**Scene begins at Sebastian Black's appartment. The camera pans around the room, slowly making its way towards the sofa. Soon, we see the camera pause at it focusses on the TWF Generation Title belt sitting on the sofa. The image of the belt remains for a few moments, until a hand is seen grabbing the camera, pulling it towards him. The camera now focusses on Sebastian Black, his face a telling tale about the hell he endured this past weekend. But amongst the cuts and bruises, his sadistic grin remains. Dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a white 'beater' tank top, he begins to address the camera**

Black: "Preston Price, who in the hell are you? What exactly have you done to deserve a shot at the Generation Title, MY Generation Title? The last time I saw you, you had your hands full with another waste of time, piece of trash nobody by the name of Bryon Wade Osbourne. So you were able to defeat him, big deal. Congratulations on being the least inept of the two. But now suddenly that victory over Osbourne has propelled you up the ranks and into my path. I'm not sure whether getting a title shot against me is a good thing or a bad thing for your career."

**Black smirks**

Black: "So Vaughn decides that my first title defense is against you, mister Price. For you, it could possibly be a giant step in establishing you as one of the Titan Wrestling Federation's top up and coming stars. On the other hand, it could possibly be the last night you ever have the use of your legs again. You see, Preston, people that are familiar with me, people that know how I operate have come to realize one thing about me. That is, I'm one of the most sick and sadistic son of a bitches you'll ever cross pathes with. Preston, for me all you are is this week's play toy for me to use and abuse in that ring. That's the beauty of being the Generation champion. You get to call the stipulations for the match. Hell, I could even make the stipulation that you have to fight every single guy on this roster and beat them in order to face me."

**He pauses momentarily, almost as if he's contemplating the idea**

Black: "But where would the fun be in that? Where would the fun be in letting the rest of the roster have their way with you when I could have the pleasure all to myself? I'm normally not a selfish man, but in this situation I'll make an exception. Now you may be wondering why so much hostility, so much anger towards you. Did you pass by me in the hallway and forget to say hello? Did you eat the last donut without offering me a bite? Nah, think of it like a dog staking its claim to its territory. The Generation Title has become my territory, and by no fault of your own, you've entered my yard. Because of that, thanks to the rules associated with the Generation Title, I have free reign over what kind of punishment you will incur because of it. In otherwords, my belt, my rules."

**He reaches beside him on the sofa and picks up the Generation Title belt, draping it over his left shoulder**

Black: "So now the moment you've been waiting for. The moment when you finally find out what's in store for you this week on Sunday Night Rising. You and me in a two falls match. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? But here's the kicker. The first fall will NOT be a title match, where the title cannot change hands. The second fall WILL be for the Generation Title, but with the stipulation being, in order for you to get to the second fall, you have to beat me in the first fall. Furthermore, you CANNOT win either fall by countout or disqualification if you hope to become Generation Champion. What that means is, to advance to the second fall, you have to pin my shoulders to the mat for the three count, or make me submit. Any other victory over me, and your night ends, and you can go to the end of the line and wait for your next shot at glory. Sound simple enough? Good."

Black: "Now you may be wondering why did I choose this stipulation, what thought process did I go through to come to this decision. Well it's simple really, you haven't proven me jack s**t yet. So even though that jackass Vaughn deems you worthy enough to step into the ring with me, I still have my doubts. So that first fall is for you to prove to me that you can indeed keep up with me, and even defeat me. Once you prove you can either pin me or make me submit, then and ONLY then will you get a title shot. Just consider the first fall your audition."

Black: "Oh, and by the way, don't even think of trying to get some assistance in defeating me. Because my final stipulation is that the match is immediately thrown out if anyone, other than you, me, Tasha and the referee is within ten feet of that ring. So for your sake, I really hope no one in the back wants to make you lose intentionally, because that would be such a shame."

**Black winks into the camera**

Black: "Enjoy your first title match in the TWF Preston Price. Because after what I put you through this week, you'll be begging to never get a shot at gold again. That's not just a promise, it's a guarantee."

****Scene fades out****