**Scene begins inside the TWF television studios. There is a stage set up, with a single person chair set up to the right of the stage, and adjacent to it is a two-seat sofa, as well as another single person chair. Sitting in what we'd realize is the interviewer's chair is TWF head reporter, Rebecca Winters. She's dressed in an elegant white business suit and matching skirt, with her hair pulled back. In the two-seat sofa sits current TWF Generation Champion Sebastian Black and Tasha, and beside them sits Tommy Gunn. Black is dressed in a pair of brown slacks and a blue golfshirt with two yellow horizontal stripes across the chest. Over his right shoulder sits the TWF Generation Title belt. Tasha is wearing a light blue skirt and pink babydoll tshirt with 'I like it hard...core' written on the front. Gunn is dressed in a pair of dark blue Hilfiger jeans, with a grey vest and white tshirt underneath. The four of them are engaged in conversation as they wait for the show to go live on the air**

Tasha: "It's about time you got your own interview segment on TWF television. That runt, Duncan Carter seems to steal the spotlight."

Rebecca: "Actually, this isn't a permanent thing. It seems like Piper's been keeping Duncan busy since his return, and since I was promoted to head reporter, they figured they'd give it a trial run to see how successful it is."

Tasha: "Hopefully they make it a permanent segment. Lord knows it's about time that a female reporter was shown the type of respect that she deserves around this place. I swear, I think Vaughn's a chauvanist pig."

**Rebecca bites her lip, trying to refrain from smiling. Black just glances over at his girlfriend and smiles**

Rebecca: "Well, I suppose you guys can go a long way towards making this a success, since you're my first guests on the show."

Black: "We'll do our best."

Tasha: "We just have to keep Tommy in line."

**Gunn gives her a dirty look as she gives him a coy smile**

Black: "Just one word of advice before we go on the air."

Rebecca: "What's that?"

Black: "Don't try to make me look like an ass on television just to put yourself and your new show over with the fans, got it?"

**Rebecca laughs, thinking Black is joking around, but realizes he's got a serious expression on his face. She suddenly feels a little hot around the collar, as the stage manager begins the count down to on air**

Black: "You f**k with me, I f**k you up."

**He says to her just as the stage manager's countdown reaches 3...2..he points at Rebecca, who has to snap out of it and compose herself, as she begins the segment**

Rebecca: "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to a new segment on TWF television called Winters Weekly. I'm your host, Rebecca Winters, and I'll be talking with TWF superstars Tommy Gunn, Tasha McCallum and Generation Champion, Sebastian Black."

**The camera pans over from a closeup of Rebecca, to that of the three guests. The camera then zooms out slightly, so that all four can be seen on screen at one time**

Rebecca: "I'd like to discuss Sebastian Black's match this week against Bryon Wade Osbourne, but first I'd like to ask Tommy Gunn a question. Tommy, you appeared at the last Sunday Night Rising and made your presence known by attacking Preston Price after Black had already beaten him. Does this mean you've officially signed with the Titan Wrestling Federation, and if so, in what capacity?"

Gunn: "Well Becky...can I call you Becky?"

**She grits her teeth**

Rebecca: "If you'd like."

Gunn: "Ok, well Becky, as of right now, Tommy Gunn is a free agent, but under a show-by-show contract with the TWF and President Vaughn. It was my idea, actually, because Vaughn wanted to wrap me up long term, but I wanted to keep my options open for now. I agreed to the show-by-show contract offer because my boy, Sebastian, and his crew, Malicious Intent, seem to have everyone in this federation jealous of their success, and consequently, all tryin' to get at them. So I figured, until I decided what I was gonna do with my future, I'd watch their back. But who knows, if the right offer from Vaughn comes along, maybe I'd think about signin' for good."

Rebecca: "So I take it then, that you being named as one of the lumberjacks for the Generation Title match means that you've signed for this Monday's show?"

Gunn: "You assume correct, Becks. Why? You wanna hook up or somethin' before old Gunner takes his act somewhere else?"

**Gunn gives Rebecca a cheesey wink, as she tries not to show her obvious objection to that thought. She quickly changes subjects**

Rebecca: "Sebastian, on to you. This week you face Bryon Wade Osbourne in what will be your second title defense since you defeated Havok for the Generation Title. Do you think Osbourne will provide a tougher challenge for you than Preston Price did?"

