**Scene opens at Sebastian Black's appartment. Black is seen sitting in an easy chair, his wounds from last Sunday still very apparent, as he sports a nasty shiner under his left eye, as well as bandages around his ribs, which are peeking out from his white 'beater'. He's wearing a pair of old track pants, with bare feet, as we see his ankle heavily taped. The camera pans in closer to his face, as we see a scowl across his expression**

Black: "Sunday was not a banner night for yours truly, that's for damn sure. And while the night wasn't a total loss for the Untouchables with Steve Somers winning his match and moving on in the World title tournament, it certainly was a terrible blow to the unity of the Untouchables."

**Black shakes his head in obvious disgust**

Black: "It seems a certain tandem has a hard time understanding the concept of team. The old adage goes something like, 'you win as a team, you lose as a team'. Well you can take that phrase and flush it down the toilet, because what happened Sunday cannot be considered a 'team' loss. No, what that was, was simply a slap in the face to the words trust, teamwork, reliance, and most of all, unity. Seth, you think you know what's going through my mind after that travesty Sunday night? You think that I've got revenge on my mind? Retribution for leaving me to the wolves? I'm gonna tell you something, and hopefully this time you pay attention to what I say. The Untouchables aren't a fad, it isn't a group of 'buddies' getting together to drink beer and watch some porn flics. The Untouchables aren't a frat house, where we throw keggers and see how many ditzy college chicks we can sleep with. No son, the Untouchables are, and always will be, a unity of the most talented individuals to ever step foot in that squared circle. The Untouchables have priorities, and a hierarchy of how to follow those priorities."

Black: "Priority number one...When you're in the Untouchables, you are IN the Untouchables. No if's, and's or but's about it. Quite simply, either you're one hundred percent with us, or you're one hundred percent dead."

Black: "Priority number two...Untouchables business is ALWAYS more important than anything else. Not the safety of your friends, not the safety of your family, not even the safety of your dumb ass slut for a girlfriend who fell for the oldest trick in the book. You do NOT, under any circumstances, deviate from the game plan. Never."

Black: "Priority number three...know your enemy well, but know your ally even better. This is where I screwed up. You see, I spent my time studying the Creeds, doing my homework, preparing to face them. What I didn't do was do my homework on you and Luke. It seems you may in fact lack that edge that is needed to remain on top in this business. You have a weak spot, and it was exposed in an embarrassing way on Sunday. I figured you'd be prepared for an attack on Veronica, but I overestimated your ability to think ahead. Trust me, that will not happen again."

Black: "You see, Seth, these are the three biggest priorities that we adhere to as Untouchables. My problem with you is that you've gone out of your way to go against all three priorities. And when you deviate from the game plan, you run into fiascos like what happened on Sunday. So my warning to you is this...listen to what I have just said, let it sink in, then ask yourself, 'am I committed to being an Untouchable?'. Because if a repeat of Sunday occurs again, trust me Seth, the decision will be out of your hands."

**Black rubs his chin, then slides his finger along the bruising under his eye**

Black: "Just remember, what's given to you can just as easily be taken away. That's not a threat, that's not a promise...that is a guarantee."

**He pauses for a moment, allowing the camera shot to linger on his stern expression as he issues his statement. He then lifts himself up from the chair, and limps to the kitchen, favoring his injured ankle. As he enters the kitchen, he makes his way to the cupboard and reaches for a glass, grabbing one down from the shelf. He pours himself a glass of water, then returns to the easy chair, sitting himself down gingerly, trying not to aggrevate any of his bruises and aches. He takes a sip of water, then continues**

Black: "This Sunday, Somers and myself have the distinct honor of facing the legend himself, "Mr. Money" Todd Clayborne. Clayborne, our pathes have crossed before, and our histories linked by many factors, all of which lead to one conclusion...a showdown with each other was inevitable."

**Black smirks**

Black: "Clayborne, I'm sure you think you have me all figured out. Afterall, I was trained by the same man who trained Jared Blazer, and since you seem to think you have Blazer's number then naturally you have mine too, is that correct? Well that would be a huge mistake on your behalf, because although Blazer and I do share common traits, I am NOT Jared Blazer. You got the better of Blazer because Blazer's ego often got in the way. He loved the spotlight, and loved being the center of adoration of the fans. Because of that, he sometimes worried too much how good he looked out there, instead of worrying how good he was doing. That won't happen with me, Clayborne. When you step foot in the ring with me, everything else gets zoned out. I don't hear the roar of the crowd, I don't see the fancy pyrotechnics or any of that other glamorous crap. All I see is a fight to the death, one on one, and one of us won't survive. Do you know about my past? Most definitely. Do you know who I am? Not in your wildest dreams. But you will come Sunday evening. And Todd, bring the IWC belt. I've got a friend who wants what is rightfully his."

**Black starts laughing as the camera starts to pan away from him**

****Scene fades out****