**Scene begins inside a dark room. The walls are completely bare, with no furniture seen anywhere inside the room. Just then, Sebastian Black walks in carrying a Manila envelope. He's dressed in a pair of black jeans and a sleeveless muscle shirt with 'Malicious Intent' written on the front in bold red letters. He walks over to the far wall, as the light from the camera provides ample light on the plain white wall. He reaches into the Manila envelope and pulls out a black marker. In large letters, he writes 'Wall of Shame', then disgards the marker. He once again reaches inside the envelope, this time pulling out what appear to be photographs. He holds the photographs face down, as he addresses the camera**

Black: "Preston, you seem to like to look over lists of former TWF champions. You seem to revel in looking into the long and storied past of this great company. I'm glad you took the time and opportunity to recognize the men and women who held championships in this federation. It will give you a better understanding of what it truly means to be champion. But now I'd like to show you another list. I'd like you to listen as I rhyme off some names, some of which you've already mentioned during your stroll down memory lane. But when I list them, they'll be listed for an entirely different reason. So pay close attention Preston, because you will share their fate."

**Black places the first set of pictures upon the wall. TWF historians recognize the pictures as Ghent Murphy, Diamond Douglas Paddick, and Enigma**

Black: "Ghent Murphy...lost in his bid to defeat Inferno for the Hardcore championship."

Black: "Diamond Douglas Paddick...lost in his bid to defeat Lance for the Hardcore championship."

Black: "Enigma...lost in his bid to defeat 'Captain' Devon Storm for the Hardcore championship."

**Black moves along the wall, and posts three more pictures on the wall. We recognize them as Human Wrecking Machine, Gene Blanchard, and Gravis**

Black: "Human Wrecking Machine...lost in his bid to defeat Justin Daniels for the Television championship."

Black: "Gene Blanchard...former champion, unable to defend his title, losing the Television championship to Shadowflare."

Black: "Gravis...former champion, unable to defend his title, losing the Television championship to KC Slash."

**He continues to move along the wall, covering more of it with pictures of past superstars. The next two pictures, KrANK and Draven**

Black: "KrANK...lost in his bid to defeat ICON for the Cruiserweight championship."

Black: "Draven...same fate as KrANK. Lost in his bid to defeat ICON for the Cruiserweight championship."

**Once more, he moves along, hoping the symbolism is starting to become crystal clear. He puts two more pictures up on the wall, this time Apehead McGhee and Matt Keith**

Black: "Apehead McGhee...lost in his bid to defeat Raven Starr for the North American championship."

Black: "Matt Keith...lost in his bid to defeat Todd Clayborne for the North American championship."

**Black pauses for a moment, still holding a half dozen photos in his hand. He turns to the camera and speaks**

Black: "I must apologize if this seems to be dragging on. But I had to sit through Price taking a stroll down the hall of champions, so bare with me. I'm almost through making my point."

**He smiles, then continues on and posts three more pictures on the wall, Adam Kragar, Lei Yu Sying, and Marky Chang**

Black: "Adam Kragar...lost in his bid to defeat Justin Morris for the Generation championship."

Black: "Lei Yu Sying...lost in his bid to defeat Logan Treasure for the Generation championship."

Black: "Marky Chang...not only lost in his bid to successfully defend the title to Paul Methric, but was literally handed the title by my friend and stablemate, Steve Somers."

**He moves on to the final bare area on the wall. He puts up the three final pictures in his possession. We recognize them as Christopher Drake, Kirk Visconty, and Luke Von Erich**

Black: "Christopher Drake...lost in his bid to defeat Heydon Hall for the World championship."

Black: "Kirk Visconty...'The Pied Piper'...mister legend himself. Piper I believe made history in the Titan Wrestling Federation for being the ONLY man to ever lose in the title match more than he won. You see, Piper not only failed to defend his title against Raven Starr, but couldn't even defeat the clown prince of the TWF, Triple Six."

**Black smirks, then moves on to the final picture, Luke Von Erich**

Black: "Luke Von Erich...the man who got you your start, huh? The man you look up to? The man who, for all intents and purposes is your idol? The same Luke Von Erich who failed to defeat Jared Blazer, losing the World championship a mere WEEK after winning it."

**Black chuckles to himself, but then becomes serious once more**

Black: "So now, Preston, if you still feel the need to ask what the point of that was, I'll make it as plain as day. You seemed to want to equate yourself to the list of names that are seen on those titles. The list of names of the WINNERS of those various matches. But instead, I decided I'd show you a list of names where you're going to be added. You see, after Sunday, you're name isn't going to be added to the list that you mentioned during your promo. Rather, your name is going to be added to the list of names that I mentioned just now. Quite simply, you'll be added to the wall of shame. The LOSERS list."

Black: "Quite frankly, Preston Price, you seem to get way too far ahead of yourself. You came off a semi-impressive win over another semi-impressive wrestler, and already you seem to think your road to every championship in this federation is already paved with gold for you. But you see, there's a fatal flaw in your thinking. Your road to anything is still under construction. And unfortunately for you, your construction plans just happen to bring you right to me. I'm your roadblock, and I'm gonna be a roadblock you will never be able to get around. This Sunday, Preston, you can forget about your dreams of ever wearing the North American or World title. Because I can assure you that the Generation title isn't even in your picture. So Preston, a word of advice. Keep that cherished PSW Hardcore title real close to you and don't lose it. Because, son, that's the only championship gold you're ever going to get your hands on."

**Black looks into the camera with an intense look on his face**

Black: "That's not just a promise, that's a personal guarantee."

**Scene begins to fade as Black pulls one last picture from his folder and places it on the 'wall of shame'. The camera zooms in for a closeup, as we recognize the picture as 'The Natural' Preston Price**

****Scene fades out****