**Scene opens outside the window of an old castle upon a hilltop in an undisclosed location. A gust of wind makes a whistling sound as it sneaks its way into the slightly open bedroom window. It causes the curtains to move, allowing a cold breeze to enter the room. The cold night air continues to make a howling sound, as the camera pans in on the window, the dark night sky visible each time the curtain is pushes open with each gust. Suddenly, a slam is heard as just off camera, someone shuts the window. The camera continues to focus on the window, as footsteps are heard making their way back to the bed. The camera pans around to see a shadow of a figure sitting upon the edge of the bed, his hands busy putting on what appears to be a mask. We cannot see the identity of the figure, as the darkness of the room shields any hope of a clear view of him. As he finally finishes putting his mask on, he reaches for the bedside lamp and turns it on, providing the room with some light**

"Early mornings are not my idea of a good start to the day."

**He grumbles, as he slouches over, resting his arms on his knees. He takes a deep breath, then stands up and makes his way to the exit of the bedroom, out into the hallway. The camera follows behind him as he makes his way down the spiral staircase and to the main entrance hall. The figure makes his way through a long hallway, until he reaches the door at the end of the hallway. The camera tries to keep up, but loses him momentarily as he disappears inside the door**

**The door swings open, allowing the camera to enter. Sitting in an antique wooden chair, almost resembling a throne, we see the masked man known as Legacy. He stares at the camera, his arms laying on the armrest of the chair, folded inward as his fingers tap his leg. Beside him sits a small table, with a lamp sitting on it. The lamp provides a ray of light to a circular area around the chair, with everything else in the room seemingly in complete black. As the camera moves closer, a large figure emerges from the darkness and appears behind the chair. The camera seems to jerk a little, the cameraman obviously startled by the presence. The large individual, his face lowered and not clearly visible, stands silently behind his master. The cameraman regains his senses, and focusses the camera on the man sitting in the chair, as he begins to speak**

"Allow me to apologize on behalf of my friend here. His rather large frame belies the fact that he is infact a docile creature unless otherwise provoked."

**He looks up at the man standing over his shoulder, as the camera pans up to see the man with his head lowered, breathing heavy as he rests his one arm on the headrest of the chair. The camera then pans back to the Legacy**

"I suppose you wish to hear my thoughts on the very first card in Outlaw Wrestling history. It appears as though management has assembled a mish mash cast of individuals, some names familiar, some brand new, all in the hopes of creating a product that will appeal to the paying public. Because, afterall, that's what this is about, isn't it? Making money?"

**He pauses for a moment, nods his head, then continues**

"Of course it is. Management give the fans what they want to see. They listen to the wants and needs of the paying public and try to deliver a product that achieves those demands. Unfortunately, sometimes management is hindered in their pursuit of a quality product. If the talent isn't there, then how do they put on a good show for their fans? Simple, they come up with innovative ideas and matches, hoping that fans will be excited, if not for the names appearing on the card, but for the card itself."

"Main event battle royal for the Tag Team titles. On the face of it, there's nothing too intriguing about the match. But when you throw in a catchy name, such as 'Lethal Lottery', and unique stipulations, then all of a sudden the match takes on a whole new level of excitement. All members of the OW roster in the ring at one time, each eliminating one another until only two men are left standing. The twist that makes this match special? These two individuals become the newly crowned OW Tag Team champions. Such an attention grabber, isn't it."

**He lets out a soft laugh. The cameraman pans back up towards the servant standing behind Legacy, almost as if he's keeping guard in case of a sudden strike. He pans back down to the Legacy, who seems to be amused by the uncomfortable state the cameraman is in. Almost as if reading his mind, Legacy tries to calm his fears**

"You can keep the camera focussed on me. He's of no concern to you. If he wanted to do you harm, he would have as soon as you noisily walked in the front door. But lets get back to the OW card shall we."

"Where was I? Ah yes, the Lethal Lottery battle royal. The interesting thing about this battle royal is that a person who at one moment is your bitter enemy, could end up becoming your tag team partner should you and him be fortunate enough to be the last two men standing. The irony actually amuses me. Perhaps for the neanderthals and egomaniacs in the match, this might pose a problem. Because each man believes he is superior to his opponent, he'll have a difficult time coming to terms with the fact that one of those men will have to be his partner after the dust settles. To me, it will not pose a problem. Not in the least. The reason being, I harbor no ill will towards any individuals in the match. I neither love nor loathe any of the participants, so it will not mean a difference to me whether I have to view them as a friend or foe. When the situation dictates it, they'll be viewed as a friend. But until that time, each and every one of them will be considered my foe."

**As he is speaking, the cameraman, almost instinctively, pans upward, but is shocked to see that the large man is no longer standing behind Legacy. Almost in a state of panic, the camera man turns 360 degrees, trying to locate the monster servant, but he is nowhere to be seen. The cameraman then pans back on his subject, the masked man sitting patiently for the camera to refocuss on him before he continues, almost as if not even noticing the cameraman's frantic search**

"Bang for your buck, isn't that what the old cliche is? It appears that is the goal of management by placing its roster in separate matches, aside from the Lethal Lottery battle royal. This must be management's way of telling the fans that when you buy a ticket to an OW show, you'll get your money's worth and more. But I've got to question the long-term logic of such a move. For many individuals, this is an opportunity at a comeback of sorts, perhaps some being semi-retired, or some tending to personal matters. In any case, many individuals haven't set foot in a wrestling ring in months, yet are expected to all of a sudden compete not once, but twice in one evening."

"Take my opponent for example. Shawn Stevens, a former World champion, and from what I gather, a rather talented performer. But word is he hasn't been seen inside the squared circle since his brief stint in the Titan Wrestling Federation. Four or five months of ring rust, and he's expected to wrestle twice in the spam of approximately two hours? It's a rather demanding request by management if you ask me. But judging from Stevens' comments, or shall I say lack thereof, he probably views me as his warm up for the main event. Suit yourself, Shawn, it worries me little how you view me. What you must understand is, I hold something over you that is of utmost importance, especially when it is our first encounter. I hold the element of surprise. While I've studied your past, I've seen your matches, you are completely in the dark about me. You have no clue who I am, where I've come from, and what I'm capable of doing in that ring. I could be any man from your past, or I could be someone you've never heard of before. Hell, I could even be the man known as 'the Pied Piper', the man who has a history of running you out of federations."

**He lets out a loud laugh once more, the crease in his mask where his mouth is, evidence that he is soundly amused by his comment**

"But fear not, Mr. Stevens. Soon enough you'll realize what you've been matched up against. You'll step into this 'warm up' match, as you so eloquently put it, and you'll realize that perhaps staying retired might have been the more enviable option. Mr. Shawn Stevens, you are going to find out why everything that I've achieved, everything that I am, proves without a shadow of a doubt that I am....the LEGACY."

**He lowers his head as he finishes his statement. Just then out of nowhere, a large hand is seen in front of the camera lens, moments before it covers the lens sight. The camera goes to black, then to fuzzy grey static**

****Scene ends****