**Scene begins inside the appartment of Sebastian Black. The lighting is dim, with only a lamp on a side table providing light for the room. Sitting on the sofa next to the side table is Sebastian Black. He's wearing a pair of blue jeans, a white 'beater' tank top and a pair of Adidas cross trainers. He's holding in his hands what appears to be a back-issue of a TWF magazine. As the camera zooms in closer, we see him leafing through the pages, a slight grin on his face as he does so. After a few moments, he lifts his head to look at the television camera facing him**

Black: "The Titan Wrestling Federation Television title. Such a long, and memorable history. I just happened to find this old magazine laying around and decided to do a bit of reading up on the history of the TV title. I figure, if I'm going to be wearing that belt after Sunday evening, I should atleast know a bit about its background."

**He peers down at the magazine, as he begins listing off the men and women who have at one time or another held the title**

Black: "Justin Daniels...Apehead McGhee...Gravis...KC Slash...Matt Keith...Gene Blanchard...Shadowflare...Stephanie McKinney...Justin Morris...Tony St. Michaels...Triple Six...and finally...one of my opponents this weekend at Sunday Night Rising, Boxcar Willy."

Black: "These individuals all share the distinction of at one time holding the Television title, and with it, the duty of defending it each and every week. You see, the one thing that comes to mind about the Television title is that very distinction, that the champion never gets a week off. You have to be ready each and every week to put your body on the line, to take abuse and give out abuse. You have to be able to push yourself to the breaking point, the point where you think you just can't keep going. Otherwise, there's always going to be someone waiting in the wings to take it away from you if you let your guard down, even for a second."

**He smiles, shaking his head as he continues**

Black: "But do you know what I see when I read the list of former TV champions? I see a list of individuals who were never able to lift their game to the next level. In many ways, the TV title history shows a distinct plateau in performance of those who have worn the belt. Let's take the first two champions, Justin Daniels and Apehead McGhee. Each won the TV title early in their TWF careers, so one might assume that they went on to bigger and better things, correct? Wrong. Both of them failed to attain singles gold the rest of their stay in the TWF. Then we have Gravis, KC Slash, Matt Keith and Gene Blanchard. One time wonders, who quickly faded into the sunset once their title reigns had come to an end. Guys like Justin Morris, Tony St. Michaels, Stephanie McKinney, all nobodies who plateaud after their title reigns ended. Hell, even the great Shadowflare, his career took a nose dive since claiming the TV title belt. All these men and women, all sharing the same thing in common. Failure to live up to potential. Failure to bring the Television title to new heights."

Black: "So what does all that have to do with me, and my chance to become the next Television champion? It has everything to do with it. You see, for too long the Television title has been tarnished, it's been looked down upon, not because of the title itself, but because of the individuals who have worn it and failed to make it a prestigious title. But that will all change Sunday night. When I step in that ring, and look the current champion, Boxcar Willy, straight in the eye, that will be the moment that the world realizes that the Television title does in fact mean something. I intend to bring the Television title to new heights, and make it mean more than it's ever meant. And more than that, I'm going to make sure that the Television title becomes more than a one week title, where it's passed around from owner to owner each and every week. I am going to bring stability and credibility to a title that has been longing that very thing since its inception. And standing in my way are two men who epitomize what I have been speaking about. Boxcar Willy and Havok."

**He places the magazine down on the sofa beside him. He takes a deep breath, stroking his chin with his finger and thumb, before he speaks up**

Black: "Boxcar Willy, your silence speaks volumes for your dedication to that belt you have around your waist. I realize that being pushed to the brink by Triple Six in your month long feud might have opened your eyes to your own weaknesses, so it's not surprising you would keep quiet about me. Afterall, if you had your hands full with a bumbling clown like him, how much of a chance would you have against me. So since you'll present me with little to no competition, I'll move on to the other man involved in the match, Havok."

Black: "Havok, it seems you have friends in high places, being granted a spot in this title match, MY title match. I'm not sure who you are or what you did to deserve such a shot, but it matters little to me. You see, you're exactly the type of individual I'm referring to when I promised to no longer allow the TV title to be the laughing stock of the federation. I have no doubts you're going to come to that ring and try to wow the fans with some fancy moves. But all that will come crashing down around you when I drive your head so far into the mat that the ring crew will have to dig you out. This match for the Television title represents my first step in becoming the greatest Television champion the TWF has ever seen. And you, my friend, have the uneviable task of providing the opposition for the historic occassion. I just hope you take Boxcar's lead and just sit back, shut up, and let me do what I was destined to do from the start. Maybe that way you'll keep from getting your neck broken."

**A wicked smile comes across his face**

Black: "Soon, my friends, the name Sebastian Black will be added to the list of names who have worn the TWF Television title. And on that day, the title will finally mean something."

****Scene fades out****