**Scene opens in the dark. We hear slow breathing as everything else remains quiet in the pitch darkness. The darkness lingers, the eerie silence remains, until it's broken by the sound of a familar voice**

"My, how things have changed around here."


"It seems like just yesterday that I got a phone call from Eric Ramirez, informing me he had obtained financing to operate a federation called Outlaw Wrestling."


"At first, I thought it was a joke. I mean, an unknown wrestling federation wants me to join? It was obvious from the outset that it was my name recognition that Ramirez desired. But as I took a longer look at it, I realized that perhaps Ramirez was on to something special."


"Ramirez brought in some big names, some familiar faces, and in the process, convinced me this was the place for me. So I signed my name to the dotted line, and then a month later, well...the rest is, as they say, history."

**A table top lamp is turned on, and for the first time we see the man speaking. His face is a mixture of a sarcastic smile and an intense glare, giving him almost a psychotic appearance. He's dressed in a pair of black jeans and a red tshirt with 'LPM' written on the front in black lettering. He is, of course, Sebastian Black**

Black: "This week I make my return to Outlaw and in a sense, I've come full circle. I left this company as the Heavyweight champion, and I return as an unknown, still needing to prove himself to those who haven't had the displeasure of facing me before. My return match embodies both of these, as one opponent I'm very familiar with, and the other who will soon become very familiar with me."

**He smiles, not quite a happy smile, but a "someone's going to get hurt real soon" smile**

Black: "Quinn, I suppose our pathes finally cross. It seems that although our careers have followed similar trails, with stints in ReWF, Outlaw and TWF, we've never had the honor of meeting in that ring. That's about to change this week, isn't it?"

**He smiles as he strokes his chin with his thumb and forefinger**

Black: "The fact that you believe your return is the big attraction that the wrestling world is talking about belies the fact that you overestimate your own worth to this industry. But you see, the fact is the reason your name is being mentioned everytime you open a newspaper or turn on the television set isn't because fans and media alike are anxiously awaiting your return. No, my friend. It's because you just happen to be the opponent for the man who put Outlaw Wrestling on the map."

**Black points his thumbs to himself and smirks**

Black: "That is, me. While you were busy fighting over a title that, quite frankly, had no place in this federation to begin with, I was busy main eventing matches. The fact is, you couldn't even hack it in the main event here, and because of that decided to take your pathetic second rate title and go home, like a child taking home his ball when the other kids completely and utterly embarrassed him."

**He shakes his head and gives a mock sigh**

Black: "But the funny thing is no one gave a damn when you left. Hell, OCW didn't even skip a beat. Ramirez just reached into his little bag of wrestling gimmicks and pulled out another title to replace the one that you ran home with. You know what that means, Chris? It means you're replaceable. You're a small piece of this grand puzzle that can easily be replaced by any other so called crazy, son of a bitch daredevil. But that's alright, Quinn. This monday you get your shot at glory against me and Snake Eyes. And for the first time in your career, you'll see what it's like to be in the ring with a main eventer. Let's just hope you won't run home crying again like last time."

**He lets out an exaggerated laugh, slapping his knee and pointing at the camera. He clears his throat after a few seconds of laughter, then becomes serious once more**

Black: "Wolf...my dear Wolf. It appears that your years inside the squared circle have done a lot of damage to your sense of reality. I know that in our industry, it's best to downplay the ability of your opponent. We're expected to openly degrade our opponents, but deep down we hold a certain amount of respect for them. I really hope that's the case in this instance, otherwise I'd have to proclaim you the biggest farce I've ever had the misfortune of facing."

**He shakes his head, a small laugh escaping his lips**

Black: "You see, my friend, I'll let you in on a little secret. This federation, this company, Outlaw Wrestling..."

**Black smirks**

Black: "..I created it. I made all this possible. That pay check that you receive every two weeks, the very same pay check that allows you the priveledge of traveling in style and buying nice clothes to wear during your interviews, are all because of what I did in this company. You see, Wolf, I was the first ever OW Heavyweight champion. I was the foundation that this company was built upon. My blood, my sweat, my tears, all of which helped mold what you see before you today. So Wolf, your lack of acknowledgement might appear to bother me. But the fact of the matter is it does not. All it does is tell me that my opponent isn't as intelligent or as dangerous as I first thought he was."

**His shoulders bob up and down, as he laughs**

Black: "As far as the rest of the OCW is concerned, all I have to say is, my God has Ramirez lowered the standards around here. I mean, when I was busy ruling the roost, we actually had credible athletes here. Gone are such warriors as Johnny Critical, Logan Treasure, Mike Irwin, Sebastien Primeau, replaced by the current crop of mediocrity, such as yourself, Tommy Drake and our..."

**He snorts a chuckle**

Black: "...current champion, Erik Cross. It's a shame really that Ramirez has become so desperate that he's had to resort to signing every no talent bum who comes crawling to his door, begging for a job. But I guess that's what happens when the prestige of the federation drops to almost nothing after a star such as myself left. But fret no more, because the Sadistic One has returned. And this Monday evening, Wolf and another returning softy bitch have both the honor and the priviledge of welcoming the first and greatest champion Outlaw has ever known back to the ring."

****Scene fades out****