**Scene begins in downtown Detroit. It's a cold Saturday morning, with the sun shining brightly, casting a false sense of warmth to the winter day. We're inside a remade warehouse, which now houses a regulation size wrestling ring, as well as various workout equipment in its main building. Off to the rear of the building is a staircase which leads to what used to be an office, but has since been remodelled into a recreation area and has been fondly renamed 'The LPM Crib'. The camera makes its way up the staircase and enters the office/recreation area to see three individuals. Two of the individuals, a man and a woman, are sitting on a black leather sofa facing the big screen television set. They seem to be a romantic couple, as the woman, known as Tasha, is curled up in the arms of the man, known as Sebastian Black. Off to the side is the third individual, Tommy Gunn. He's sifting through what appears to be old mail which has accumulated on the desk**

Gunn: "Bill...bill...bill...bill...wait a minute, what have we here. 'You may already be the winner of one million dollars!'. Hey Sebastian, you hear that? Ed McMahon says we might have already won one million dollars."

**Black glances over his shoulder from his seat on the sofa**

Black: "Cool. Tell you what. You can have my share as long as you pay those bills that are piling up. Deal?"

Gunn: "Hmmm let me think about that one for a minute."

**He pretends to contemplate the offer then scratches his forehead with his middle finger in a gesture towards Black**

Gunn: "Most of these bills are Styles' anyways. The little f**ker ran up the credit cards then left us to foot the bill. I guess he deserved that little beatdown he got afterall."

**Both men chuckle at the comment, as Tasha snorts a soft laugh**

Gunn: "Any word from Blazer about whether he needs us to show up tonight?"

Black: "Nope. Last time I spoke with him he said he'd just get in touch. But that was about four days ago and he didn't mention anything about tonight."

Gunn: "It's just as well. I'd rather spend my Saturday evening in the company of a beautiful lady than beatin' the hell out of some punks who have no business even bein' in that wrestling ring."

**Tasha turns around and faces Gunn**

Tasha: "By beautiful lady, you mean your right hand, huh?"

Gunn: "Ahaha. Wow look at that. Not only can she lay on her back and spread her legs, but she can talk as well. Damn, girl, you impress me even more every day."

Tasha: "Oh stop it. I know you want me. I've seen the way you look at me."

Gunn: "Yeah, the same way I look at a car wreck."

Black: "Would you two stop it?"

**Both fall silent, Gunn giving her a dirty look as she turns back to face the television set. Gunn goes back to reading through the pile of mail. He picks up one envelope in particular. The camera pans in closer to see the 'UWF' stamp on the front. He rips the envelope open and begins to read its contents**

Gunn: "What's this...hey Sebastian, you should see this."

Black: "What is it?"

Tasha: "Probably some subscription to Playboy."

Gunn: "Hey girl, go bake me a cake or somethin'. But seriously Sebastian, it says we've got a match this Wednesday."

Black: "A match? I didn't even know we'd officially signed with the UWF."

Gunn: "Hmm that must have been what those papers were that the dude at the arena asked me to sign when we were leaving."

**Both Black and Tasha turn around and look at Gunn**

Black: "You signed a contract without reading it first?"

Gunn: "I thought he was a fan and wanted an autograph."

Tasha: "And he can talk too."

**She says to Black, mocking what Gunn had said earlier about her**

Black: "So who are the poor unfortunate souls we're up against this week? I guess this is where we 'pay our dues' right?"

Gunn: "Well, yes and no."

Black: "What is that supposed to mean?"

Gunn: "We're up against the former tag team champions, the Def BI Posse. So it's not exactly a slouch of a team. But at the same time, they've been on a downward spiral since they lost their titles. So I guess you could say that this match is a proving ground for both us and them."

**Black gets up off the sofa and makes his way over to the desk. Gunn hands him the piece of paper with their match information on it. Black receives the paper and studies it for a few moments**

Black: "Number one contender's match...hmmm this is interesting indeed. So it seems that if the LPM can defeat these former champs, we're moving on instantly to face Ultimate Khaos, assuming of course they can hold on to those belts long enough."

Gunn: "All in all, I'd say Christmas has come a little early for the Lincoln Park Mafia. Once we deal with these hasbeens, then it's only a hop, skip and a jump towards tag team gold."

Black: "Tommy, I think you signing that contract might just turn out to be the smartest thing you've ever done."

**The scene begins to fade as we hear Tasha speak up from the background**

Tasha: "That's not really saying much."

****Scene fades out****