**Scene begins outside a restaurant, somewhere in downtown Detroit. Standing out front are Sebastian Black and Tommy Gunn, apparently waiting for someone else to join them. Black is dressed in a pair of black dress slacks and a purple dress shirt. Gunn is wearing white dress slacks and a light yellow dress shirt. Just then, TWF reporter Jeff Johnson approaches the two men, carrying a microphone and flanked by a TWF cameraman. He's dressed in a pair of beige slacks and a tacky Hawaiian shirt**

Johnson: "Gentlemen, could I have a minute of your time?"

**Black glances down at his watch, then responds**

Black: "Sure, why not. Tasha's not here yet, so I guess we have some time to kill before she gets here."

Johnson: "Great. Ok let's begin."

**He turns back to his cameraman and signals he's ready to begin. The cameraman hoists the camera onto his shoulder and starts shooting**

Johnson: "Sebastian, this week you defeated Preston Price in a two-falls title defense. True to your word, you came out of the match with the Generation Title still around your waist. What are your thoughts on your match?"

**Black lets out a soft laugh, his sinnister smirk very evident**

Black: "Jeff, did you really think the outcome was in question? Preston Price put up a good fight, as I'm sure anyone else on this TWF roster would have done in that situation. But the problem lies with the fact that Preston Price just isn't good enough to take this title off me. He may have won the first fall, but let's be honest. The first fall was nothing more than a warm up for the important fall. The fall in which the title was actually up for grabs. He proved what all the other pretenders end up proving. That is, when a title is on the line, they come up short and choke."

Johnson: "What about the beat down afterwards? Was that really necessary since you had already won the match?"

**As Black is about to answer, Gunn intervenes and speaks up**

Gunn: "Was it necessary? Hell ya it was necessary. All week, Preston Price was runnin' his mouth talkin' like he was all that and a bag of chips. He wanted to tell the world what a bad ass masochist he is. Inflictin' pain, dishin' out suffering. Well when the match was all said and done, it was time for myself and Sebastian to show him what the true meaning of pain an' suffering is all about. Like the old sayin' goes, 'live by the sword, die by the sword'. So Price learned the hard way that if he's gonna run his mouth and refer to himself as a masochist, then he'd better be prepared for the consequences."

Black: "Judging by the fact that he was flat on his back staring up at the rafters, I'd say he wasn't as prepared as he thought he was going to be."

**Gunn and Black laugh**

Johnson: "Well I'm sure Preston Price will have something to say about that at a later date, but in the meantime lets fast forward to this week. This week, on a special Monday edition of Sunday Night Rising, you face another newcomer to the TWF in Bryon Wade Osbourne. Have you thought about your stipulations for the match yet?"

Black: "You know, I'd never want to be accused of not being a fair man, so I was thinking this week's stipulations would be quite different from last week. As Tommy and I were riding in the limousine back to the hotel room after my win over Price, we were talking about what kind of matches you rarely see nowadays. People seem to always want hardcore matches, or ladder matches. But you know what match I've always enjoyed, both as a competitor and as a fan?"

Johnson: "Umm, I don't know, a cage match?"

**Black shakes his head and laughs**

Black: "Nope. I was thinking, this week's match between myself and Osbourne will be a Lumberjack match. The exact stipulations for the match are as follows. Six wrestlers are chosen to be the lumberjacks. I get to choose three of them, and I'll let Osbourne choose the final three. The match itself will be a normal singles match. Belt only changes hands on a pinfall or submission. However, as with last week, NO disqualification."

Johnson: "That seems like a relatively fair stipulation for the match. I think it's pretty obvious which three you are going to select to be lumberjacks, but just to make it official, who are they going to be?"

**Black adjusts the Generation Title belt on his shoulder, then answers the question**

Black: "Jeff, you've always been one of the more intelligent reporters in the TWF haven't you. As you mentioned, it's not gonna take a rocket scientist to figure out who my three will be. It's gonna be the members of Malicious Intent, the World Champion Steve Somers, the North American Champion Maxx Devlin, and of course, my long time best friend, Tommy Gunn."

Black: "So Osbourne, you go ahead and pick any three men on this roster to fill out the remaining lumberjacks. But just remember to pick wisely. You see, the men I chose I know I can count on and trust. Can you say the same thing? Hell, you can even select Preston Price, but there's no guarantee he'll side with you. Because perhaps he figures he'd rather have another shot at me, than have to face you again. He's already beaten you once, so he has nothing left to prove by beating you again. But he's got a hell of a lot more to prove against me still. So Osbourne, choose wisely, for your sake."

**Black winks into the camera**

Johnson: "Now that you have stated the stipulations, what are your thoughts on Bryon Wade Osbourne?"

Black: "You know, Jeff, I figured that once I defeated Preston Price, that jackass Vaughn would realize how damn good I am and put me in that ring against someone who actually poses a challenge. But what does he do? He puts me in that ring against someone who, by all accounts, is even WORSE than Preston Price. This is the same Bryon Wade Osbourne who LOST to Preston Price a couple of weeks ago on the first Sunday Night Rising of the rebirth of the TWF. So if I understand this correctly, I'm facing a man who LOST to the man that I just defeated this past week. I mean, talk about taking steps backwards."

Johnson: "Well, he did just defeat Amos Jones this past week."

Black: "Amos who?"

Johnson: "Amos Jones. He used to wrestle in the PSW with the likes of Preston Price."

Black: "Ah, that must be why I've never heard of him before. Well congratulations Osbourne, on your victory over Amos Jones. Such a special feat that must be to be able to walk out of the ring victorious over such a well known and well accomplished wrestler."

**Black turns to Gunn and laughs. Gunn starts laughing as well**

Black: "In case you couldn't tell, I was being sarcastic. The fact of the matter is, I don't give a crap whether Bryon Wade Osbourne defeated Amos Jones, or lost to Amos Jones. I don't care how much trouble he had with him, or how much ease he had with him. All of that is inconsequencial because the fact is, Amos Jones is NOT Sebastian Black. Amos Jones is not the reigning TWF Generation Champion. Amos Jones is not undefeated in the TWF. Amos Jones is not part of the most dominant faction in wrestling today. So the mere fact that Osbourne beat this absolute nobody means jack s**t to me. What matters is the fact that Osbourne's winning streak ends at one, and that after this week, he can join Amos Jones once again at the beginning of the card and they can settle their feud over which one of them truly is the worst of the two nobodies."

**Just then, a car pulls up and out of the backseat steps Tasha. She's dressed in a pair of black leather pants and a purple spaghetti strap top. She walks up to Black and gives him a kiss on the lips, then turns and blows a kiss at the camera**

Black: "Now if you'll excuse us, we've got reservations for dinner."

**Black, Gunn and Tasha turn away from the camera and enter the restaurant. They disappear inside the restaurant as the door closes behind them, leaving Jeff Johnson standing out front alone with microphone in hand**

****Scene fades out****