**Scene begins at a sleazy looking bar, somewhere in Detroit. In the center of the room are a row of wooden tables, with four chairs surrounding each one, and off to one side are four booths, propped up a step higher than the rest of the bar. At the back, we see a single pool table with a couple of big, middle aged men playing a game. Sitting at one of the wooden tables in the center of the bar are two attractive ladies, engaged in some kind of conversation with their male companions. From the expressions on their faces, the conversation must be quite boring**

**Sitting in one of the booths, enjoying a pitcher of beer, are Tommy Gunn and Josh Styles. Gunn is wearing a white sleeveless shirt, loose fitting around the arms, and a pair of blue jeans. Styles has a Plain black hockey-style jersey on, with the LPM logo on the front. Sitting on the table in front of them along with the pitcher of beer, and a couple of glasses is the infamous LPM camcorder. Styles is eyeing the two young ladies, as Gunn pounds back another glass of beer**

Styles: "Look at those two. They'd be perfect for the lead in our movie."

**Gunn looks over at the two women and shrugs his shoulders, lifting the glass to his mouth and tapping the bottom to get every single drop of beer in the glass**

Gunn: "They're alright. But judgin' from the company they keep, they're probably quite dirty."

**Styles laughs**

Styles: "When's that ever stopped you before?"

**Gunn gives him a dirty look as Styles continues to chuckle. Gunn doesn't bother to respond, instead choosing to pour himself another glass of beer**

Styles: "Look at the way she's looking at me. The look in her eye says, 'I want me some of that hunk of manmeat over there'. She wants me."

**Gunn glances back over at the two ladies, inspecting the one Styles is talking about. He shrugs his shoulders again and chugs another sip of beer**

Gunn: "Dude, she ain't worth it. We're professional wrestlers. Do you not notice how many groupies and whores stand around waitin' for us after the shows? Hell man, after this Saturday's show, I'll point out a dozen girls just like her. Ain't nothin' new, bro."

Styles: "I guess you're right. Isn't there something in our contract about not being paid if we get injured away from the ring?"

Gunn: "Somethin' to that effect."

Styles: "Yeah, I guess it's best that I just let it go."

**Just as he's about to turn away and ignore the ladies, the one lady that's been eyeing him mouths something to him, and starts to spread her legs slightly for him, giving him a subtle glance at her toned upper thigh**

Styles: "Damn it...grr...ok you know what, I've got an idea. Hand me the camcorder."

Gunn: "What are you gonna do with it?"

Styles: "Just hand it to me."

**Gunn doesn't bother to argue. He pushes the camcorder within Styles' reach, then resumes his beer drinking. Styles checks the recorder, to see if it's charged and ready to go, then slowly slides the camcorder onto the bench, right beside him, carefully to not be seen**

Styles: "B**ch wants to give me a tease show, she can enjoy starring in her own little voyeur movie."

**Gunn laughs at his friend, then glances over his shoulder at the ladies once more. They continue to pretend to be interested in what their dates are saying, but glance over every once in a while to Styles and Gunn's booth. He turns back to Styles**

Gunn: "Dude, seriously, forget it. We got some s**t to discuss that's alot more pressing than whether or not slut behind door number one is wearin' any undies."

Styles: "Relax man, I'm with ya. The camera's doing all the work now, so let's get down to business. More to the point, let's get down to LPM business."

Gunn: "Did you speak with Sebastian about how he wants things to go down this weekend?"

Styles: "Yeah, he ran me through the plan. Seems simple enough to me."

Gunn: "My only worry is that we're not exactly a surprise anymore. I told Sebastian I'd rather we wait until the card to let our presence be known."

Styles: "It won't be a problem. Hell, the majority of these guys are too wrapped up in their own little matches that they barely took notice of what's happening around them. But that's alright, that works to our advantage. The more they're focussed on each other, the less they'll be prepared for us."

**Gunn nods in agreement. Just then, one of the male companions sitting with the ladies looks over and notices Styles checking out his woman. He looks back at his woman and asks her something which she shrugs off. He looks to be getting a bit aggitated, and glares at Styles. Styles notices the anger in the man's face and gives him a wink. Gunn catches the wink and looks over his shoulder to see the two men making their way to their booth**

Man: "What the f**k are you looking at?"

**Styles has a smug look on his face as he answers with a smile. Gunn knows his friend too well, and gives a 'oh no' sigh**

Styles: "Well, it seems I was looking at a very bored and lonely looking lady over there."

**The man leans in closer, getting in Styles' face. Styles continues to grin from ear to ear at the man, infuriating him further**

Man: "What did you just say?!"

**Styles leans forward a bit and repeats himself**

Styles: "I said...it seems I was looking at a very bored and lonely looking lady over there. Or for the mentally slow in the audience, I was inferring that she'd be having a better time with me right now. Did..I..Stutter..that...time?"

**The scene abruptly cuts to fuzzy static as Styles responds in a sarcastic tone**

**Scene reopens about an hour later. We see Tommy Gunn and Josh Styles sitting in a holding cell, Gunn with his right hand taped up, and Styles sporting a nasty shiner under his right eye. The guard approaches the cell and opens the door**

Guard: "You guys are free to go. Might wanna thank the lovely ladies for this early release."

**They look over the guard's shoulder to see those two ladies from the bar standing at the front desk. Styles and Gunn exit the holding cell and walk over to the ladies. As they reach the ladies, we see the two males from the bar being escorted by handcuffs to the lock up, cursing and screaming their innocense. Styles looks at the one lady with a puzzled look on his face. She responds, almost as if she knew what he was wondering**

Lady: "We just told the cops that those two started it. Besides, I wanted a chance to see you prove what you said about me having a better time with you."

**She winks at Styles, as he smiles back at her. The other lady smiles at Gunn. He winces as he notices a huge gap between her teeth, then shoots Styles a dirty look. Scene begins to fade as the four of them leave the police station**

****Scene fades out****