**Scene begins sometime during mid-day, as the sun shines brightly. The scene opens inside a large banquet hall at a fancy hotel. It appears to be some sort of convention, as there are chair set up facing the stage near the front of the room, and throughout the rest of the banquet hall sit a bunch of tables that are set up, with various memorabilia on display. As the camera pans the scene, we notice that many of the people in attendance appear to be wearing white jumpsuits, with sparkles and fake diamonds adorned vertically along the jumpsuits. It becomes obvious that we are at some sort of Elvis convention, as we see men, women, and children dressed up as 'The King'. The camera then pans over to see Sebastian Black enter the banquet hall, with a female at his side. She does not look familiar, her long black banquet dress flowing behind her as she walks. Her hair is all done up in a fancy style, as the diamond earings sparkle as they dangle from her soft lobes. As they enter the banquet hall, the woman looks around, and her expression turns to disgust**

Woman: "Uhhh...what the hell is this? You said we were going to a fancy banquet dinner."

Black: "Yeah, I know. And that's what this is. See, everyone is dressed up in a suit, and they've all got their hair done."

**She turns to Black, her face bright red**

Woman: "Jumpsuits!! Not suits..jumpsuits!! And of course they all have their hair done, all done in pompadors! Sebastian, why the hell did you drag me out to this...this...freak convention?!"

**Black chuckles at his date's lack of amusement at the situation**

Black: "Well Tasha, I've got a match with Willy 'The King' Beaumont at the Pay Per View, and I wanted to get to know the REAL Willy better. I wanted to associate with his type of people. To see what they see, to do what they do. I wanted to immerse myself into their world to completely understand how they see the world. And I figured what better way than to go to an Elvis convention."

**Tasha doesn't seem to be amused in the least. She crosses her arms and begins to pout**

Black: "Oh come on, it'll be fun. Look at it this way. Atleast you don't have to worry about someone else wearing the same outfit as you."

**He tickles her, trying to get her to break a smile. She finally does, even though she remains visibly upset**

Tasha: "Oh alright. But I swear, Sebastian, if you pull a stunt like this again, I'll kick your ass."

Black: "That's my girl. Now let's go find a table and get something to eat."

**They make their way towards the tables, and sit down at an empty table. As they are sifting through the menu, a couple walks up to them and asks if they can join them. Both are wearing Elvis outfits, and have Elvis souvenirs in their hands. Black and Tasha let them sit down. The couple plop their memorabilia down on the floor beside their chair, and each grab a menu, as Black and Tasha look at them. Black tries not to laugh, as Tasha elbows him in the side**

Black: "So tell me, what brings you folks to this convention?"

Man Elvis: "The King, baby! Elvis is without a doubt the greatest entertainer to ever step foot on this earth. Any time I get the opportunity to pay homage to the King, I do it."

Woman Elvis: "Not to mention his fashion trends will last forever. What other celebrity is more responsible for introducing the most flashy, flamboyant clothing line ever to be seen. To me, his legacy lives on because of his uniqueness."

**Black looks at Tasha and frowns. She gives him a dirty look**

Man Elvis: "What brings you here? You two don't look like your typical Elvis fans."

Black: "Well in my line of work, it helps to know your...competitor. And this convention is giving me an opportunity to learn all about my competitor. In fact, maybe you folks can help me out."

Man Elvis: "We'd be glad to. How can we help?"

Black: "I figured I'd just ask you a few questions, and you can answer as honestly and truthful as you can. Sound good?"

Man Elvis: "Ok."

Woman Elvis: "Sounds good."

Black: "Ok, here goes."

**Black takes a deep breath before asking his first question. He looks at Tasha, she returns his look with a glare of her own, knowing full well Black's going to say something insulting**

Black: "Ok for instance, when you woke up this morning, what was the first thing you did? I mean, for normal people...you know...people living in reality, we get out of bed, go into the bathroom, and either take a shower, or relieve ourselves. I'm curious whether personal hygene ranks up there for you people, or if you instead make your way to your closet, pick out the most God-awful outfit you can find, style your hair as if you just got a pale of grease dumped on your head, and made your way downstairs to make a three course meal."

**The couple looks at him in a stunned expression, not sure how to respond to his comment**

Man Elvis: "Uhh...no, we don't dress like this all the time, we're just dressed up like this for the convent..."

Black: "Because I was thinking to myself as I watched the whole mass of you Elvis retards in this place, if I were you, after I took one look at myself in the mirror, I'd realize what an idiot I looked like, and changed right away. But I guess that thought process doesn't enter your head does it."

Woman Elvis: "You know, I don't think it's polite to insult our..."

Black: "In fact, if I looked the way you do, or the way Willy Beaumont does, I'd just do the world a favour and kill myself. I mean, talk about a disgrace."

Man Elvis: "Willy Beaumont? Who is..."

**Black ignores what the couple is saying, and for the third time, interupts them in midsentence>**

Black: "Willy, I tried. I really did. I gave it my best shot to try and learn about you, to try and see things from your vantage point, to try and understand why you do the things you do. But sitting here for these few brief moments with these two mental rejects, I've decided that I just don't get it, nor will I ever get it. Why you'd subject your family to the redicule of having to admit to their friends and co-workers that yes, that is in fact their son, brother, nephew, dressed up like a freakin' moron, is beyond me."

Black: "I happened to catch your latest promo, and it appears as though the thrashing I gave you on Kamikaze has made you leary about being in the same building as me. You think that running off to Japan to participate in another one of these 'I'm a loser, I worship a dead, fat man' conventions is going to save you? Sorry, my friend, but all it will do is make my title victory that much easier. You see, whether or not you show up, the title is on the line. Which means that if you no-show, I get handed the belt. Ducking and avoiding me won't help you, it'll just postpone the inevitable. Sooner or later, Willy, that belt will be mine. But look on the bright side, atleast you'll have a career to fall back on once you become a nothing wrestler."

**Black snickers. He looks back at the couple, now disgusted with what he's been saying**

Black: "Ok you freaks of nature, get the hell away from my table. I'm done with you, just like after the Pay Per View, I'll have no use for Willy either."

**The couple gets up in a huff and storm off. Tasha looks at Black with an angry look on her face, as Black just smiles at her**

Tasha: "Why do I let you talk me into these things?"

****Scene fades out****