1-Segment (just before Lincoln Park/Insanity&Curse/Whirlyz match)

[As the Lincoln Park Mafia enter the ring, Josh Styles motions for the microphone. The ring attendant hands him the mic, which he promptly places at his mouth]

Styles: Just before this match gets under way, we've got a little surprise for you. Since Wendy wants to be such a huge star, we took it upon ourselves to help give her career a kick start. Play the damn tape!

[On the jumbotron, the footage shows what appears to be a locker room. Just then, Wendy Briese enters the scene, in her street clothes, and carrying her duffle bag. We see her place her duffle bag down beside her, as she begins to undress, all the while oblivious to the camera watching her every moment]

Jack Johnston: Where did the Lincoln Park Mafia get this footage from? Wendy is going to be furious.

Ken Brooks: She's butt naked!! I see her breasts!

[In the ring, the Lincoln Park Mafia are seen laughing uncontrollably, as the entire arena erupts in whistles and catcalls as the scene on the jumbotron plays out in its entirety]

Jack Johnston: All hell is gonna break loose when the WhirlyBirdz hit the ring.

Ken Brooks: I think I'm in love.

Jack Johnston: You say that every week.


2-Run In (during, or after, either will work, of the Studd/Chambers vs. New Breed match)

[Josh Styles appears at the entranceway, walking slowly and methodically towards the ring]

Jack Johnston: It's Josh Styles of the Lincoln Park Mafia. What in blazes is he doing out here.

Ken Brooks: Hopefully he's got more footage of Wendy Briese to share with us.

[As the six combatants finally notice Styles' pressence, a sudden commotion erupts through the crowd at ringside. Out of nowhere, the other two members of the Lincoln Park Mafia leap over the guardrails, weilding steel chains wrapped around their fists. They slide under the ring ropes, unbeknownst to the wrestlers in the match, and proceed to blindside Gyon and Hunter, nailing them with the steel chains]

Jack Johnston: The Lincoln Park Mafia just attacked the New Breed! Where did they come from? Everyone was too busy concentrating on Josh Styles

Ken Brooks: Clayborne and Sassy aren't going to take too kindly to this.

Jack Johnston: I don't think they'll be able to do much about it....Studd and Chambers are squaring off with them!

[Clayborne and Summer Kensington try to intervene, but are instantly met with the attacks of Studd and Chambers. As Studd and Clayborne, and Summer and Chambers square off, Gunn lifts a prone Gyon to the turnbuckle, and executes a superplex on him. Black quickly mounts the adjacent turnbuckle, and does a top rope splash on him}

Jack Johnston: Oh my God! The Lincoln Park Mafia just landed their finisher, 'Crime and Punishment', on Gyon. Hunter is still laid out from that shot to the back of the head.

Ken Brooks: Hunter looks like he's coming to...oh but wait

[Gunn and Black make their way over to Hunter, and lift him to his feet. Gunn wraps the steel chain around Hunter's neck, and the two of them proceed to throw Hunter over the top rope, but Gunn retains his hold on the chain, causing Hunter to be 'hung' over the tope rope. Hunter legs are flailing wildly, as the steel chain bites into his neck. He tries valiantly to take some of the weight off by grabbing onto the chain with his hands. Gunn then wraps the chain around the rope, securing it in place, as Black makes his way over to Gyon, who still remains in the center of the ring injured from 'Crime and Punishment']

Jack Johnston: Something tells me the Lincoln Park Mafia has bitten off more than they can chew. The New Breed is going to be out for blood after all is said and done.

Ken Brooks: Someone better get Hunter untangled from the ropes, he's going to suffocate.

[Styles slides into the ring, and blindsides Clayborne. Studd goes over to where Chambers and Summer are fighting, and helps double team Summer. Gunn and Black lift up Gyon, and once again wrap the second steel chain around his neck, and proceed to throw him over the top rope. They wrap the end of the chain around the ropes, leaving Gyon in the same predicament as his partner. They then turn their attention to Clayborne, who is down being pummelled by Styles. Styles picks him up, and whips him into the ropes...double clothesline! Styles, Black, and Gunn are standing over Clayborne. Styles reaches into his pants and pulls out a tshirt and tosses it on Clayborne]

Jack Johnston: What was that all about? I didn't know Clayborne had any history with the Lincoln Park Mafia.

Ken Brooks: I can't make out what the tshirt says....wait....it says....The Untouchables.

Jack Johnston: Wasn't that Clayborne's old stable in the ACWO?

[Gunn, Black, and Styles make their exit from the ring, hopping back over the guardrails and dissappearing into the crowd]

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just a bit of reasoning behind both: 1-Kinda self explanitory. They are our opponents, psychological wargames. 2-This one needs more explanation. Although they're not our opponents, they are the top team, and eventually could be our opponents for the tag titles. As for the Clayborne thing, he'll know what thats about. Payback from an 'old friend'.