**Scene begins a few hours after 'Black Dawn', back at Sebastian Black's hotel suite. The room is a mess, with champagne bottles littered everywhere. Most of the 'party guests' have left, except for two individuals who are still polishing off the final bit of alcohol**

**Black is standing by the mini-bar, pouring himself a glass of champagne. He's all decked out, wearing a pair of black dress slacks and white Polo dress shirt. His face looks like he just went twelve rounds with a heavyweight boxer, as he's got a bandage on his forehead and his eyes sport nasty looking shiners. Sitting in one of the chairs still remaining upright is Black's new bodyguard, who was revealed at the Pay Per View, Joshua Cunningham. He, like Black, is all decked out in a navy blue tuxedo. He's got a glass of champagne in his hand and takes a sip, as he awaits Black's return**

Cunningham: "Yo, Sebastian. Hurry the f**k up and get over here so we can do some more celebratin'."

**Black looks back over his shoulder as he continues to pour his drink. He polishes off the bottle, then just disgards it on the floor with the rest of the mess, and makes his way back to where Cunningham is sitting**

Black: "Geeze man, look at this place. Do we know how to party or what?"

**They tap their glasses together**

Cunningham: "It was so sweet what went down. I don't think it could have went over any better."

Black: "Well I dunno about that."

**Black rubs his forehead, as both men laugh**

Black: "But I get what you're sayin'. I mean, me and Somers talked all week about how we'd walk in to 'Black Dawn' and take home the gold. And guess what, we did! I really hope people start taking notice of what we say more often, because by now they'd better realize that when we say we're gonna do something, that means we'll do it. You see, I hate to use our victories at 'Black Dawn' as a history lesson, but on the biggest night in UWA history, the two men whose star shined the brightest just happened to be the two men in the most dominant faction this sport has ever seen. But before I comment on my match and Somers' match, I'd just like to touch on Xtreme Diversion and there...how shall we put it...disappointing performance."

Black: "Xtreme Diversion, ever since we recruited you, you've done nothing but go out of your way to say you want no part of the Untouchables. You've even gone so far as to threaten myself and Somers. But what you found out at 'Black Dawn' is that you just lost one of the biggest benefits of being with the Elite. You see, I COULD have saved your ass from being pinned. Hell, I was close enough to you that I could see the tears dripping down your cheek as you laid helplessly by as the ref counted the three. But I didn't lift a finger to help you. Why? Because that's what you've wanted this entire time. You wanted to prove to the world that you could stand on your own two feet. You wanted everyone to see that you'd be Tag Team champions even without mine and Somers' help. Well boys, the only thing you proved was that you're nothing without me and Somers. We're the reasons you won those belts in the first place, and boys, after last night, you can consider us the reason you no longer have them. As I warned you, what's given to you can just as easily be taken away. You found that out the hard way last night."

Cunningham: "You think Xtreme Diversion will have a response for that comment?"

Black: "Oh I don't doubt it. Atleast Seth will. And he'll probably say something about being glad they lost it as long as it was fair and square. But the simple fact of the matter is, no matter how you try to dissect it, they're no longer champs."

**Black tosses back some champagne as he finishes his sentence**

Cunningham: "What about that Spears incident and the two masked guys? Sorry I wasn't there to watch your back, both took place before I'd even arrived at the arena."

Black: "Ah no sweat, man. I guess that's just the price you gotta pay when you're public enemy number one in this federation. The masked men, I dunno what their beef with me is, but whatever it is, come get some. You boys got the guts? I got the gold. As for Mark Spears, it seems someone is a little too insecure in his ability to retain talent. So what was that chair shot for Marky? Was it because you're too big of a jackoff to realize when you're underpaying and underutilizing your top stars? Last I heard, Kakuma has bolted, and add to that Shawn Stevens bolting a couple of weeks back, and I guess the strain of keeping your talent in place is getting to you. But you know what, Marky? That chair shot hurt, hell it'll leave a nasty mark for a week or so, but it'll heal. It's not the first chair shot I've taken, and it's certainly not gonna be the last. But if that was supposed to scare me into stayin' on, then you don't know me as well as you think you do. Instead, you've just given me just cause to take my own brand of retribution out on your ass."

**As Black is speaking, Cunningham gets up and walks over to the bed. Laying on the bed is the UWA International Action title. He picks it up, tosses it over his right shoulder, and carries it over to Black. He sits down, as Black looks over at him and grins at the sight of the title**

Cunningham: "Hey Clayborne, I gotta give you credit where credit is due. You did an admirable job officiating the match. Some iffy calls, but overall, you did what needed to be done. But maybe that had more to do with yours truly standing at ringside than anything else. Because if memory serves me right, our one and only encounter, me and Blazer handed you and Drake your asses in a tag match. So I guess you knew better than to try my patience."

**Cunningham turns to Black**

Cunningham: "How bout you? What did you think of Clayborne's officiating?"

Black: "Josh, the only thing I care about is his ability to ring the bell to signal for my victory. And that's what happened. I could care less if Todd called it down the middle, or if he favored Willy 'The King of Crap' Beaumont. But Todd, I've got a question for you. What's the deal with what you did at the end of the match? Me and Somers have been verbally abusing you for weeks now, and you had perfect opportunity for some retribution, but instead you took the 'good guy' way out, and handed me the belt. You think that makes me respect you?"

**Black shakes his head**

Black: "Uh uh, son. That makes me think you're a coward who wants no part of Sebastian Black. In fact, I'd have respected you ALOT more if you'd attacked me with the belt and left me in a heap on the mat. It would have shown you've got the ability to get the job done when it comes to your enemies. It would have shown you had killer instinct. You see, Todd, the reason that Somers is wearing that World title and you are not boils down to one simple thing. He's got that killer instinct, and you don't. I've got that killer instinct and you don't. If the roles were reversed, you bet your ass I'd have leveled you with that belt and made sure you knew who owned your ass. If you ever want respect, grow some balls. Otherwise, don't waste my time with this 'respectable' shit."

**Black and Cunningham laugh**

Cunningham: "So now what."

Black: "Now we make a late night alcohol run and show that not only can the Untouchables kick ass in the ring, we can party harder than anyone."

Cunningham: "Sounds good to me."

**Scene starts to fade out as Black and Cunningham stumble to the door in their drunken state**

****Scene fades out****