**Scene begins in a black stretched limousine. Inside the limo are two members of Malicious Intent, Steve Somers and Sebastian Black, along with Jenna and Tasha. The four of them are dressed to kill, with Somers and Black both dressed in black tuxedos and the ladies in tight blue and purple evening gowns, respectively. A bottle of champagne is seen chilling in a bucket filled with ice, as each of the four holds a champagne glass in their hand. We see the foursome laughing and joking around, partying it up as the limousine drives towards its destination. Just then, the limo driver lowers the window separating the front seat from the back of the limo and speaks**

Driver: "Excuse me for the interuption, but we've arrived at our destination. Shall I go ring the bell?"

Somers: "That would be a good idea, son. Considering that's what you get paid to do."

**The driver mumbles something under his breath as the window closes again. The camera shifts back to the four in the back as we wait for whomever the driver has gone to get**

Tasha: "I cannot believe they booked you and Maxx against that...that freak, and his homely new friend. That's such a waste of your talents."

Somers: "What can you do. Steve Somers doesn't book the matches, he just shows up at the matches and kicks some ass. I guess this week president Vaughn decided that Triple Six and Spike needed an ass kicking and figured Malicious Intent would be right for the job."

Black: "It could be worse. You could be facing Preston Price. Apparently this piece of trash doesn't think Clark Mead does a good enough job of recapping the events of last Sunday, so he decides to waste airtime telling the fans what most of them already know. News flash, Preston. You don't need to sit there and waste my time by recapping everything that went on. I was there, I saw it myself."

Tasha: "Maybe he's trying to put in a good showing to take Clark Mead's job."

**The four laugh at Tasha's comment**

Black: "Actually that would be the smart thing for him to do. I mean, there's very little chance of sustaining some kind of career threatening injury as a beat writer for the TWF than there is getting involved in a match with me. I mean, sure he might get the odd paper cut or perhaps some ink poisoning if he's sucking on his pen while it blows up, but that's nothing compared to the cuts and blown knees he'll suffer in our match."

Tasha: "It sounded to me like he was afraid of your stipulations. Considering he's got a shot at a title this early in his TWF career, I'm surprised he's coming off like a whiny bitch about it."

Black: "Especially considering he should know beforehand what the Generation Title is all about. If he didn't want to face that kind of odds, he shouldn't have agreed to a Generation Title match."

**Black gets unanimous agreement from everyone in the car, as the other three nod their heads and agree with Black's statement**

Black: "Hey, off topic slightly, but where's Maxx? Is he not in the mood to do some celebrating with us?"

Jenna: "He said he had some interview with Jeff Johnson and decided to take him croc fishing or something."

Black: "Croc fishing?"

**Jenna shrugs her shoulders**

Jenna: "Yeah, that's what he said. I dunno, I didn't bother asking details."

Black: "That Maxx Devlin is quite the character, ain't he. That's exactly why he's the perfect fit as the third member of Malicious Intent. Just like us, he does things his way and doesn't give a crap what anyone else thinks or says."

**Again, the others nod in agreement. Somers reaches for the champagne bottle and pours everyone another round. He leans back in his seat and takes a sip of champagne, then speaks**

Somers: "So you got anything else to say to Preston 'The Natural Whiner' Price?"

Black: "What more is there to say? He's made it obvious he's not a fan of my stipulations, to the point where he's scared of Tasha being at ringside. He probably won't come out and say it, but I know that's what he's thinking. But Price, let me assure you that the stipulations are in place to protect the integrity of our match and to prove you're a worthy foe, not to keep my title at all costs. You have to understand that when we're this good, then everyone and their mother is gonna be trying to get a piece of us. I just made sure that the stipulations ensured that the match would come down to you and me, without having to worry about the other fiften guys on the roster trying to jump me."

Black: "You see, Malicious Intent is without a doubt, the greatest faction of wrestlers that the Titan Wrestling Federation has ever seen. We are the three most dominant men in this industry today, and we've got the titles to prove it. Steve Somers is the World Champion, and with the competition he's facing in the World title picture, I wouldn't be surprised to see him hold on to that title for as long as he feels like it. Then we've got Maxx Devlin, who dismantled not only one freak, but two freaks in one night, and became the new and greatest North American Champion in TWF history. Then of course, there's yours truly. Boxcar Willy was so scared of me that he decided it was best to quit before the match could take place just so he wouldn't have to face me in that ring. And of course, the world saw how I made short work of Havok. The man hasn't been seen or heard from since the beating I gave him. In the process, I claimed the newly unified Generation Television Title. So all in all, what you're looking at are three individuals who have cornered the market on championship gold in the Titan Wrestling Federation. And there's nothing anyone, and certainly not a peon such as yourself, can do about it."

**Black and Somers both reach down beside them and hoist their title belts onto their shoulder, displaying the championship gold currently in MI's possession. Black looks into the camera and taps his belt, showing Price what's on the line next Sunday night. Just then, the back door to the limo swings open, as we see a large man enter the car. The camera can't see his face, only see him from a shot of the back of his head. Somers leans forward to greet the man, as the limo driver closes the limo door**

Somers: "Glad you could make it. We've got a proposition for you that I think will be to your liking."

Man: "I'm listening."

**The scene begins to fade as the camera switches to an exterior view of the limousine and watches as it drives off down the road**

****Scene fades out****