**Scene begins sometime mid-afternoon, back at the LPM 'Crib'. Tommy Gunn and Josh Styles are seen sitting on the black leather sofas, watching television. Gunn's in a pair of Nike shorts and a plain white tshirt, while Styles is shirtless, with a pair of blue jeans and a Detroit Tigers' cap on backwards. On the television set, we hear what sounds like a baseball game, no doubt the Tigers are playing, and losing yet again. Styles and Gunn are seen cursing and yelling at the television screen with each mistake the Tigers make**

Gunn: "God damn Mike Ilitch! The son of a bitch can assemble the best team in hockey, but can't even finish higher than the freakin' Tampa Bay Devil Rays in baseball."

Styles: "I'm telling ya, it was that trade for Juan Gonzalez that f**ked us over. He played here, what, one season? And he wasn't even at his best because the whiney bitch didn't like playing in Comerica Park."

Gunn: "Their roster is just brutal, absolutely brutal. When Bobby Higginson and Dimitri Young are your heart and soul, you know you're in for a long season."

Styles: "I was hopin' that when they brought in my boy Trammell, that he'd be able to right this ship. But I guess he's going into the Hall of Fame as a player for a reason."

Gunn: "Ah well, seems like we've been sayin' this for a decade now, but I guess there's always next year."

**Gunn tosses the remote down on the sofa, as the game comes to a close with yet another Tigers' loss. Just then, the door swings open and in walks Sebastian Black, followed closely by Tasha. Black strides up to the couch, and seems in a rather unhappy mood**

Styles: "Hey Sebastian, Tasha. You guys just missed another stellar performance by the Tigers. It was their usual..."

**Black cuts him off**

Black: "What the hell was that all about on Saturday night?"

Styles: "What was what all about?"

Black: "You two helping out Johnny Critical. Why the hell are you two associating with that piece of trash?"

Styles: "Woah, woah! Calm down, bro. That was a business arrangment, plain and simple."

Black: "Business arrangement huh?"

Styles: "Yeah man, all about the green backs. We don't like that Critical freak any more than you do. But we do like his money. He approached us about doing him a favor, I guess because he loved our work, and offered us some cash to do this one time deal."

Black: "Yeah well thanks to you two, he's moving on to the finals this week against me for the Outlaw Wrestling World title."

Styles: "So?"

Black: "So?!"

Styles: "What does it matter? It was either him or Mike Irwin. You can beat either one of them. But the difference was Mike Irwin wasn't smart enough to hire the LPM as insurance. I mean, you're not trying to tell me that you don't think you can beat Critical are you?"

**Black lunges at Styles, but is intercepted by Gunn. Gunn just holds Black off to calm him down. Styles backs off a little, a bit taken aback by his friend's actions. Black shakes loose of Gunn's hold, but calms down as Tasha grabs his arm, whispering for him to take it easy**

Black: "This has NOTHING to do with being afraid of Critical and everything to do with not needing added distraction going into such an important match. I don't like loose ends, and I especially don't like not knowing who's gonna be watching my back."

Styles: "Hey, take it easy, chief. What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

Black: "It means I don't have the cash that Johnny Critical does."

**Gunn interjects to try and calm the situation down**

Gunn: "Come on, Sebastian. You know we're still behind you one hundred percent. Last week was about the money because we didn't give a s**t about either guy, and just leant our services to the highest bidder. That's not the case this week."

**Black continues to stare down Styles. He then turns to Gunn**

Black: "You guys better make sure you remember where your loyalties lie. For your sakes."

**Black pokes Gunn in the chest with his finger, then turns around and makes his way to the door, as Tasha follows behind him. They disappear out the door, as Styles and Gunn continue to stare towards the door as they leave**

**Scene fades**

**Scene reopens, approximately ten minutes later. Black and Tasha are inside their van, driving back to Black's appartment. Black's eyes are focussed on the road ahead, as he remains silent the entire drive. Tasha looks over at him, then reaches over and puts her hand on his leg**

Tasha: "Come on, Sebastian. You can't possibly think that Josh and Tommy would sell you out for a bit of dough do you?"

