~Fade In~

[It is a bright and sunny day with not a cloud in sight. Off to the far right, we see a park, complete with swing set and slides for the young children. Directly ahead is a soccer field, where a game seems to be in progressed. Judging by the looks of the kids, they must be in their early teens. Parents fill the small bleachers, cheering on their kids. The camera then pans across to the gravel parking lot. There are various cars parked there, but one catches the camera's attention in particular. It is a candyapple red '78 Chevy Camaro. Leaning on the car is a man in his early to mid twenties, tall with a solid build. He is dressed in a pair of blue jeans, brown leather shoes, and a brown leather jacket. The camera moves in closer to the man, as he begins to speak]

Fuller: "Ever since an early age, we're all destined for something. Some of us will grow up to be doctors, some will become lawyers. Some [points towards the soccer game]might even become famous athletes. Regardless of what it is we are to become, it all begins with your bloodlines. Bloodlines don't necessarily predict exactly what we will grow up to be, but they are the main factor in pointing us in whatever direction life has planned for us. Those of us unfortunate to be born into poverty, as much potential as we may have, unfortunately might not be realized because our parents don't have the means or the money to see us to our potential. While others are born into money, and do have the available resources to achieve our potential. And then some of us...some of us fall somewhere in the middle."

[He reaches down and picks up a stone from the gravel parking lot. He looks at it, then tosses it away]

Fuller: "Ever since I was a small child, my life revolved around wrestling. Whenever a wrestling event would roll into town, my mom would take me to see it. Every Pay Per View, I had to see. Every magazine, every toy or video game. If it involved wrestling, I had to have it. For the longest while, I never really understood what drew me to wrestling. Kids my age liked wrestling, but I loved it. You could say I even lived it. But one day my questions were answered, and in a way that I was oblivious to. All of it involved the father that I never knew, the father I never got the chance to know."

[He lowers his head, visibly a little choked up as he tells his tale]

Fuller: "One day, my mom came into my room and sat me down. She told me she had something to tell me and that she thought I was ready to know all about it. To this day, I'm not sure why she chose that day of all days to tell me, but nevertheless, she sat me down and told me about my father. It turns out my father was a professional wrestler by the name of John Fuller. He wasn't well known, except for on the Indy circuit where he was somewhat of a cult icon. As the story goes, my mom met him one night when the federation he was working for at that time came to town. Without connecting the dots for you, they seemed to enjoy each other's company, and nine months later I was born."

Fuller: "I didn't know this at the time, but although neither were interested in settling down together, he would often send money for me, doing his part as an absent father. I had always wondered where my mom got her money from, considering she was just a local diner waitress. But needless to say, my questions were answered. Another question was answered, that I didn't realize was begging to be asked. Why the strong attraction to the world of wrestling? The answer now was simple. It was in my blood. I had never met my father, only heard of his name through my following wrestling. But from that day forward, I knew what I was going to be. I would follow in my father's footsteps, in his legacy, and become the wrestler he had always hoped to become. Tragically, my father never fulfilled his potential, as a drunk driver took his life in an automobile accident, a couple of years before my mother had chosen to tell me of him. Because of that, I was determined to pick up where he left off and prove to the entire world that the Fuller name was destined for greatness."

[He looks straight at the camera and smiles]

Fuller: "My name is Ryan Fuller, and my goal here in the VCW is to carry on the Fuller legacy, one match, one win at a time."

[He turns away from the camera and walks towards the driver's side door. Opening the door, he gets inside, closing it behind him. We hear the roar of the engine, then the camera pans away and watches as the '78 Camaro speeds out of the parking lot]

~Fade Out~