Black: "To be honest, no I don't think he'll be tougher than Price was. I mean, I showed the world just how much better I am than Price when I outclassed him last Sunday. So in retrospect, Price didn't give me much trouble at all. But that brings me to BWO. Here's a guy that lost to Price when they last met on the opening show since the TWF re-opened. So I don't know how a guy that lost to Preston Price, a guy that I totally and completely dominated, would have even a snowball's chance in hell of beating me this week. Maybe Osbourne wasn't on his game against Price, maybe Price fluked out, who cares, it doesn't matter to me. All that matters to me is that Osbourne is gonna be this week's recipient of an 'L' in the won-loss column courtesy of Sebastian Black."

**Black smirks to the camera, as Tasha nods her head in agreement with her man's comments**

Rebecca: "Now Osbourne seems to feel differently. In fact, he seems to think that you're the one that might be at a disadvantage in the match, because you're the one holding the title. He inferred that maybe Tommy might decide to take a run at you if he believes he's got a shot at that belt. What are your thoughts on that?"

**Black looks at Gunn, as both men erupt in laughter. When Black finally composes himself, he continues**

Black: "Oh I heard what BWO had to say, and the fact that he made those statements goes to prove that this chump doesn't do his homework on me. So far, all he's done is make assumptions about me. Assumptions about the kind of wrestler I am. Assumptions about my mentality and attitude. Assumptions about the people I choose to surround myself with. The fact that he makes those assumptions rather than actually doing a bit of a background check goes to show he's not ready or prepared to face me this week. One statement in particular made both me and Tommy chuckle when we saw it on television. It went something along the lines of him saying that him and Paul Stone know each other back and forth and can rely on him. Now, maybe I missed it, since he tends to ramble on aimlessly and has a tendency to put the viewers to sleep, but I assume he named Paul Stone as one of his lumberjacks. But the funny part of the statement was what he said at the end, where he stated that Tommy and I don't know each other and that we are just two strangers slapped together for this match."

**Black shakes his head at the utter stupidity of that statement**

Black: "Son, let me give you a history lesson so you don't repeat your stupidity at a later date. If you had done even the SLIGHTEST bit of background check on me, you'd have realized that Tommy and myself go WAY back. Our friendship goes back even before we had dreams and aspirations of becoming professional wrestlers. You see, Osbourne, Tommy and I grew up as childhood friends in Lincoln Park, Michigan. Growing up in poverty, we had very little except each other to watch our backs. So the mere fact that you referred to us as 'strangers' goes to show that perhaps you should call up Vaughn and ask him if you can back out of this match, since you're obviously not prepared. But to address your comments directly, no, I have no fears of Tommy stabbing me in the back, nor do I have any fears of Maxx Devlin or Steve Somers doing so either. So you go ahead and renew your vows with Paul Stone, because it won't make one iota of diffence when you're inside the ring with me."

**Black smirks into the camera once more**

Rebecca: "Switching gears now, I'd like to end the show with your comments on the TWF so far since it's, pardon the pun, rebirth. 'The Pied Piper' Kirk Visconty has already made it clear what his thoughts on this company and its roster are, so I'd like to give the viewers the opportunity to hear yours."

**He pauses before answering, pondering his answer**

Black: "You know, Piper has always lived in his own fantasy world. The man has built up his own legend by constantly boasting about his greatness, and that's fine. If he wants to believe he's God's gift to wrestling, he can. Because I can tell you, he's the only one that thinks so. I mean, we're talking about a man who can't stop talking about himself, even when everyone else is nausious around him. Piper thinks that he's gonna walk into the Pay Per View and defeat Steve Somers with ease. But that's nothing different coming from Piper. But let's not forget that this is the same Piper who thought he was going to walk into the World title match and defeat Raven Starr with ease. The same Piper who knew he was no match for Triple Six so he decided to take the coward's way out and lay down for him. The same Piper who lost to Johnny Hawke of all people, in their triple threat match with Brent Nelson for the World title. Yeah, Piper talks a good game, hell, Piper talks a great game. But that's all he is, is talk. When it comes down to backing it up in that ring, he chokes."

Rebecca: "Ok, those are your thoughts on Piper, but what about the rest of the roster?"

Black: "Well if you'd believe what Piper says, there is no one else on the roster other than him. So maybe I'll help boost his fragile ego by ending this interview talking about him. Afterall, he's going to need something to boost his confidence after he loses to Steve Somers at the Pay Per View."

**Black smiles into the camera as he adjusts his Generation Title belt. The camera pans back in on a close up of Rebecca for her final comments**

Rebecca: "Well there you have it folks. Thank you for joining us this week. Tune in next week for another edition of Winters Weekly. Goodnight everyone."

**The camera pans out as the show's music plays. Black, Tasha, Gunn and Rebecca are seen chatting as the show goes off the air**

****Scene fades out****