**Scene opens at a hospital. We follow as the camera moves through the entrance door, and moves forward towards the elevators. The elevator doors slide open, and the camera enters. The scene shifts inside the elevator, as the camera pans in on the floor number panel, with a lit number 5 displayed. A couple seconds pass as we hear the hum of the elevator as it ascends to its destination. Upon reaching the fifth floor, we hear a 'ping', then the elevator doors slide open**

**The camera moves forward and exits the elevator. There are nurses moving about as they attend to call bells as well as their scheduled rounds. There is a plump Asian lady sitting at the reception desk, chatting away on the phone, as one of the on call doctors is barking instructions to her at the same time. The camera makes its way down the hallway towards a room at the far end of the hall. As it proceeds, the camera captures the sights of sick and injured individuals roaming the hallways. One woman has an IV bag on a roller, as she makes her way to the washroom. Another man, probably in his mid thirties, is wheeled passed the camera by an orderly, his face heavily bandaged and arm in a sling. The camera finally reaches its destination as it comes to the final room at the end of the hallway. Before entering the room, the camera pans to the room number, 531**

**As the camera enters the room, we see an empty bed, all made up with new bed linen. On the bed lies a hospital chart, with a hospital bracelet sitting upon it. At the far end of the room, the camera captures an individual standing with his back to the camera, staring out the window. As the camera moves closer, the individual turns around, and we recognize him as Sebastian Black. He's wearing a pair of blue hospital pants, with a white doctor's trenchcoat. Around his neck rests a stethoscope. He looks into the camera and smiles**

Black: "It's amazing how easy it is to pass as a doctor. All I needed was a pair of blue hospital pants and an old, ratty doctor's coat, which was conveniently laying around in one of the hall closets."

**He shakes his head and laughs**

Black: "Well Todd...or should I say, Mr. Clayborne, since it appears you want to keep this as formal as possible. Does this room bring back any memories? No? Well it should, because right here (taps the bed) is where the lovely Miss Janice spent a couple of restless nights, after a certain confrontation involving yourself and a man from your past. Ring a bell now, Mr. Clayborne?"

**Black walks along side the bed, tracing his hand along the covers. He then reaches down and picks up the medical chart sitting on the bed**

Black: "I remember the events like they were yesterday. Do you, Mr. Clayborne? No? Well then let me refresh your memory. You see, even back then you thought you were without weakness. Afterall, the most important goal on your mind was winning that IWC World title, right? To your credit, you achieved that goal. On that very night, you defeated Mike Fallwell to become the first ever IWC World Heavyweight Champion. And if memory serves me correctly, you went down in history as the ONLY IWC World Heavyweight Champion. Bravo, Todd, Bravo."

**Black does a mock clap for Clayborne**

Black: "Although I must say that I have just dispelled one of the myths that you have clung to your entire career. Whether or not it was your own words, or mythical folklore passed on from word of mouth, but the story goes on to tell how you defeated Jared Blazer to win the IWC Title. But the truth of the matter is, you did not. You defeated Mike Fallwell, not Jared Blazer. As a matter of fact, you only pulled out the victory because Fallwell and Blazer were too busy concentrating on each other. Fallwell eliminated Blazer, then you surprised Fallwell and won the gold. And while your victory still deserves praise, the real truth certainly takes some lustre out of any notion you pinned Blazer's shoulders to the mat for the three count. But in truth, I'm not here to defend Blazer's honor, nor to bring yours down a notch. Rather, it's the events AFTER the match that bring a smile to my face. And I think you know what I'm referring to, don't you, Mr. Clayborne."

**Black starts flipping through the various pieces of paper inside the hospital chart**

Black: "Minor concussion...bruised tailbone...contusion on the forehead...minor wrist sprain...twisted ankle...ouch! Miss Janice must have been in some pain that night. Picture poor little Miss Janice laying in this very bed, unable to sleep because no matter which way she turns, no matter what position she tries to lay on, every inch of her body hurts. Where were you, Todd? You must have been busy celebrating your title victory, because what happened the following night certainly rocked your foundation, didn't it."

**Black smiles again**

Black: "That was when Miss Janice received her little visitor. That's the night that Jared Blazer proved that you were, and always will be, vulnerable to someone more intelligent, and more talented. To me, that night, captured on IWC television for the entire world to see, proved that you will always be one step behind anyone associated with the Untouchables. Blazer proved, just like myself and Somers intend to prove, that on a night that you believe you got the upperhand, you infact just got dealt a serious blow."

**Black places the chart back on the bed**

Black: "What was the point of this, you may ask? Well it's simple. I wanted to illustrate that there is nothing...and I mean NOTHING...the Untouchables won't do to make sure we come out on top. Now Todd, over the past couple of months you've been in somewhat of a tizzy of states, flip flopping from one dumb slut to another, so perhaps Miss Janice is out of the picture, perhaps she isn't. But in any case, I wanted to remind you what will happen when I find your weakness. At that time, it was Miss Janice, and Blazer exploited it to the point of almost driving you to insanity. This time, only time will tell. But you can be rest assured of one thing. Where Jared Blazer failed to finish the job, Sebastian Black will NOT. That's not a threat, that's not a promise...that's a guarantee."

**Black stares into the camera as he delivers his parting remarks. He then reaches down and grabs the bracelet sitting on the bed. He clutches it in his closed fist, and makes his way towards the exit of the room. As he leaves, the camera pans down, and as the scene begins to fade out, the camera focusses on the hospital chart, where we see the first part of the name.."Miss Janice..."**

****Scene fades out****