**Scene begins at the UWA interview studio. There are two cameras focussed towards the interview stage, positioned at different angles. On the stage, there are two chairs set up facing each other, with a small coffee table separating them. On the coffee table sit two coffee mugs. In the background is a large UWA banner. In one of the chairs sits UWA interviewer Cy Yakmor. He is wearing a pair of black dress slacks and a navy blue blazer with the UWA logo on the chest. Across from him sits Sebastian Black. He is wearing a pair of dark blue dress pants and a red dress shirt, with a blue and yellow tie. Both men sit patiently as the stage crew fix microphones to their collars. A few moments pass, as the stage director gives the five second warning to Yakmor**

Stage Director: "And we're on in 5...4...3...2..."

**He finishes the count in silence, holding up one finger, then pointing towards Yakmor**

Yakmor: "Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Tonight ve are joined by UWA rising superstar, Sebastian Black. Sebastian, velcome to the show."

**He reaches over and shakes Black's hand. Black nods in response to Yakmor's greeting**

Yakmor: "Now Sebastian, ve've all seen vhat you are capable of in your short, yet already memorable UWA career. There have been many variations on the reasons you and Steve Somers have aligned vith one anozer. But perhaps it vould be best if you explained it yourself."

Black: "Well Cy, it's rather simple. You take Steve Somers, who is without question one of the most charismatic wrestlers in the world today. A man who should be the rightful World champion at this moment, and you take myself, Sebastian Black, the man who proved to be too dominant as a tag team wrestler, the man who has already won more titles in his short professional career than most even dream of, and the reason becomes rather obvious. Complete and total domination. Somers is unstoppable, I'm unstoppable, so the natural next step is to form an unstoppable aliance. Some people may call it overkill, but to us, it's just smart business."

Yakmor: "I see. Vell zen, vould you comment on ze reason you decided to call yourself the Untouchables? I'm sure many of our viewers have atleast a moderate knowledge of the history of zis stable. Could you expand on zis?"

Black: "Why the Untouchables? Why not come up with some sort of original name instead? It's like this, back in the old ESW, the Untouchables were the most dominant faction. In fact, you could go so far as to say the Untouchables were the ESW. Look no further than the ESW World title history. The only three men to ever wear the World belt were, not suprisingly, all part of the Untouchables. As a matter of fact, in the TWF, a subfaction of the Untouchables, lead by Jared Blazer, currently holds the two highest titles in the TWF. So what I'm getting at is that when you hear the name Untouchables, you are dealing with the most dominant athletes in that given federation. Which in turn, leads us to why Somers and myself decided to adopt the name."

Black: "You see, as the old saying goes, you don't apply to be in the Untouchables, we recruit you. You don't quit the Untouchables, we fire you. Because of these strict groundrules, being part of the Untouchables is a distinct honor that only a select few ever achieve. And one of the unwritten criteria is you must prove that, without a shadow of a doubt, you have the ability to dominate. And I think Somers' and my track records speak for themselves. But I suppose one question you might be asking is what gives us the right to declare ourselves the Untouchables. Shouldn't we get the blessing of one or more of the original members? My answer to that is, we already have."

Yakmor: "You mean zhat vone of ze blessing has been given by a member?"

Black: "I know your english isn't too good, but that's exactly what I just said. And this is where the history lesson comes in. Going back to the ESW, at the February Pay Per View, the Untouchables were going to do what they did best, that is turn the federation upside down. What was supposed to happen was a mergin of Jared Blazer, Steve Somers, and the Lincoln Park Mafia. Unfortunately, it never happened. But that doesn't change the fact that it was gonna happen. So in effect, although we only announced it this past Kamakaze, in reality it's been in the works for months now."

Yakmor: "I zink I understand. So zen, moving along, let's talk about your match zis week. You have long stated that you were tired of the tag team scene and vanted to enter ze singles ranks. Isn't this tag team match taking a step backwards for you?"

**Black leans forward and picks up his mug. He takes a sip of water, then places it back on the table as he begins to answer the question**

Black: "A step backwards? Not in the least. You see, there is a difference between being stuck in the tag team division, and being placed in an occassional tag team matchup. This Sunday, it's one of those occassional moments. But just to clarify, that doesn't mean that Somers and I aren't going in to the match to win the belts, it just means that win, lose, or draw, my goal here in the UWA is to wear a singles strap. If that means having to defend the tag team titles along the way as well, so beit, I'll just have to do double duty."

Yakmor: "And vhat about your opponents for zis match? So far, ve've heard your thoughts on ze team of Josh Trent and Kakuma, but vhat about Xtreme Diversion and ze team of Hugo Marinez and Tormenta?"

Black: "Xtreme Diversion is a talented team. In fact, if I had to select a winner besides myself and Somers, I'd have to give them the nod. Kakuma and Trent have already felt our wrath, and well, let's just say I've seen food at Taco Bell put up a better fight than Tormenta and Marinez are capable of."

**Black begins to reach for his microphone, and unhooks it, as Yakmor begins to ask another question**

Black: "I hate to cut this short like this, but I've got things to do. I need to do some shopping before the match. But I promise you'll be graced with my pressence once again."

**Black stands up and walks off the set, as Yakmor sits there somewhat surprised. He looks towards his director, who just throws his hands up in the air**

****Scene fades out****