**Scene begins at a shopping mall, somewhere in Detroit. We see people strolling along down the main aisles, as well as people coming in and out of various stores, carrying bags of purchases. The camera moves through the mall until it reaches the food court. The place is packed, with all tables occupied by groups of individuals enjoying a nice lunch while taking a break from shopping. Sitting at one of the tables are Tommy Gunn and Josh Styles, otherwise known as the Lincoln Park Mafia. Gunn is wearing a pair of Hilfiger jeans and a grey hooded sweatshirt. He's holding the infamous LPM camcorder in his hand. Styles is dressed in a pair of beige walking shorts and a blue golf shirt with the 'LPM' logo on the chest. He's busy munching away on some fries. Just then, a couple of attractive girls walk by. Styles sees them and taps Gunn, pointing them out to him**

Styles: "You know what to do."

**Gunn presses the record button the camcorder as Styles grabs a napkin to wipe off his hands from the greasy french fries. He tosses the napkin on the table, then stands up and greets the ladies, with Gunn focusses the camcorder on them**

Styles: "Excuse me ladies, but I was wondering if we could have a moment of your time."

**The two girls stop to speak with Styles. They both look at Gunn suspiciously, as he continues to point the camcorder at them, recording their every move**

Girl #1: "What's with the camera?"

Styles: "Oh don't mind him. We're doing a...umm...documentary, and he's in charge of filming footage for us."

Girl #2: "What kind of documentary?"

Styles: "Well see that's what I stopped you about. My name is Josh Styles and I'm a professional wrestler with Outlaw Wrestling. Now me and my buddy, Tommy Gunnpoints to Gunn** are doing an informal poll amongst young men and women to see how many actually watch wrestling. Would you two girls mind answering a few of our questions?"

**The first girls turns to the second one. The second one shrugs her shoulders. She turns back to Styles**

Girl #1: "I guess."

Styles: "Ok great, fabulous, super. Let's get started. If you ladies would have a seat, we'll begin."

**Styles gestures for them to take a seat at their table. The girls comply and Styles begins his 'survey'**

Styles: "Ok first we'll start with something easy. Have you ladies every watched a wrestling event live?"

Girl #1: "Nope."

Girl #2: "I've been a couple times with one of my exes."

Styles: "And what would you rate your experience as, on a scale of one to ten? One being terrible, ten being superb."

**She pauses for a moment, thinking it over. She then shrugs her shoulder and replies**

Girl #2: "I dunno...maybe a six or a seven."

Styles: "Excellent. Okay then, have either of you watched a wrestling event on television?"

Girl #1: "Yes I have."

Girl #2: "Yeah, me too."

Styles: "Okay great. And judging from the shows you've seen on television, how would you rate the entertainment value?"

**Again, neither girl doesn't seem to know how to respond, or see the significance of the survey, but answer anyways**

Girl #1: "I guess a six or seven."

Girl #2: "Yeah, about that. Maybe an eight."

Styles: "Splendid! Okay moving along..."

Girl #2: "Uh, shouldn't you be writing our answers down or something?"

Styles: "That's what the camera's for."

**He winks at the girl, causing her to blush slightly, realizing she might have come off as a bit of a ditz. Which, in fact, she did**

Styles: "Okay now to the meat of the questions. As I stated earlier, myself and Tommy work for Outlaw Wrestling. Have either of you girls heard of Outlaw Wrestling, or as I like to call it, Oh-dubya?"

**Both girls shake their head**

Girl #1: "No."

Girl #2: "No."

Styles: "Then I see we've got our work cut out for us. Okay, to give you a bit of background. This week, the LPM...which is us, have a match against D-Evolution...which is some joke of a tag team. Now how it's gonna go down is, we're gonna step foot in that ring, do some fancy moves, and come out with a victory, and they're gonna get back to the drawing board and try and figure out what went wrong."

Styles: "See, the reason why we're going to win is because we're what's referred to in the wrestling industry as 'Talented'. D-Evolution, on the other hand, is what's often referred to as 'talentless bums who will be run out of the OW in a very short amount of time'. So as you can see, that's the way things run around Outlaw Wrestling. The talented wrestlers, such as myself and Gunn, always prevail. And the no talent bums, such as D-Evolution, go on to become part time fry chefs once their dreams of becoming professional wrestlers dies."

**Styles smiles at the girls, as they nod their head, as if they understand what he was trying to explain to them. Meanwhile, Gunn can be seen lowering the camcorder down and getting a nice shot of some firm, young cleavage**

Styles: "Now that you have a bit of background, I'd like to ask you girls one last question for the poll. And if you answer correctly, you win a prize."

Girl #1: "And what's the prize?"

Styles: "A date with me and Tommy."

**He winks at the girl, as she smiles back at him**

Styles: "So ladies, here's the final poll question. When the Lincoln Park Mafia faces D-Evolution at Saturday Stampede, what is D-Evolution's chances of coming out victorious?"

Girl 1&2: "Not a snowball's chance in hell!"

Styles: "You damn right."

**Styles turns to the camera and smiles, as he drapes his arm around one of the girls, as Tommy lowers the camcorder and begins chatting with the other**

****Scene fades out****