**Scene opens to night time in a small village somewhere in Scotland. The clattering of hooves can be heard as a horse driven buggy makes its way along the cobblestone streets. The buildings along the street are a collection of old shops and taverns, giving the scene a distinctive 19th century appearance. Amongst the seemingly misplaced relics of the past, we finally see the first sign of modern technology, as a black stretched limousine drives along the cobblestone road, stopping in front of one of the many beer taverns. The rear door swings open, and stepping out onto the brick sidewalk, we see the man known as Legacy, wearing a full length cape, much like you'd see Sherlock Holmes in. He is also wearing a pair of dark dress slacks, and his trademark mask. Stepping out of the limousine after him is his man-servant, his face hidden largely by a brown trenchoat, with the collar turned upward. He strides ahead of the Legacy, reaching for the front door of the pub, and holding it open for his master. The Legacy walks inside, followed closely by his servant, the door closing behind them as they disappear inside**

**Inside it appears to be just like the scene outside, with a distinct 'old time' feel to the place. The patrons are largely made up of a bunch of small town farmers, and butchers, making it almost seem as if we've gone back in time. The two men make their way towards the bar, each taking a seat on the wooden stools sitting in front of the bar. The bartender, dressed in a pair of grey pants, grey suspenders and a white short sleeved shirt, approaches them and takes their beer order. He leans in close, as Legacy whispers his order to the bartender, then leaves as he goes to fetch their drinks. As he's pouring their beer from the taps, the Legacy swivels around on his stool to study the entire pub**

"Such a quaint setting, if I do say so myself. It's places like these that make one long for the old days, before the world became such a sesspool for corruption and so called technological breakthroughs."

**His servant turns to face him**

"Sir, why are we here? You know how much I dislike being in these gutter trash places. Not to mention, when these people see someone such as yourself, it's the closest thing they'll ever get to royalty. Who knows what kind of filthy thoughts they might have. It's not a safe place to be, especially so close to your OW debut."

**Legacy looks at him and laughs**

"Haven't you ever heard of acquainting yourself with your opponent's environment? This is the typical spot for someone such as Mr. Stevens to hang out at. To understand completely how he thinks, how he acts, you must first understand what drives him to have such thoughts, such actions."

"You honestly think Shawn Stevens spends his spare time socializing with the ghetto trash of society?"

"Well something has to explain why he is the way he is. From my experience, I've found that any individual who tries to come across as extraordinarily arrogant does so to mask his own insecurities about himself. It usually stems from a childhood spent in poverty, or one spent without a loving family. And when those kinds of people finally taste success, they are incapable of dealing with it. Take for example these 'straight from the ghetto' NBA superstars. They're usually in trouble with the law, arrogant individuals who went straight from sharing a one bedroom appartment with their twelve brothers and sisters, to multimillion dollar contracts and endorsements. Why do you think the Allen Iverson's, and Albert Belle's of this world act the way they do? Upbringing, plain and simple."

"Stevens doesn't strike me as the type that came from a poor family. Last time I checked, St. Paul isn't exactly known for its slum areas."

**The Legacy smiles, pausing before responding. The bartender returns with two large mugs of beer, placing them in front of the two. Legacy, wearing one of his half-face masks that he sometimes wears, takes a sip of the beer, then responds**

"My dear friend, I simply gave you an example of one type of upbringing that spawns that kind of behaviour. The point I was making, and the point that seemed to go well over your head, is that there must be SOMETHING from Stevens' past that makes him the egotistical blowhard we see before us today. His success in that ring is well documented, but so too are his failures. While his resume is indeed impressive in terms of titles he's won, lets not lose sight of the fact that with those accomplishments come humbling experiences that even Mr. Stevens might have to admit he'd sooner forget."

"Such as?"

"For instance, his ENTIRE claim to fame is his W-4 accomplishments. And while that's impressive, that's also over a year ago. Since then, he's been nothing but a failure at everything he's done. For many, the Titan Wrestling Federation was a proving ground to determine whether you truly were capable of reaching that pinnacle. Shawn Stevens' TWF career was nothing more than a month long debacle. Which leads me to believe that even if he won't admit it, he realizes that if he stumbles in the OW, then his credibility as a star in this sport could be coming to a very abrupt end. And when that happens, Mr. Stevens realizes that it's back to the gutter, or back to that unknown existance he was living until he made his mark in professional wrestling."

**Both men take a drink from their beer mugs, as they pause momentarily from their conversation**

"I can see your point. He's even began to use the 'I've beaten bigger names than you can imagine' tactic, almost as if he's trying to convince you that he's great."

"My friend, he's not trying to convince me of his greatness by recanting his old adversaries. He's trying to convince himself. It's called repetition. The more you say things over and over, the more you begin to believe it. He knows there are doubts about whether he's anything like his former self, so subconsciously he feels the need to reassure himself that he has, in fact, done some memorable things in his past. But the thing is, every single individual who likes to live in his past. Every individual who has ever made it a point to discuss guys he's wrestled and beaten before, always have one thing in common when they face me. That is, they fall flat on their face."

"You see, I really could care less who you've faced, Mr. Stevens. The list of names you've defeated don't impress me in the least. Why? Quite simple, what's past is past. There are dozens of individuals in this sport who can boast about their past accomplishments and who they've beaten to accomplish them. But the fact remains, you can't live in the past. Eventually, father time catches up to you, and clinging to the past only makes you reluctant to face the fact that you're just a shell of your former self. If anything, clinging to your past is a bigger detriment to your career now, because instead of allowing yourself to realize where you must improve, it gives you a false sense of satisfaction that you're still the man you used to be. Now Mr. Stevens, I realize that at twenty nine years of age, you're not exactly a day away from collecting your old age pension, but at the same time, in this business, with the abuse and pounding we take, one year in wrestling is like the equivalent of five years lived. So Mr. Stevens, if there's ever one favor you can do me, please let it be that you'll stop living in the past, and stop trying to convince both of us that the individuals you've defeated in the past are people I should give a damn about. Because the fact is, they are not."

**A small grin creeps across his expression as he delivers his comments towards Shawn Stevens**

"Do you think it bothers him, deep down, that perhaps you could be his old nemesis, Kirk Visconty?"

"I think it bothers him knowing that I could be any one of those names he listed. Because the fact of the matter is any of those names on that list are easily capable of defeating him. But again, I'd like to point out that IF I were one of those individuals, then I'd be committing the same error Mr. Stevens is if I believed for a second that just because I enjoyed success in the past, that that would mean an easy win over him in the present. Because just as he's won titles in his past, so too have the men that he commented on. But just as I've made a point about him, the same holds true for them. Stevens, the ring rust will show. You'll realize that living in the past, living off of past accomplishments will do nothing except cause you to feel defeat at the hands of the man who is destined to become the greatest."

"So go ahead and feel great about all the people you've defeated in your past. But just remember that the one person who matters, the one name that is the be all and end all on Saturday night, is the man you won't beat. And Mr. Stevens, you're looking at him."

****Scene ends****