**Scene begins at a roadside diner, somewhere along an interstate highway. Sitting in a booth are the four members of the Lincoln Park Mafia; Tommy Gunn, Josh Styles, Sebastian Black and Tasha. Black and Tasha are seen engaged in idle conversation with each other. He's wearing a pair of blue jeans, a red tshirt and a Detroit Tigers' cap worn backwards. She's wearing a pair of cut off jean shorts, a pink babydoll tshirt that shows off alot of her tone stomach, and has her hair tied back in a ponytail. Across the table from them, Gunn and Styles are seen scanning over the menu. Gunn is wearing a pair of black jeans and a navy blue tshirt. Styles is dressed in a pair of brown shorts, a Michigan Wolverines baseball jersey, and has a pair of fancy looking sunglasses sitting on top of his head. Styles puts his menu on the table and looks at Black**

Styles: "You don't think Ramirez is gonna have a fit?"

Black: "I don't give a s**t if he does or not. Nowhere in my contract does it say I can only wrestle for one organization. Matter of fact, if Ramirez wasn't such a cheap son of a bitch and actually paid me what I'm worth, then I wouldn't feel the need to make extra cash elsewhere."

Styles: "I dunno man. I think you might be spreading yourself too thin. I mean, forget the money issue for a second, just think about the physical toll it's gonna be on your body. Wrestling twice a week, not to mention the travel from one event to the other? Especially considering that one show is Saturday, then the next is Sunday. You sure you thought this through?"

Tasha: "Sebastian's not stupid, Josh."

Styles: "I never said he was. So can you please just butt out."

Tasha: "You inferred it by asking if he's thought this thing through. And don't tell me to butt out when I'm smack dab right in the middle of this. In case you forgot, I'm part of the crew as well."

Styles: "Part of the crew? Sleeping with a member of the LPM doesn't make you part of the crew. If that were the case, then that sorority that me and Gunner partied at last weekend are all members of the Mafia too."

Tasha: "Excuse me? Listen, you smug piece of.."

**Black interupts Tasha and Styles' arguement, hoping to calm the situation down**

Black: "Ok that's enough out of both of you. Josh, as far as Tasha goes, as long as I'm in the LPM, then so is she. She grew up with us, she's part of our family. Just because she's not a wrestler doesn't mean squat. You know as well as I do that being part of the Lincoln Park Mafia is about more than just a stable of wrestlers. It's about being there for each other no matter what. And the fact that she's stuck with us through the good and bad, in my books, qualifies her as being there for us."

Black: "Now as far as thinking this thing through, yes I have. You mention the travel and wrestling on consecutive nights. Well the way I see it, we do that now anyways. All this means is I'll have to cut down on my houseshow appearances. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine with the double schedule."

**Styles doesn't seem quite convinced, but decides not to fight the issue any longer**

Styles: "Well whatever you say. Just don't let your personal ambitions get in the way of LPM business."

Black: "Is that some kind of threat?"

Styles: "Nope. Just consider it friendly advice."

**Styles gets up from the booth and starts to walk away**

Styles: "I suddenly lost my appetite. I'll catch you later."

Gunn: "I'll calm him down. I'll talk to you guys later. Josh, wait up."

**As Gunn is getting up, Black grabs his arm**

Black: "Hey, where do you sit with this? You on his side or on mine?"

**Gunn looks down at Black's hand, which is still holding on to his arm, then back up at Black**

Gunn: "I'll be a little more tactful than Josh was, but I will say this. Just make sure you're doin' this for the right reasons."

**He looks back down at his arm, hinting for Black to let go. Black does, and Gunn makes his way after Styles, disappearing out the exit. Black watches his two friends leave, then shakes his head. Tasha reaches up and touches his chin, gently turning his head to face her**

Tasha: "Hey, you don't need their approval for everything you do. You have to start doing what's best for Sebastian Black, not what's best for Tommy Gunn and Josh Styles. The TWF is a golden opportunity for you."

