**Scene opens at Sebastian Black's appartment somewhere in Detroit. Black is lounging in an EZ Boy recliner, as the television set is on in front of him. He's dressed in a pair of old jeans with no shirt on. His UWA International Action title rests beside him on a small table. Just then, the door to his appartment swings open and in walks Josh Cunningham. He's wearing a pair of faded blue jeans, a red fleece jacket and hiking boots. He seems to be carrying something in his hands**

Cunningham: "This came by purolator for you."

**He tosses the items onto the table. As the camera pans in closer, we see that they are two plane tickets to Calgary. Black reaches forward and picks one up, looking one over**

Black: "Calgary? Spears must really be hard up for cash."

**Black tosses the ticket back on the table and resumes watching television as Cunningham disappears into the kitchen. We hear the fridge door open and shut, followed by the sound of a beer bottle being opened. Cunningham starts speaking while still in the kitchen**

Cunningham: "Apparently you're facin' Harley Hawkins for the IA title too."

Black: "Seriously? I thought that putz was after Somers' title."

**Cunningham re-appears from the kitchen and takes a seat opposite Black**

Cunningham: "Nah not this week. Spears has Steve involved in some lame ass jail match or somethin'. I wonder how Steve's gonna react when he hears about it."

Black: "A what match?"

Cunningham: "Jailbait match."

Black: "Uh...o...k...so like what, do they have to each find some underage broad and have sex with her? First one to get arrested wins the match?"

Cunningham: "Nah...some weird thing where the loser spends a night in jail. I dunno, personally I think Spears is running out of ideas. I mean he put you in a match with Sanitarium last week, and look how that match turned out."

**Black smiles at the thought of his easy victory**

Black: "Yeah that was one of the quicker matches I've ever had. Because of Sanitarium, women might start to get the wrong idea about my prowess. Afterall, after defeating him so quickly, they might misunderstand the term 'minute man'."

**Cunningham almost spits out his mouth full of beer at Black's comment**

Cunningham: "Yeah man, you wouldn't want THAT nickname. Hey maybe we can use that as Sanitarium's nickname. I mean, he did only last one minute."

Black: "Nah, Sanitarium isn't worth it. He turned tail and ran after that defeat. Last I heard, he was in Spears' office asking for termination of contract so he could sign on with some development federation. You know...rookies and hasbeens...that kind of thing. I guess the grind of the big leagues was too much for him to handle. I'd rather discuss this week's victim...Harley Hawkins."

Black: "Harley, it seems you're never around enough to get a good read on what you're truly capable of. You did have a good showing in your match with Clayborne in the World title tournament, but since then you've been relatively inactive. But I feel sorry for you, I really do. All this time of inactivity and you're placed in the ring with the man responsible for running three...count them THREE...superstars from the UWA. First there was poor old Willy Beaumont. After I destroyed him and took his title, Willy was never the same. Now he turned tail and ran. Then there was Todd Clayborne. He boasted about how he was gonna beat me, but then when it came to our match, I got the win, with only XD's interference saved Todd from another Untouchables' asskicking. After that match, he decided he didn't want any part of me again either. Then this week, Sanitarium's name can be added to the list of people who realized they're not in my league. I defeated him in record time, and he set sail to find greener pastures. Hell, at the pace I'm going, Mark Spears might have a legal case against me for running all his talent out of the company."

Black: "So Harley, are you ready for a rude welcome back to the UWA after your time off? The way I see it, you've got a shot at the World title at the next Pay Per View. So how 'bout I make you an offer. Since technically I don't have to defend my title two weeks in a row, I'll make an exception on one condition. If you win, naturally, you become the new International Action champion. But if I win, I get your World title shot. Afterall, I figure if I have to put something of value on the line, so should you. What do you say, Harley? You willing to put it all on the line against the 'Career Assassin'?"

**Black smiles smugly into the camera**

Black: "I'll be waiting for your answer. But just remember, no World title shot on the line, no IA title shot either."

****Scene fades out****