**Scene begins at a gym in downtown Detroit. There are people working out on all the different apparatus. One pair of steroid freaks are pounding the weights, grunting with each successful lift, taking turns as one cheers the other on. There's also a few elderly folks walking the treadmills in their jumpsuits and fanny packs. The camera focusses in on two individuals using the bench press free weights. The individual lifting the weights is Josh Cunningham. His biceps bulge with each press. Spotting him is Sebastian Black. They're both wearing cut off track pants and muscle shirts**

Black: "Come on big man, just a couple more. We gotta keep you in top shape in order to watch my back. I'm not exactly mister popularity around here right now."

**Cunningham tries to break a smile at Black's comment through each grunt and wince that accompanies each lift. He finishes his set, then Black helps him place the weight back on the bar. Cunningham sits up, as Black picks up a couple of towels and hands him one**

Cunningham: "Thirty grand. That's all they're payin' me to watch your sorry ass from getting beat to a pulp."

Black: "Thirty grand? I thought you were doing this for free out of friendship."

**Black smirks at Cunningham, which Cunningham returns with a dirty scowl**

Cunningham: "Yeah right. If I wanted to work for charity, I'd have picked something more worthwhile than you."

Black: "Ouch!"

**Cunningham tosses his sweat drenched towel at Black. Black just leaves the towels on the bench, as the two make their way towards the change rooms. The scene fades as they disappear inside the change room doors**

**Scene reopens as they exit the change rooms fully dressed. They walk towards the juice bar and take a seat at one of the tables**

Cunningham: "Did you catch Clayborne's latest promo?"

Black: "Yeah I saw a bit of it. It was his usual stuff. You know, 'I may have been knocked down, but I'm gonna get back up again', crap. I swear he gets his material from Chumpawamba. You know that song they sing that goes something like, 'I get knocked down, but I get up again. Ain't nobody gonna keep me down'?"

**Cunningham laughs**

Cunningham: "Yeah."

Black: "That's exactly what he sounds like. It's getting to the point where he's becoming nausiating. I mean before his match, he'll talk all big and stuff, but then after his match, after he gets his ass handed to him, he comes back with the same stuff, 'Oh sure you may have knocked me down, but you've woken the desire and I'll come back stronger'. Like holy shit dude, maybe God's trying to tell you something here. Getting knocked down week after week isn't a good thing for the long term health of that pea-brain of yours, Clayborne."

Black: "You see, there's a reason why you keep getting knocked down, and keep on having to get back up again. It's because you're in way over your head when you compete against us. Me and Somers have been talking our shit in the UWA for what, over a month now? How many times have we had to backtrack after Kamikaze or a Pay Per View and say we gotta get back up again. None, that's how many. Wanna know why? Because we don't get knocked down, period."

**Black shakes his head**

Black: "Clayborne, you seem like an intelligent guy. So what I don't understand is why you subject yourself to this physical abuse we dish out every week. Ever since we arrived in the UWA, you've been taking punishment after punishment from us, but keep coming back for more. Now you can sugar coat that and say that's because, as Chumbawumba says, you keep getting back up, or that perhaps we don't finish the job once and for all, but to anyone else who sees the situation for what it is, it's plain and simple. You're out of your league."

**Cunningham stands up and walks over to the juice bar to buy a couple of drinks as Black continues his speech**

Black: "Now it seems this week, you're all excited about finally meeting me one on one in the ring. It seems that you haven't had enough beatings for one lifetime that you're looking forward to one more. Maybe you and that bitch Lynn are into the S&M stuff. Perhaps that's why you like it so much when myself or Somers beats the living crap out of you. It reminds you of a night at home with Lynne. Because that's the only thing I can think of as to why you'd want any part of me or Somers after 'Black Dawn'."

Black: "So now you take it so far as to even proclaim that as long as the Untouchables exist, you'll be there everytime we turn around? That's fine with me, Todd. Because that just makes our job that much more enjoyable. Because there ain't no one I'd rather beat up on each and every week than you. Now as far as me bitchin' and whinin' if you had attacked me rather than pussy your way out, that might very well be true. But deep down, I'd have had some respect for you. Deep down I would have been thinking, 'That son of a bitch has to attack me after I'm dead tired. But you know what, atleast he showed the balls to try and finish me off'. So you're right, I'd have been extremely pissed off, but at the same time a part of me couldn't help but respect you. But nope, you had to go and throw that respect out the window by being all classy and shit. Well Todd, I said it once and I'll say it again, your lack of killer instinct is exactly the reason why me and Somers are on top of the UWA, and you're relegated to non-title matches."

**Cunningham returns with a couple of bottles of juice. He hands one to Black and takes a seat**

Cunningham: "So what about those comments by the masked guy?"

Black: "What about them? They mean absolutely nothing to me. You wanna come out and attack me unprovoked, then try to get in my good books by saying that the Untouchables are a breath of fresh air in this company? Son, the only air you'll be breathing in will be through a breathing tube as you're hooked up to a machine that beeps like a son of a bitch each time you take in what could be your last breath."

Black: "You see, I don't know who you are. And quite frankly, I don't care who you are. You wanna compare me to you and then expect me to take that as some sort of compliment? Hell, I take that as an insult being compared to a coward who's too scared to show his face around here, and resorts to sneak attacks and hit and run tactics. I'm no angel, I've been involved in a few attacks in my career, but in every single one of them, I've made no attempt to hide who I was, and I never, EVER, attacked and then run. So whoever you are, keep that ten year old boy's toy voice box and that snot-drench mask of yours to yourself and don't ever associate who or what I am, to who or what you are."

**Black twists off the plastic bottle top and chugs his juice. They finish their drinks and toss the bottles in the trash bin beside their table. They gather their duffel bags and make their way towards the exit**

Cunningham: "Thirty grand...what a God damn joke!"

****Scene fades out****