**Scene begins on a Monday evening, after normal business hours are over. The scene is inside the same office as the other day, as we see Sebastian Black sitting inside his attorney's office, as the two engage in conversation. The camera first captures a long range view, as we see the entire office from the outside, through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The camera then pans in closer as we get a close up of Black and his attorney, Mr. Shaw. Black is dressed casually again, in a pair of blue jeans and a dark red muscle shirt with the words 'Black Out' written on the front. Mr. Shaw is in his business suit, but since it is after hours, he has his tie undone and draped around his neck. There is a stack of paper work sitting on Mr. Shaw's desk, which seems to be the object of their discussion, as we join in on their conversation**

Mr. Shaw: "I've taken the liberty of getting my secretary to print out these contract documents. As you can see, as of Midnight last night, you are officially no longer under United Wrestling Alliance contract."

**A grin comes over Black, as he leans back. He clenches his hands together and rests them in his lap. He pauses for a moment, then leans forward**

Black: "Perfect. So it looks like Cole and Spears made one small oversight. It appears as though alot of contracts, mine included, expire before the actual Pay Per View. Typical of the disorganized way this company is run."

Mr. Shaw: "So then, what would you like me to do? I've already been in talks with Mr. Rooster and the ACWL. As well, I received a contract offer a while back from the REV, but I put that on the back burner because you showed interest in signing on with the UWA. Would you like me to contact the new president to see if they're still interested in your services?"

**Black hesitates for a moment, pondering over his decision. He then answers Mr. Shaw, with a huge smirk on his face, knowing full well that both Alex Cole and Mark Spears will be watching this promo**

Black: "Yes, I think that would be a great idea. Afterall, with these companies being so close together with regards to talent level, one free agent acquisition could mean the difference between winning and losing in the ratings. And wouldn't it be ironic of the REV or the ACWL, whichever company I decide to sign with, defeats the UWA in the ratings. But according to Mark Spears, that wouldn't happen, right Marky? No, because it seems Mark Spears doesn't believe Sebastian Black has what it takes to be a 'main eventer', isn't that right Spears?"

Mr. Shaw: "You actually heard him say that?"

Black: "Not directly, but I hear things through locker room gossip. So whether or not Spears will admit it, he's just potentially cost his company one of the best damn performers to ever step foot in the UWA. First Shawn Stevens left, now Kakuma's making noise about his contract being up. Could you imagine the backlash if you add my name to that list?"

**He shudders in mocking of Spears and Cole**

Black: "None the less, here's the predicament that you find yourselves in, Cole and Spears. As of this taping, I am officially no longer under contract. Which means that you could be in serious trouble at your Pay Per View. You see, at first I was a little upset about Beaumont's threatened boycot of the match, even to the point where I was considering legal action against him. But now, it actually works into my favor. You see, perhaps Beaumont won't be the only one not showing up for their match. Could you imagine the angry calls from people who subscribed to 'Black Dawn'. The angry fans who paid scalper prices for ring side seats to see yours truly in action, only to go away disappointed at having to pay an arm and a leg for what amounts to sub-par talent performing. It would be SUCH a shame if that were to happen."

**Black makes a compassionate face, again mocking Cole and Spears**

Black: "So here's what I propose. Take it or leave it, but I want your answer BEFORE I show up at the Pay Per View."

Black: "I want your personal guarantee, in writing, that no matter if Beaumont shows up or not, I get my title. What I mean by that is, if he no-shows, then I win the title by default. None of this, 'we're gonna hold the title up for grabs in a tournament' crap. In other words, that title is mine unless Beaumont actually DEFEATS me. If he chickens out and doesn't show up, then I want that belt handed to me. And in return, I guarantee I'll show up for the match, and you won't have to worry about angry fans wanting their refund. Plus it will go a long way towards re-signing me. That's my offer, take it or leave it. But as I stated, I want an answer before the show, otherwise I'll be watching it on the tube, just like everyone else."

**As Black is talking, Mr. Shaw is rearranging the paperwork on his desk**

Mr. Shaw: "I'll have the proper paperwork done up by the start of business, tomorrow, and shipped off to UWA headquarters so that Mr. Cole and Mr. Spears can have their lawyers read it over, sign it and return it to you."

Black: "Good stuff. That's what I pay you the big bucks for."

Mr. Shaw: "Indeed. Also, there was something I wanted to bring to your attention, regarding a manager-slash-valet."

**Black holds up his hand to interupt him**

Black: "No I don't need or want one. They always seem to get in the way."

Mr. Shaw: "But hear me out first. First of all, having a manager provides tax benefits. You can actually write off a portion of your income when you have a sanctioned manager. But also, I see this is a long term solution. If you're out there by yourself, you're prone to attacks from jealous opponents and without someone watching your back, you could be setting yourself up for some serious injury."

Black: "Nah, I have Somers and Jenna watching my back."

Mr. Shaw: "But it's not the same thing. While it's true that Somers and Jenna will come to your aid when possible, there are certain situations, such as during your six man tag match with Xtreme Diversion, when you didn't have someone watching your back."

Black: "What do you suggest then? Or should I say WHO do you suggest?"

**Mr. Shaw leans over his desk and speaks to Black almost in a whisper as the scene begins to fade**

Mr. Shaw: "Well, I was thinking that maybe you should give thought to getting in touch with..."

****Scene fades out****