[Scene opens at what appears to be a shopping mall autograph signing. There is a long line of people waiting for an autograph, as the line zig-zags around a corner. The camera focusses in on a sign advertising the signing. It reads, 'Come Meet The New ESW World Champion: Jared Blazer']

[The scene shifts to the autograph table. Jared Blazer is sitting signing autographs, with Stephanie and David Anderson on either side of him. He smiles as each kid shyly walks up and asks for an autograph, taking time to shake each of their hands. As the line moves along, a small child walks up with a poster of Blazer and a pen. He places the poster on the table, and hands Blazer the pen. The kid is in awe, as he stares at Blazer. Blazer grabs the pen, and signs the poster for the kid]

Blazer: "Hey there little guy, are you a big wrestling fan?"

Kid: "Yah! You're my favorite guy though, I watch all the time when you beat up people."

[Blazer and the child's parent laugh at the cute little comment]

Blazer: "That's great stuff. Take care little buddy."

[The kid and his parent walk away, as the next in line makes his way to the table. Just then there is a commotion heard, as Blazer and company try to see what is causing it. We hear a security guard's voice]

Security Guard: "You can't just butt in line, you're going to have to wait your turn!"

[The men ignore the security guard, who appears to be no less than 18 years old, and no more than 145 lbs soaking wet. They push their way to the autograph table, and throw down a poster in front of Blazer. Blazer calmly looks up at the individuals, as he shields Stephanie with his arm. Anderson, meanwhile, seems the most annoyed, as he stands up and addresses the men]

Anderson: "What the hell are you guys doing here?"

[The one that seems to be the leader of the group of three men responds]

Styles: "Old man, shut the f**k up, we're not here for your ancient ass. Just sit your ass down before you have a heartattack."

Anderson: "You little ungrateful bastards! I spent my time and effort training you and looking after you and this is the thanks I get?"

Styles: "Yeah well you made quite a tidy profit off of us too didn't you. Seems that President Rick had to pay a handsome fee to acquire our services, and the majority of that cash went to our...what is the legal term again? Oh yeah, our business agent. Well agent, we're here to tell you to get your damn hand out of our cookie jar."

Anderson: "We could have talked about this in private you know. Instead, you three are making a big scene in public. You don't want anything to do with me, you ungrateful punks, then that's fine. Just get the hell out of here."

Styles: "Actually we're not leaving till we get the money you owe us. Once we left your school, you no longer had any right to making money off of us. So as soon as you pay up, we'll be outta your hair, and go on to business of making lives difficult for everyone in the ESW."

[Styles looks at Stephanie, then grins]

Styles: "Of course, we can call it even if you lend us your tight assed daughter for a couple of hours."

[This causes Anderson to leap forward in rage, tackling Josh Styles. The two other men, Tommy Gunn and Sebastian Black, grab Anderson off of Styles. Before Blazer can make his way around the table, which is presenting an obstacle, the three men are able to get a few good shots in on the elder Anderson. We hear shrieks from the crowd, as people scatter away from the melee. When Blazer finally makes it over to the three, security finally shows up, and separates them. As security escorts the three men to the exit, Blazer and Stephanie are seen kneeling over a fallen Anderson, as he struggles to regain his senses. Just as the three men exit the scene, we hear Styles' voice yell out]

Styles: "You got off lucky, old man. But now that we're in the ESW, everyone else in this damn fed won't be so lucky. Get ready for the New Breed!"

[Scene fades...]


[Scene reopens in what appears to be a warehouse. We see the three men walking towards the far end of the empty warehouse, and up a flight of stairs to an office above. Inside, we see what appears to be an appartment or something. It has a couple of leather couches surrounding an old television set, and on the far wall, there is a desk with a computer and phone on top of it. The three men make their way over to the couches, and slump down onto them]

Styles: "Did you see the expression on old man Anderson's face? That was f**kin' priceless!"

Black: "Was what you said about Stephanie really necesary though? I mean, come on, she was like our older sister when we were under her dad's tutelage. I thought we agreed we'd get our money that he owes us, and not cause a big scene."

Styles: "The old man swung at me first. It's not my fault that his eye sight ain't so good, and he missed. And as for Steph, you might have thought of her as an older sister, I just thought of her as some hot chick whose p**sy I wanted. Besides, we got our message across."

Black: "Maybe, but we're after the tag titles, so I don't see what getting on Blazer's bad side accomplished. You could have been alot more tactful."

Styles: "Alright, alright, I f**ked up. Blazer wasn't part of the equation, but whatever, it doesn't matter now. Now that we've severed our ties with that old fossil, we're on to bigger and better things. Besides, Blazer's plate is already full, what with Cammeron and everyone else gunning for that World Title. I'm sure even as we speak, Anderson's tellin' him how we're not even worth the effort. So don't sweat it so much."

[Black conceeds the arguement. He turns to Gunn, who has been sitting quietly, watching the television]

Black: "Did you send in our contract to be part of the tag team tournament at the Pay Per View?"

Gunn: "Yeah, the sucker is in the mail as we speak. Should be arriving on President Rick's desk any day now."

Black: "Good. It's about time the ESW had an injection of some real talent. I'm getting pretty sick and tired of turning on the television, and sitting through promo after promo from these guys bragging about how damn awesome they are, and how they were former big shot champions in other feds. Well maybe it's our turn to brag. But you know what, we weren't champions in our other feds. We weren't undefeated in another bush league organization. The fact of the matter is we're just three punks straight out of Anderson's Wrestling Academy. No background, no championships, nothing. But you know what, that's fine by us. Because we're not about to brag and gloat about our success in another rinky dink federation. We'll just brag and gloat about our success in the ESW. And it all starts at the Pay Per View, when we grab ourselves some tag team gold."

Black: "ESW, remember the letters MCWC, because they stand for the Motor City Wrecking Crew, and that's me and Tommy Gunn. Our threesome, we're the New Breed, and we're gonna inject some youth into this fading federation. One day at a time, the New Breed is taking over."

[Scene fades out]