**Scene begins on a cold winter night somewhere along the outskirts of Detroit. We see the LPM van driving down the empty street, its bright red flames down both side panels hard to mistake. Inside the van are LPM members Tommy Gunn and Sebastian Black. Gunn is dressed in a pair of blue Adidas nylon track pants and a red hoodie. Black is wearing a pair of blue jeans and a light brown winter jacket. As per usual, Black is in the driver's seat with Gunn riding shotgun, manning the LPM camcorder. A few moments pass of no significant consequence until they turn down one of the main streets in the downtown bar district. They happen to spot a middle aged man staggering to his vehicle, parked along the street. Black slows the van down a good distance from the man and turns to Gunn**

Black: "Bro, get this on tape. Maybe we can send it in to America's Funniest Videos and win some cash."

**Gunn raises the camcorder to his eye and begins recording the drunk man struggle to get himself into his car. He finally is able to get seated and starts the ignition. At first the car almost hits the parked pickup truck right behind it, no doubt the man accidentally put it in reverse rather than drive. It takes the man a couple of seconds to figure out where the big 'D' is, then he finally pulls out with a bit of a squeel, obviously caused by his heavy foot on the gas pedal. Once he's out on the road he takes off towards presumably his destination. Gunn and Black follow about three car lengths behind him, Gunn rolling the camcorder the entire time**

Gunn: "Dude's a worse driver than Tasha. He's all over the place."

Black: "You're lucky she isn't here to hear that. You'd get a smack for that one."

**As they continue to follow the man, the camcorder records as the drunk man's car swerves left and right, as if the straight lines on the road appear to be curved through the man's alcohol vision. The chase continues for a few minutes until the man comes to a stop at a street corner. Gunn and Black are a bit unsure why he stopped until they both notice a woman wearing a fake fur coat, short leather miniskirt and fishnets approaches the car. She leans in the passenger window as the two engage in idle chat for a couple of seconds. Gunn lets out a laugh**

Gunn: "Holy s**t dude, he's picking up a hooker."

Black: "Aha! That's where I've seen him before. I saw him on television the other day on some news program. That's the deputy mayor!"

Gunn: "No s**t? This just gets better by the second. Dude, you know how much this tape would be worth to him?"

Black: "A supposedly happily married, family man with ambitions to become the mayor of Detroit? I'd say we just found a new source of income. Let's go cash in."

Gunn: "Wait, wait. Let the hooker get in the car first. Even if he smartens up and kicks her out before they do the nasty, atleast we'll have it on tape and there'll always be speculation."

Black: "Good point."

**The two sit patiently in their van for a few more minutes until finally the prostitute opens the passenger door and gets inside. As the deputy mayor and his 'playmate' drive off, satisfied with the footage they've got, Black swings the van in a U-turn and heads off home**

Black: "That should do quite nicely. I guess we've got an early meeting tomorrow with Deputy Mayor John Silver."

Gunn: "I just hope he brings his checkbook to the office with him."

**The two men laugh as the scene begins to fade**


**Scene reopens as the pair return to the LPM Crib. As they walk through the door to the back office, they are greeted by Black's girlfriend, Tasha. She's dressed in a pair of low rider pants and a blue babydoll tshirt, showing ample midrift. Black greets her with an embrace and a kiss, as Gunn walks over to the VCR to set up his camcorder to record the footage they just acquired onto a VHS tape. He notices there's already a tape in the VCR, and pushes the eject button. He holds the tape up and looks back at Tasha**

Gunn: "What's this?"

Tasha: "It's a tape."

Gunn: "Funny. I can see why Sebastian keeps you around. Seriously, what's on the tape?"

Tasha: "While you two were out doing Lord knows what, your opponents' newest promo was aired. I figured you'd want to hear what they had to say, so I taped it."

**Gunn lets out a snort of a laugh**

Gunn: "Not really. They never seem to have anything interesting to say. But I guess we better check this out anyways."

**He puts the tape back in the VCR and presses 'Play', then takes a seat on the leather sofa in front of the television set. Black and Tasha join him in front of the TV as Ultimate Khaos' video plays. After the promo is finished, Gunn stands up and makes his way over to the VCR, pressing the eject button, and places the tape on the floor with a pile of other blank tapes**

Gunn: "How interesting. Seems our opponents are finding it hard to come up with things to say about us, so they resort to infantile name calling. I like looking at high school kids? Wow, how profound. Then they go on to make fun of my intelligence and maturity level. What next, resorting to 'I know you are, but what am I'?"

Black: "They're reaching at straws, Tommy. Plain and simple. They're desperate. They know that they have a grand total of three more days to hold on to the thought that they're UWF Tag Team champions. They know that in a mere three days, everything they hold so dear will be taken from them and they'll be left with nothing except a pounding headache and a huge hospital bill."

Gunn: "But you'd think they'd be able to come up with something better than that. I mean, this Saturday their lives are on the line. The only thing that's keeping their names in the press is the fact that they wear those tag straps. Once we defeat them and take those belts from them, they'll be yesterday's news and no longer will they get even the slightest bit of ink. You'd think that that would be enough motivation to lift their game to the next level."

Black: "Maybe you assume they can lift their game to another level. Perhaps what we're seeing is as much as they're capable of. Now I realize that the ability to out talk your opponent means very little once you step foot in that ring. But the fact remains that this game, this industry, is about 80% mental and 20% physical. So the fact that they're already being outclassed by a large margin in the mental aspect doesn't bode well for them during the match. If we've already established the psychological edge in this encounter, then pounding on them for a good ten minutes before putting them out of their misery won't be such a tough task to fulfill."

**Gunn nods his head in agreement with his partner's statement**

Tasha: "And what a shame it'll be when Ultimate Khaos no longer has those tag belts to make them famous and will have to rely on their wits and charm to get attention."

**All three break out in laughter, as Tasha leans into Black's arms, snuggling up close, while Gunn resumes what he was originally planning to do, by hooking up the camcorder to the VCR to record their earlier findings**

****Scene fades out****