Black: "I'd like to be able to believe that. But after seeing them escorting that piece of trash to the ring, a part of me can't help but wonder."

Tasha: "Okay, I'll admit the sight of them playing the role of bodyguard for Critical shocked me too, but like they said, it was just about the money."

Black: "And this week won't be?"

Tasha: "Sebastian!"

Black: "I'm serious. Johnny Critical has proven that in order for him to win matches, he needs to buy protection and buy his wins. There is NO chance in hell he would have beaten Mike Irwin if he didn't have his bankrolled entourage with him."

Tasha: "Yeah, but one slight difference between this week and last week. Tommy and Josh aren't childhood friends of Mike Irwin. Like they said, they didn't give a s**t about either one of those guys, so they just went where the money was. Besides, they don't need the extra cash to the point of screwing you over. Critical already paid them handsomely last week, not to mention old man Anderson paying them."

Black: "Then maybe it's not about the money."

Tasha: "What are you saying?"

Black: "Oh come on Tasha, you saw their reaction when they found out I had signed to wrestle in the TWF as well as Outlaw Wrestling. To say they were displeased with the idea would be a gross understatement."

Tasha: "So you think they'd side with Critical just because they disagree with your decision to join the TWF?"

Black: "I'm saying, knowing them, they think this is some kind of revenge. They seem to think that me joining the TWF is some sort of betrayal, so in their minds this might be seen as payback."

**Tasha looks at him with a skeptical look on her face**

Tasha: "I think you should have a bit more faith in them. Besides, you have enough to worry about with facing Johnny Critical than to spend your time worrying whether your two best friends are no longer loyal."

Black: "You're right. What Tommy and Josh do is out of my control. But what is in my control is what happens Saturday night when I face you, Johnny Critical. So far, I have to say, I haven't been impressed. You came into Outlaw Wrestling with all this fanfare, this big reputation from your past wrestling federations. And so far, all I've seen from you is a frail hasbeen who relies on scheming and plotting to get himself out of situations that are way above him. Your match with Mike Irwin was the perfect example of how you can't win matches on your own. It took three men and your bank book to defeat Irwin, and even then it was an extremely close match. The fact of the matter is, Critical, you won't have that same luxury this week."

**A slight grin comes across his expression**

Black: "This week, Johnny, you'll be stepping inside the ring with a man that is just as sadistic, if not even more so, than you are. Your mindgames and tricks won't work this time around because, you see, they won't affect me in the least. I've seen all your tricks and gags, and hell, I've even done some of my own, so whatever you decide to try and pull, whatever you think will give you a slight edge over me, will be nothing but a waste of your time and energy, because when all's said and done, bruised, battered, or barely moving, I'll be standing across from you in that ring, and I'll have a smile on my face."

**The slight grin becomes a full blown smirk**

Black: "Now I'm sure you'll respond with something along the lines of me being a nobody and you've faced and defeated men ten times as good as me. You'll probably go into detail about your past, and how you were some big shot in that overblown, over-talked about W-4. But the truth of the matter is, I could care less how much you downplay my chances. I could care less whether you view me as a credible opponent or just some fodder in your quest for the World title."

Black: "Because the more you downplay my chances, the more you tell the world just how insignificant I am, the more satisfying it's going to be when I defeat you and become the first ever Outlaw Wrestling World champion. You see, Critical, if you resort to those tactics, then this becomes a no win situation for you. If you beat a nobody, then so what, it was expected. But if you LOSE to a nobody, then what? How are you going to rectify the damage done to your reputation? The fact of the matter is, Critical, you were better off losing to Mike Irwin, because then you wouldn't have to face me this week. Because what you're looking at here, is quite simply, the man who is going to bring your world crashing down around you."

**He lets out a sinnister laugh**

Black: "And that, my friend, isn't just a promise. It's a personal guarantee."

****Scene fades out****