**Scene begins on a secluded one lane highway, somewhere in the midwest. The sun is just beginning to set in the distance, causing an orange-red background. Parked on the gravel shoulder of the highway is a candy apple red 1977 Chevy Camaro Z28. As the camera draws closer, we see an individual leaning against the front bumper, his hands resting behind him on the hood of the car. He's dressed in a pair of blue jeans, a black and silver floral button up short sleeve shirt, and a pair of brown hikers. He begins to speak**

Styles: "Once in a lifetime, an athlete comes along that goes on to dominate his or her sport. Even from an early age, greatness was seen in them. Growing up, they were always a level above everyone else, never settling for second best. In a sense, they were destined for greatness. That is their curse, that is their lot in life."

Styles: "Some of these rare breed go on to become the greatest football player in NFL history, while others crank out homeruns in Major League Baseball at a rate that would make McDonald's and their 'one million sold' jealous. For me, my gift is my ability inside that squared circle. My natural athletic ability allow me to attempt moves others wouldn't even dream of trying. My intelligence allows me the ability to adjust to situations, and alter my game plan accordingly depending on the circumstances. Mix in my desire and hunger to be the best, and what you see before you is wrestling's version of the great Babe Ruth or the great Michael Jordan."

**He shifts slightly, moving his arms from behind him, and crossing them over his chest**

Styles: "I've cultivated my God-given attributes and my self-motivating desire into a methodical and almost unstoppable combination that often leaves my opponents baffled. Whether they are large and powerful men, or fast and agile Luchadors, it makes no difference to me. Because I can and have adapted to anything thrown in my way."

Styles: "So now the question that begs to be answered is, why has Josh Styles decided to apply his trade in the TSW? What does the TSW offer me that no other federation can? The answer to this is both simple and complex. The simple answer is that I was promised, as were three other men, the instant chance at a World title shot. While alot of individuals might not want to admit it, the lure of getting a shot at a World title in as little as two weeks is a strong one. But the other reason is not as easy to explain."

**He pauses, as he runs his fingers through his wind-blown hair. He steps forward, walking closer to the camera. He begins pacing back and forth in front of the car as he speaks**

Styles: "When someone new enters the scene, people automatically compare him to the last great superstar that was there before him. When a rookie or a new signee enters a federation, his success and failure is compared to those individuals who competed there ahead of him. The measuring stick for greatness is only as tall as the previous champions that the federation has seen. In other words, the newcomer will NEVER be the pioneer, he'll never be the first to accomplish greatness."

Styles: "Which is precisely why I signed a contract with the TSW. I didn't want to be compared to Joe Blow or Harry Smith, I want people to evaluate my ability based on nothing before them. I want them to judge me on ME, not on a comparison between some old legend they used to come out and cheer for. The TSW offered me a chance to be a pioneer, to be that guy that years down the road, when some hot shot new signing comes in, they compare to me. I want to be that benchmark, where years down the road, when someone comes in to the TSW and fairs well, people will remark 'Geeze, this guy's good. He reminds me of the great Josh Styles from years ago'. To me, that's the greatest incentive you can offer."

**He stops pacing, this time climbing onto the hood of his car. He places one leg up, while the other dangles off the edge of the hood. Resting his arms on his raised leg, he carries on**

Styles: "Which brings me to my first opponent, Shawn 'Pretty Boy' Williams. Shawn, I don't know anything about you, nor will I pretend to know anything about you. But the fact of the matter is you're the first obstacle in my way. You're the first step on my journey to the top, and on Sunday night you're going to make history as the trivia question answer to, 'who was the first person Josh Styles beat on his way to winning the TSW World title?'. It's a big task, but I'm sure you're more than capable of playing the part."

Styles: "You see, Shawn, I don't give a rat's a** whether or not you have championship gold in your sights as well. Because the fact is, that belt is on it's way to the engraver with the explicit instructions to put my name on it. Sunday night provides me with the first opportunity to show what I'm capable of, and you just happen to be the unfortunate son of a b**** that the bookers signed as my opponent. But Shawn, don't fret. I promise that once I win that World title, you can get a shot at my title. That is, provided you still want a piece of me after I completely and utterly humiliate you this Sunday."

**Styles lets out a laugh. He then slides off the hood, and makes his way around to the driver's side door. He opens the door, leaning on the open door, he resumes speaking**

Styles: "Shawn Williams, you're standing in my way to my destiny. And let me assure you, it's not going to be a very nice place to be. See you Sunday, Pretty Boy."

**He winks into the camera, then slides inside the car. As he shuts the car door, the camera begins to pan out. Dust and dirt flies in the air, as Styles speeds away, the camera watching until his car disappears into the horizon**

****Scene fades out****