**Scene fades in to Sebastian Black's appartment. It is a couple of days after Sunday Kamikaze. As we await the announcement of the Pay Per View card, we join Black and fellow Untouchable, Jenna, in mid-conversation in Black's living room. Both are dressed casual, with Black sporting a pair of Nike tearaways and a blue hooded sweatshirt. Jenna is wearing a pair of beige/off-white cargo pants and a babydoll tshirt, with her blonde locks pulled back in a ponytail**

Black: "Well, not exactly the way I would have liked to have won, but a win nontheless."

Jenna: "Yeah, you and Steve definitely have the momentum going in to the Pay Per View. Last week's minor setback seems to be a thing of the past."

**Black shakes his head**

Black: "Yeah, I don't know what's with those guys. That's two weeks in a row that Xtreme Diversion has dropped the ball, so to speak. First, they left me high and dry against the InBreed brothers, then this week they can't even score a win over Austin and Crimson."

Jenna: "I know. Steve's been concerned about their overall focus as well. They're a talented duo, no doubt about that, but sometimes it seems their teamwork and overall focus is lacking."

Black: "Well I guess, to use an old cliche, what's past is past. So from here on in, as long as they pull their weight, we've got no problems. But I WILL say one thing...if they drop those Tag straps at the Pay Per View...well let's just say they better not lose."

Jenna: "I'm sure they'll be ready for whoever Cole and Spears put in front of them. Atleast let's hope so."

**Black nods in agreement**

Jenna: "So what did you think about your match?"

Black: "To be honest, that was one of the biggest jokes I've ever seen. I mean, seriously, did Clayborne and Beaumont really think that stunt would work? Beaumont, using Elvis impersonators? Not very original if you ask me. But then again, neither is your gimmick. Here's a grown man, a professional wrestler at that, and he still seems to have this notion that he's Elvis. News flash Willy, those people that you see pointing at laughing...they're laughing AT you, not WITH you. But come on Willy, I hope that's not the best you're capable of. You're holding a title that I fully intend on winning at 'Black Dawn', and the longer you act like a freakin' moron, the more you'll tarnish the reputation of that belt. When I win that belt, I want people to realize it's a huge accomplishment, not point and say 'hey, he won that gimmick belt that that half-cocked retard with long sideburns used to wear'."

Black: "Now Beaumont, I have to admit, as soon as you upped the odds to 11 or 12 to 1 in your favor, you almost had me. But a big emphasis on the word ALMOST. You thought you were being extremely clever by sending out those impersonators, but in reality all you did was prove my point. And that point is, that you can't beat me. One on one, two on one, hell, eleven on one, you can't beat me. So you go ahead and bring as many impersonators as you want, as many trailor park losers like yourself as you need, but at 'Black Dawn', all those things won't help you when you step foot in that ring against me. Willy, you didn't send any kind of message on Sunday, all you did was give me the confirmation that I needed that, quite simply, you're not in my league."

**Black shakes his head and laughs at Beaumont's antics. He then changes focus and continues**

Black: "As for Clayborne, Todd, yet again you thought you'd get the upper hand, but yet again you found yourself flat on your back staring up at the rafters. You may have got us by surprise, but when the dust settled, you were the one that was dominated. How did it feel, Todd? How did it feel to first get planted by Christopher Drake's finisher? Then to get planted by Jared Blazer's finisher? I told you Todd, I warned you. I said that your past would come back and haunt you, and that's exactly what happened on Kamikaze. Now what do you have to say for yourself, Todd? You spoke all week about how you always come out on top, how we've just stirred up that fire inside you that made you a former World champion. But when all was said and done, you looked more like a second rate chump than a former champion. I said I'd do what Blazer wasn't able to do. I said I'd get the job done, and you disagreed with that statement. Well Todd, you were dead wrong. Mission accomplished."

Black: "But I think our trip down memory lane ends now. Somers and I humiliated you and showed you that you will NEVER, EVER, be as good as any of the Untouchables, but the lessons end now. Because now, it's no longer about dispelling the 'myth' of Todd Clayborne. Now it's about moving on to bigger and better things, and that is complete and total domination of the UWA. But just as it seems in everyday life, history repeats itself. What I mean by that is simply this...at the Pay Per View, through no choice of ours, you're going to be in our way to capturing the UWA World title. But this time when Steve Somers beats you for the title, it won't be about 'Clayborne vs. the Untouchables', it'll be about the Untouchables claiming what's rightfully ours, plain and simple."

**Black and Jenna laugh**

Black: "But don't worry, Todd. You and Willy can have a reunion of sorts, because after the Pay Per View, both of you will be in the same support group, called UA, short for Untouchables Anonymous. It's a support group for those individuals unlucky enough to have crossed our pathes."

Black: "Hahaha I can picture it now...Steve Somers, UWA World Champion...Sebastian Black, UWA International Action Champion...Xtreme Diversion, UWA Tag Team Champion...yup, that's about as damn dominating as you can get."

**Black turns back to Jenna and they engage in conversation as the scene starts to fade out**

Black: "I almost feel bad having to bring Clayborne down a notch everytime I see him. But he insists on opening his trap, and it just provokes me to shut it for him."

Jenna: "I guess some people just take longer to learn."

****Scene fades out****