**Scene begins back at Sebastian Black's appartment. There's a card table set up with two folding chairs on either side. Sitting on the chairs are Black and Josh Cunningham, both holding some cards in their hand. Black's wearing a black muscle shirt with a pair of dark blue jeans and black and white Adidas sneakers. Cunningham's wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a pair of faded jeans with brown leather sandals. Cunningham lays his cards on the table, then smirks**

Cunningham: "Read 'em and weep."

**Black looks at Cunningham's cards, then slams his cards onto the table in frustration**

Black: "I swear, you've got a lucky horse shoe up your ass or something tonight. You've got the same luck as those Xtreme Diversion punks, which means that sooner or later, it'll run out, just like theirs did at 'Black Dawn'."

**Cunningham chuckles**

Cunningham: "Can you believe those whiny bitches? I think Seth's been involved in too many hardcore matches, 'cause that boy's brain ain't all there anymore. What was it he was ramblin' on about? Somethin' to do with them being real champions now that they don't have those belts? How the f**k does that make any sense?"

Black: "J.C., has anything he's said ever made sense? Now he goes off and calls me a carbon copy champion. I'd just like to know what exactly a carbon copy champion is. Because let's examine the situation a bit more, and maybe we can come up with a consensus about what a carbon copy of a true champion is defined as."

Black: "First, we've got Xtreme Diversion. Here's a team that couldn't get the job done before they teamed up with me and Somers, then once we helped them, they won those tag belts. Their track record since WE won them those belts? They left my ass high and dry against the Creeds, and the following week, they couldn't even get the job done on their own. Then at the Pay Per View, they got pinned by the biggest title phony in wrestling, Mr. '38 titles' himself, Prime. Next, we've got Sebastian Black. The man who does what he says, and says what he does. The man who proclaimed he'd walk away with the UWA International Action title at 'Black Dawn', and goes ahead and does it. Not to mention, I did it on my own, with no help from Somers, or you two."

Black: "So yeah, these are the two different scenarios. Remind me again who the 'carbon copy of a true champion' is, and who the TRUE champion is?"

**Black reaches down out of camera sight and grabs the UWA International Action title. He holds it up to the camera, points at it, then grins**

Black: "Yeah, I thought so."

**He pauses for a moment before continuing**

Black: "Seth, your problem is you're like that stupid special ed kid back in public school. When his parents come in for parent/teacher night, the teacher would always try to sugar coat the situation, as not to offend the parents. They'd say something like, 'well, little jimmy seems to be struggling with his grades, but boy does he try hard. He's such a hard worker!'. That's you, Seth. You're a special ed kid who seems to confuse the terms 'effort' and 'achievement'. You say that your 'effort' at the Pay Per View proves you're a real champ? Well I say that your 'achievement' at the Pay Per View proves you're nothing but a punk ass bitch."

**Black tosses his belt back onto the floor. He reaches onto the table to collect the cards. He begins shuffling the cards, then deals them out to himself and Cunningham**

Cunningham: "Hey man, I don't know if you got the memo, but you're facin' our old buddy next week at Kamikaze."

Black: "Clayborne?"

Cunningham: "Yup."

Black: "Title or non-title?"

Cunningham: "As far as I know, non-title. Why, you gonna make it interesting?"

**Black pauses for a moment, as if he's got something on his mind, but then shakes his head and continues**

Black: "Nah. Non-title is fine. Clayborne's gotta prove he's even in my league first. Let's face it, he's on quite the losing streak as of late. The Untouchables have his number, and until he proves otherwise, he doesn't deserve jack shit from me."

**Cunningham bursts out laughing at Black's comment. He then looks at the cards Black just dealt him and smiles, before laying them on the table. Black looks at them, then slams his cards down again**

Black: "Don't even say it!"

****Scene fades out****