**As the fuzzy screen comes back into focus, we notice that the camera footage is that of a handheld camcorder. It takes a few moments for the camera to come into focus, as it currently points towards the ground. As the person operating the camcorder raises it, slowly we see a familiar sight standing before us...**

Styles: "Who'd ya think it was gonna be? The f**king Easter Bunny?"

**Standing in front of the camera, we finally see 'The Legacy' with his head raised up. It's none other than Sebastian Black, flanked by longtime friends and partners in crime, Tommy Gunn and Josh Styles. Styles is dressed in a pair of black jeans and a Detroit Lions' football jersey. Gunn is dressed in a red muscle shirt and a pair of blue jeans**

Black: "The charade ends now. You see, I've sat back, waiting for the perfect moment to introduce to the world the rebirth of the Lincoln Park Mafia. I had to endure an embarrassing defeat at the hands of Shawn Stevens, and then followed that up by an even more embarrassing defeat at the hands of that nothing piece of trash, Kole Chambers, all in hopes of selling the fact that I was some waste of garbage, front office gimmick masked man. Believe me when I say, I had to keep my ego in check on numerous occasions. But now's the time the cat's let out of the bag. Why now? Tommy, I'll let you answer that."

**The camcorder moves slightly away from Black, and focusses closely on the largest of the trio. Gunn clasps his hands together as he speaks**

Gunn: "Simple really, we wanted to make sure this company was worth our effort. Too many times we've wasted away our talent in nothin' federations, only to have inept management go into bankruptcy. This time, we wanted to make sure everythin' was established before the LPM called Outlaw Wrestling its home. So far, early indications show that it is. The pay per view buy rates are soarin', and the talent here is startin' to pick up. So what better time than to bring in Detroit's original bad boys of wrestling."

Styles: "That's right, the LPM has decided to make Outlaw Wrestling our home, and that's nothin' but bad news and heartache for the roster of the Ohh Dubbya. Because what'll y'all find out soon enough, and what some of you already know, is that when the Lincoln Park Mafia arrives, it's a whole new freakin' ballgame."

**Black leans foward, reaches for the camcorder, and directs it towards him once more. A sadistic grin comes across his face as he begins to address 'his' opponent**

Black: "Night Star, is it? Interesting name. But what's more interesting than your name is the fact that you made me waste a good five minutes of my life sitting through that piece of s**t promo of yours. Night Star, what you did was launch a cowardly attack on two chumps just trying to keep their head above water. I'm not quite sure what you had hoped to accomplish with that little stunt of yours, but if it was to scare or impress me, you failed on both counts, chump. Do you want to know why I was far from impressed? Let me give you a brief history lesson on exactly what Sebastian Black and the Lincoln Park Mafia is all about."

**He pauses momentarily, a confident grin comes across his face as he begins to speak once more**

Black: "It's like this, when it comes to making a showing, making an impact, the LPM wrote the book on it. The list of names we've targetted for the driveby are a who's who of professional wrestling. There's a reason that most federation promoters are hesitant to sign all three of us, and that's because they know that it's like putting a contract out on the health and well-being of the rest of the talent on their roster. That's who we are, that's who I am. So if you want to impress me, or put a shiver down my spine, try something other than that cheap immitation stunt you pulled the other night."

Black: "And as far as your most recent promo is concerned, you may not know who 'Legacy' is, but you better damn well do your homework on who Sebastian Black is, otherwise they'll be carrying you out of the ring in a body bag before you even knew what hit you. See chump, you say that for you, losing is not an option. But there's something you should consider as a more important option than just whether you win or lose. That option, of course, is surviving. Now I'm not quite sure what rich part of Detroit you come from, but take a little road trip south of you to a town called Lincoln Park. Take a ride into the trashy part of town. The carnage, the mayhem, that's what we call home. We were born and bred to survive. We've been doing it all our lives, and that's the mentality we take to the ring each and every time. So chumpstain, if all you're worried about is winning or losing our match, I'd say call ahead to Detroit General Hospital to make sure they've reserved a bed with your name on it."

**Styles leans foward, resting his arm on Black's shoulder**

Styles: "So what does this mean for the rest of Outlaw Wrestling? Plain and simple, someone's gonna be the next victim of the Lincoln Park driveby. And the million dollar question is...who? See you Saturday, chumps."

**Styles gives the 'cut the footage' sign to the person operating the camcorder. The scene starts to go fuzzy-grey static**

****Scene fades out****