**Scene opens inside what appears to be a den. The lights are dim, and the camera is focussed on a man sitting in a chair, leaning on a table. His head is slumped down, resting on his hands, as the camera pans in closer to him. We assume he is the man known as Legacy, but the mask is absent, instead we see his dark brown hair. He begins to speak softly, his words somewhat muffled due to his head being lowered**

"Legacy...quite the bitter irony if I do say so myself. What type of legacy have I created for myself in Outlaw Wrestling. A legacy of losing, a legacy of failing to live up to advance billing."

**He lets out a sigh**

"The opponents put before me should have been a cakewalk. Neither present much of a threat, but yet I could not rise to the occasion at either opportunity. Instead, the legacy I've carved out for myself is that of failure and disillusionment. So now, as I sit on the brink of a chance at advancing in the World title tournament, I have to somehow refocus and right this ship that has swayed off course. The opportunity to make ammends is ahead of me, within my grasp. Now all I have to do is reach out and take it."

**He pauses, taking in a deep breath before continuing**

"Night Star, you are the one that they've chosen to put in my path to the promised land. A relative unknown charged with the task of standing as the only opposition in my quest to move on. Now I realize that you're probably thinking the same thing. You're probably thinking that you'll have an easy way to the next round since your opponent is a man that couldn't even defeat a hasbeen and a never-was. But chump, that's where you're wrong...dead wrong."

**His tone changes drastically. Gone is his eloquent speach, and proper diction. In it's place, we hear a familiar tone. One that we've heard before. The cameraman, almost stunned at the realization, jerks the camera slightly, before refocussing it. Could it be? Is it? Before we're able to find out for sure, a hand reaches from out of nowhere, behind the cameraman, and covers the lens of the camera. In the same motion, the camera is jolted from the clutches of the cameraman, as it slumps downward on it's tripod. We hear a thud, and the sound of feet scraping against the wood floor, kicking the tripod, causing it to swing around and focus as the unconscious OW cameraman is dragged from the scene. Two sets of footsteps make their way towards the camera, switching it off as the scene goes to fuzzy-grey static leaving the audience wondering who assaulted the cameraman**

**All of a sudden, a camcorder starts rolling...click to see**