**Scene begins inside a gym, where we see Sebastian Black pounding away on the heavy bag. He's dressed in a pair of black jogging pants, a pair of Adidas cross traines and a black muscle tank top. The camera circles around him, giving us every angle of him throwing everything he's got into each punch. The sound of fist on leather can be heard, as the raw intensity can be seen in his eyes. Various other men and women are seen working out, but Black remains in his own little world. His mind is oblivious to his surroundings, as a few eyes turn and stare as he continues to pound away on the punching bag**

Black: "Johnny Critical, it seems you doubt my promises. It seems you choose to laugh off my plan to brutalize you as nothing more than idle threats. That suits me just fine, because the less worried you are about it happening, the less prepared you'll be for when it does. Saturday night is more than just a title match to me, Johnny. It's a night where I intend on making you live through the most horrific night of your life. It's a night where just beating you will not suffice. Instead, I intend to make sure it's a night that you will never forget for the rest of your living, breathing life."

**"Whap! Whap!" is the sound we hear, as he throws a couple of rapid punches between statements**

Black: "Johnny, I know too well just how important mind games are in this sport. I know that getting inside your opponent's mind can be the difference between winning and losing. Psychological warfare is an art that few can master, and even fewer can even comprehend. But we, the great ones, we understand the significance of being able to not only torture and defeat your enemy physically, but mentally as well. I'll readily admit mindgames are paramount to success in this sport. So now you're wondering why I'm contradicting myself. It's plain and simple, Johnny. You've been played."

**He stops his workout briefly, turning to smile into the camera. He resumes working away on the punching bag**

Black: "All week I've been getting inside your head, making you defend your actions, coming up with excuse after excuse to try and save your reputation, your credibility. Johnny, you've spent the last week trying to defend something that I, myself, employ as a tactic in each and every match. Did you really think I objected to how you defeated Mike Irwin? Do you really think I give a damn how you won your match? Not in the least, because as you said, it doesn't matter how you win, as long as you win."

Black: "But Johnny, my backing you into a corner caused you to make mistakes that a seasoned veteran like you should not have made. You showed your hand too early. You've made it painfully obvious that mindgames, whether it be outside interference or tricks, are not part of your plan. You came out and told the world that you wanted to win this one on your own, no tricks, no help. So now you're screwed, Johnny, because you've dug yourself into a hole that you're incapable of getting out of. Why do I say that? It's simple really. In order for your potential win on Saturday to mean a thing, and not tarnish your reputation, you have to do so on your own. You have to be able to step into that ring and beat me fair and square, otherwise everyone will see you as the phony that you are. I mean, you made it crystal clear in all your promos that you want this to be a one on one fight, no trickery, no assistance. So now you've got to live with that promise, and if you stray from that in the least, your title win will be seen as nothing more than a hasbeen not being able to live up to his own promises."

**"Whap! Whap!"**

Black: "But then you'll be asking, so what? Who cares if you resort to cheating in order to win? As you've made painfully obvious, you don't give a damn what anyone thinks of you, right? You may be right, you don't care. But the legacy of Johnny Critical will care. The name Johnny Critical will forever be labelled as a man who cannot fulfill his promises. You stated, made it crystal clear, that you will defeat me on your own, with no help from any mind games. Which means, if you fall short on that promise, if you resort to anything that got you here, then you failed. You failed Johnny, and you proved that you're exactly what I said you were...another W-4 hasbeen who can't hack it anywhere other than that fantasy land where everyone is a legend in his or her own mind."

**"Whap! Whap!"**

Black: "So Johnny, now you're thinking you've got me where you want me, right? You think you've got me believing you'll wrestle a clean match, play by the rules, huh Johnny? Bulls**t! I know you too well. Did you actually think I was naive enough to think that you, Johnny Critical, can actually win a match without resorting to underhanded tactics? Johnny, you've made a career on being a cheater and a liar, so why the hell would you change now. The fact is, I know you'll have something up your sleeve come Saturday night. I know you'll do anything...and I mean ANYTHING...within your power to win that match. I knew what to expect from you from the moment our names were signed on that contract. So then the question becomes, what was the point of all this? What was the point of getting you to challenge me to a fair one on one match? Simple really, mind games."

Black: "You see, Johnny, now that you've painted yourself into a corner, you have no choice but to live by your promise. I've made sure you repeated yourself over and over and over and over again that you want a FAIR match, even going so far as to promising a victory in a FAIR match. So now, you have no choice but to do so. You can't resort to any schemes you may have had planned, because then you'd be labelled a liar for not living up to what you said you're capable of doing. Me on the other hand, I never said such a thing. I've never once stated I'm adverse to using mind games to win matches. Psychological warfare is the only way to get ahead in this business. You want a fair match, Johnny? Go wrestle with some boy scouts then. This is professional wrestling, this is our livelihood. This is where winning at all costs is the be all and the end all."

**He stops working away on the punching bag, and walks over to a bench where his towel is sitting. He picks up the towel and dries off the sweat from his face**

Black: "I win, Johnny. No matter what the result of the match on Saturday, I win. For the simple reason, I defeated you at your own game. Saturday is just going to be about semantics, Johnny. The mind games began the moment we were signed to wrestle each other. And after what I got you to admit, it's already a unanimous decision. I beat you at your own game, Johnny. And on Saturday evening, I'm going to beat you at mine."

**A grin comes across his face**

Black: "A mere two days away from the crowning of Outlaw Wrestling's first every World Champion. Already, the excitement is building. Fans are anxious to see their favorite stars perform on the 'Night of Champions'. Scalpers are drooling over the prospect of making a killing on selling tickets at five times their original cost. Ramirez and Storm licking their chops at the thought of all that money coming in through direct at home subscriptions to the pay per view. Yes, indeed it will be a monumental evening for everyone."

**He starts to pace back and forth**

Black: "For two men, you and me, Critical, it's our chance to enter our names in the record books. The chance to become the benchmark for all future champions who enter Outlaw Wrestling to try and live up to. It's a night where one of us will achieve our goal. It's also a night where one of us will fail. I know which man I'm going to be."

**Black cracks a sinnister grin**

Black: "Sleep tight and rest up, Johnny. Because in two days, I'm going to put you through hell."

****Scene fades out****