Black: "I know that, but at the same time I can't just turn my back on them. They're like brothers to me."

Tasha: "I know that. But you signing with the TWF isn't turning your back on them. It's finally doing something for YOU. Besides, they'll calm down once it sinks in that you're not actually leaving them."

**He still looks skeptical, so she leans forward and gives him a kiss. She moves back and smiles at him**

Tasha: "Come on, you've got an important match to worry about. You've got a shot at becoming the TWF Television champion on the TWF's first show since its reopening."

Black: "I know. Boxcar Willy...hmmm...I gotta say I'm at a bit of a loss for words. To be honest, I don't know much about him, other than the fact that he has what I want."

Tasha: "Well judging from his TWF resume, he's definately a worthy opponent, that is as long as you can stand the stench."

**Black cracks a smile for the first time at Tasha's comment**

Black: "So Willy, it's you and me for that TV title that you've held for a while now. I wonder just how rusty you are, with the long layoff since the TWF closed, and not to mention your month long feud with Triple Six. I mean, lets face it, he's not exactly a world class athlete. Scary son of a bitch, but not a world class athlete. Meanwhile, I've been keeping myself busy, winning titles, breaking bones, all the while keeping in shape for when an opportunity such as this came along. Willy, I'm really not sure how much that belt means to you, or to what lengths you'll go to keep it. But be rest assured, I have my sights set on claiming my first TWF gold on Sunday night. This match is important to me for one reason and one reason only."

**He pauses for a moment, then looks back at the camera**

Black: "For the past year all I've heard about is how great the Titan Wrestling Federation is. Every time I pick up a wrestling magazine or turn on the television set, there's the TWF, in my face. The saying goes, 'If you haven't made it in the TWF, then you haven't made it', and every time I heard that, I always wondered to myself if it's true. I wondered whether or not I'd ever receive the recognition until I stepped foot in the TWF. You see, I've won titles before. I've won titles on a grander scale than a Television title. But none of them have the letters 'T.W.F.' in front of them. Because of that, I've always been thought of as a talented wrestler, but one that never could achieve superstardom. And it wasn't because of my talent, but more, because of the stage on which I perform. You see, you're only as good as your competition. And if the reality matches the hype, there's no place more competitive than inside a TWF ring. That's why I'm here, that's why I have my sights set on your title. And I've gotta say, Willy, that's bad news for you."

Black: "But don't think of my words as me being overconfident. You've obviously proved your worth in that ring by claiming that title. I realize that you've beaten some of the best the TWF has to offer. I realize also that holding the title for the length you held it is a great accomplishment in itself. So while I conceed these points, you too have to realize something. You have to realize that I'm not just another newcomer with a loud mouth. I'm sure you've seen the act before. Newcomer comes into an organization, targets a champion, then proceeds to badmouth him and tell him how much of a chump he is. Well, Willy, for your sake, I hope you do your homework on me, because you'll realize that's not what I am. Unlike 95% of those hotshot newcomers with a big mouth, I actually get the job done. My history speaks for itself. Usually, it takes a while to earn a title shot. Promoters feel you have to pay your dues, make your way up. But when I finally get that shot, I rarely, if ever, fail to win that belt. And unfortunately for you, I've been given that golden opportunity right from the start."

**A sinister grin creeps across Black's face. He lowers his head slightly, still staring intensely into the camera. Tasha slings her arm around him and rests her head on his shoulder**

Black: "Willy, on Sunday evening, July 20th, in Los Angeles, you're gonna find out just how driven a man I am. I plan on walking into the Staples Center for our match, and walking out of the Staples Center with a gold belt strapped around my waist. And Willy, you're gonna find out what everyone else who's faced me before has found out. That is, win, lose or draw, I show up to make an impact. Which means, simply, I may or may not walk out of our match with that belt, but I can promise you that I'll be the ONLY one of us walking. That's not a promise, that's a guarantee."

****Scene fades out****