**Scene opens at the Lincoln Park Mafia's "Crib", in downtown Detroit. We're in the parking lot, where we see the three members of the LPM packing some bags into two cars, Gunn and Styles into one car, and Black into the other. They go in and out of the building a couple of times, each time carrying a different duffel bag, as it appears that Styles and Gunn are clearing all their stuff out of the place. Black places his second duffel bag in the trunk of his car, then reaches down to pick up his IWF World Tag Team title that was sitting on the ground beside him. He holds it in his hands, looking down at it, holding his gaze for a few moments, almost as if reminiscing about their IWF days. He looks up, and over at his friends, and partners, as they continue to pack their bags into the car. He calls over to Styles**

Black: "Hey Josh, I have something for you."

**Styles finishes what he is doing, then makes his way over to Black**

Styles: "What's up? What is it?"

Black: "I want you to have this. I figure it's more yours than mine now."

**He hands Styles the Tag belt, as Styles reaches out to accept it. Styles slings it over his right shoulder and extends his hand to Black**

Styles: "Thanks dude. I appreciate the gesture. Are you sure you won't reconsider? That Japanese promoter would give his right testicle if you'd sign with his company."

Black: "Nah man, I have to do this. I think this is what's best for me right now. But I have nothing but the utmost confidence that you and Tommy will carry on the LPM tradition over in Japan."

Styles: "Thanks dude. I figure once I shake the ring rust that seemed to plague me during my singles matches in the IWF, we'll be able to show that the Lincoln Park Mafia is the greatest team on both sides of the globe."

**Gunn finishes his packing and makes his way over to where Styles and Black are standing. He reaches out his hand to Black**

Gunn: "Well bro, this is it...atleast for now. I don't want to get all mushy and shit, but I just gotta say that I'm gonna miss teaming with you. We kicked some serious ass."

Black: "No doubt, man, no doubt. It's gonna be strange being in that ring and not seeing you guys in my corner. But thems the breaks. Well you guys better get going. You don't want to miss your plane."

Gunn: "Yeah you're right. Not a good first impression on your new boss showin' up late."

Styles: "Can you believe it...an 18 hour flight. What the hell am I gonna do to entertain myself for 18 hours?"

**All three guys laugh, as they know what kind of antics Styles can get up to when he's bored and he puts his mind to it. They shake hands one last time, then Styles and Gunn head back towards their car and hop in. Black returns to packing up his stuff as Styles and Gunn pull out of the lot. Black turns around and waves as they drive off. He finishes packing his stuff into the trunk, then shuts the trunk

Black: "Well, I guess I better give Somers a call."

**Black gets inside his car, and pulls out of the LPM 'Crib' parking lot. As he's driving away, the camera shifts to a shot of the front of the building, where we see a large 'For Sale' sign hanging on the door**

****Scene fades out****