**Scene begins at Sebastian Black's appartment, a couple of blocks away from the Lincoln Park Mafia Crib. We see Black sitting on the sofa, reading the Sports section of the newspaper. He's dressed in a pair of surf shorts and a plain white tshirt. Emerging from the bathroom is Tasha, wearing only a white towel that comes down a couple of inches below her hips. She walks over to the dresser and opens one of the drawers, pulling out a pair of shorts and a tshirt. The camera focusses back on Black, as we hear the sound of a towel dropping, and a bit of shuffling of clothing as Tasha puts on the shorts and tshirt away from the camera's watching eyes**

Tasha: "You know you might want to get that damn shower head fixed one of these days. I had to do a gymnastics routine just to get the spray of water to wash the shampoo from my hair."

**Black pops his head up from behind the newspaper**

Black: "I told the landlord about it. It's not my fault if he doesn't get around to it right away. Besides, I have more important matters to deal with right now."

**Tasha disappears back into the bathroom. She can be heard from the bathroom, with the door left open**

Tasha: "You mean Nick Stryder?"

Black: "Exactly. He finally decided to open his mouth."

Tasha: "It's about time. What did he have to say for himself?"

Black: "The usual bit. About how he's not just one of the handful of rookies and that he actually will stand out amongst the crowd. Apparently he's calling himself the next generation in wrestlers."

Tasha: "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

**Black shrugs his shoulders**

Black: "I don't know. Apparently he thinks just because he defeated Shawn Stevens, that now he should be considered the next best thing since sliced bread. Unfortunately for him, he's the only one that holds that opinion."

Tasha: "Did he say anything of note about you?"

Black: "Well, sort of. It was weird. He almost sounded as if he didn't care whether he won or lost, all he cared about was pulling off some crowd-pleasing moves throughout our match."

Tasha: "So I take it he's some kind of daredevil type. The kind of guy who seems more content with pleasing the fans than winning matches."

Black: "Seems like it to me. Which is perfectly ok by me. I could give a rat's ass whether or not the fans go apes**t over a maneuver I perform or what have you. When I'm inside that ring, the only two people who matter are my opponent and myself. Everything else is just blocked out of my mind. It's just useless distraction trying to please the fans, if you ask me."

**We hear the water running, as Tasha begins brushing her teeth. Through the muffled sound of toothpaste and a toothbrush in her mouth, she continues speaking to Black**

Tasha: "Seems to me that if he's more concerned with pulling off high risk moves than winning the match, he's not prepared for what he's about to encounter."

Black: "As I said, that's perfectly fine by me. It just makes my job this Saturday night that much easier. As far as I'm concerned, I'm going into this match with the intent of winning and advancing in the World title tournament. Whether I accomplish that by doing stunts that the world has never seen before, or whether I do it by simply kicking my opponent in the head and knocking him out cold is of no concern to me. So Stryder, you go ahead and make your 'impact' like you say you're going to. But in the meantime, I'll be busy beating your ass and moving on to the next round of the tournament."

**Black resumes reading the sports section of the newspaper as we hear the hairdryer turn on in the bathroom**

****Scene fades out****