**Scene reopens inside the LPM van on their way back from a successful 'business' meeting with the deputy mayor of Detroit, John Silver. Black's behind the wheel with Gunn riding shotgun as the camera picks up their conversation**

Gunn: "I think that went OK in there today."

Black: "You got that right. But now that that's taken care of, let's move on to more important business, like our match with Ultimate Khaos this Saturday night for the UWF Tag Team championship."

Gunn: "What's more to say? I think we scared them off because they've been quiet since we shot our last promo. Maybe they watched footage of our match with the Def BI Posse and realized how badly we brutalized them and didn't want to face the same fate."

**Black shakes his head**

Black: "Nah, I doubt it. By the looks of them, Khaos and Beast don't look bright enough to know when they're in over their heads. Chances are they're just busy trying to think of something more intelligent to say in their next promo other than a bunch of grunting and one word syllables."

Gunn: "Don't you think that's asking a bit too much of them though? I mean, I'm impressed as it is that they were able to figure out how to shoot a promo in the first place. But now you want them to actually shoot a decent promo too? Really, Sebastian. Not everyone in this world has a grade 5 diploma."

**Both men burst out laughing at Gunn's joke**

Gunn: "But in all seriousness, I hope they do show their faces on TV again. I'd like to think that when we win those UWF Tag Team titles on Saturday, that we beat a good team in the process. It's been said many times before, but you're only as good as the competition you beat. So for our sake, rather than their own, I hope Ultimate Khaos gives us a bigger challenge than the Def BI Posse did. Because otherwise, this title reign will be about as prestigious as owning a sack of cow s**t."

Black: "I have to disagree with you slightly there, Tommy. While it's true that your competition adds to your legacy, it can be stated that showing true dominance over any kind of competition is just as good. I mean think about it this way. In the entire industry of professional wrestling, how many tag teams are even on par with the Lincoln Park Mafia? One, maybe two, tops? So naturally, ninety nine percent of the teams we face are going to be a cakewalk for us. So it's up to us to make the most of the competition. Maybe Ultimate Khaos isn't a great team. Maybe they are. That's up to them to prove on Saturday night. But we can't sit and worry about what they do. Instead, let's just worry about what we do. If we go out there and put on a display the likes of which no one has seen before, then no matter how good or how bad our competition is, the entire world will have to take notice. It's like our old mentor's favorite saying goes, 'Show up to make an impact, or don't bother showing up at all'. That's the motto we've gotta live by and that's the motto that's gonna drive us to become the new UWF Tag Team champions."

**Gunn nods his head in agreement, understanding what his partner is talking about**

Gunn: "I like that motto. Think we should use that as our own?"

Black: "Nah, I think our current one is more fitting, atleast in regards to this weekend."

Gunn: "How does it go again?"

**Gunn gives a coy smile, as Black lets out a laugh**

Black: "Ultimate Khaos, you two have just become the next two victims of the Lincoln Park Driveby."

****Scene fades out****