Black and Somers will continue to taunt Clayborne, trying every dirty trick in the book, like slaps to the face and smacks to the back of the head to keep him aggitated with them.

(Black and Somers start double teaming Clayborne. They have him in their corner and are laying into him with punches and kicks, as Beaumont tries to help out his partner. The referee won't allow Willy in the ring, and Somers and Black use this to their advantage. Somers with an Irish whip into the ropes, as Black waits for Clayborne to rebound off the ropes. Clayborne rebounds off the ropes and gets levelled by a running clothesline by Black)

(Black picks Beaumont up off the mat. He whips Beaumont into the corner, following him in with a clothesline to the back of the head. Black hooks Beaumont's arm around his head, and hoists the stunned Beaumont onto the turnbuckle. Black lands a couple of solid right hands as Beaumont is defenceless atop the top turnbuckle. Black hooks Beaumont's head under his arm, and grabs onto Beaumont's tights with his other hand. He executes a superplex from the top rope, as Somers looks on and cheers)

(Somers holds Clayborne in an armbar as he drags him towards the corner and tags in Black. Black quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle, and drops down on Clayborne's arm with an axe handle smash. Black picks up Clayborne off the mat. He grabs Clayborne around the neck and executes a swinging neckbreaker. Black goes for the cover...one...two...but Clayborne lifts his shoulder in time. Black lifts Clayborne to his feet once more. Black drags him over to Somers' corner, and tags in Somers. Black whips Clayborne into the ropes, as Somers mounts the turnbuckle. As Clayborne rebounds off the ropes, Black nails him with a spine buster. Somers leaps off the turnbuckle and delivers a headbutt to Clayborne's groin area)

Ending if we win:
(Black and Beaumont battle on the outside, as Somers and Clayborne fight inside the ring. Beaumont takes a wild swing at Black, but Black ducks under the punch attempt and locks Beaumont in a sleeperhold, the 'Black Out'. In the ring, Somers nails Clayborne with a kick to the midsection, then hooks him up and executes the 'One Night Stand'. Somers covers Clayborne, as Beaumont starts to fade out in Black's hold. Referee makes the count..one..two...three. Black and Somers have defeated Clayborne and Beaumont)

Ending if we lose, draw, countout, or DQ:
(Black and Beaumont battle on the outside, as Somers and Clayborne go toe to toe inside the ring. Somers tries to execute the 'One Night Stand', but Clayborne uses a backflip, as Somers crashes to the mat. Clayborne picks up Somers, and prepares him for the 'C-Note'. Black is able to break loose of Beaumont, and slides into the ring. As Clayborne is about to execute his finisher, Black hammers him from behind with a running axe handle smash. Black picks up Clayborne, and whips him into the ropes, as Somers gets back up to his feet. Meanwhile, Jenna has a hold of Beaumont's leg as he tries to get back in the ring to help his partner. Clayborne bounces off the ropes and Black hammers him with a swift kick to the jaw with a superkick, ala the 'Lights Out'. Somers then picks up Clayborne, and drags him over to the turnbuckle. Somers grabs Clayborne in a bulldog position, and runs up the turnbuckle, and executes a running neckbreaker, ala the 'Blaze of Glory'. The referee calls for the bell, as Beaumont finally gets his leg free, and enters the ring. Black and Somers slide out of the ring and together with Jenna, make their way back up the entrance ramp. On their way, Somers grabs a ringside microphone. At the top of the ramp, Somers hold's the mic to his mouth)

Somers: "Hey Todd, we told you the past would come back to haunt you tonight. How does it feel to not only get your ass handed to you by Black and myself, but to be completely destroyed with the 'Lights Out' and the 'Blaze of Glory'? You remember those two moves, don't you Todd? You should, because they were used by the two men who you fear the most in your wrestling career. And at the Pay Per View, you can add another name to the list of individuals who tore you a new one....STEVE SOMERS!"

(Black grabs the mic from Somers)

Black: "Hey Willy, shine that belt up real nice for me. Because I want it to be sparkling when I pose for pictures after I defeat you at the Pay Per View. And just like that other fat, over the hill, disgusting waste of human flesh known as the King, after I'm done with you, Elvis will indeed, have left the building...beltless!"