**Scene begins at the LPM 'Crib', sometime in the afternoon. Sebastian Black is seen sitting on the sofa with his arms wrapped around his girlfriend, Tasha. He's wearing a pair of blue jeans and a black 'LPM' tshirt. She's dressed in a pair of low rider jeans and a purple tube top. Black's face shows the telling signs of his hard fought battle with Johnny Critical at Saturday Stampede this past weekend. Tasha turns to him, and playfully runs her hand over the small bandage on his forehead. He winces a bit, grabbing her hand and gives her a dirty look**

Black: "Can you please not do that?"

Tasha: "Oh what, did that hurt? You big baby."

**Black glares at her. She just sticks her tongue out at him and smiles**

Tasha: "So how does it feel to be World Champion, Sebastian?"

Black: "How does it feel? How does it feel to know that I'm the best that Outlaw Wrestling has to offer? That I mowed through the roster and became the undisputed World Champion? That I defeated a legend like Johnny Critical in the process?"

**A satisfied grin comes across his expression**

Black: "Justifying. You see, ever since I decided to drop the whole 'Legacy' charade and concentrate on winning, I've been unstoppable. But what is more satisfying is the people I've defeated along the way. For how many weeks, we've had to listen to that overblown hasbeen, Johnny Critical, spout off about how damn good he is. It seems like every single time I turned on the television set, there was old Johnny playing up his bad ass, grumpy son of a bitch persona, trying to convince the world that he's some sort of big, bad, scary individual. So naturally, when the time came that our pathes crossed, I told the world, and more importanly, I told you that I was going to prove that you're hasbeen, over-exaggerated reputation was indeed no match for my abilities. Saturday night, I proved without a shadow of a doubt who is the master of this 'Game'. I outdid you at your own game, Johnny, and in the process, became the first ever Outlaw Wrestling World Champion. Kinda embarrassing for you, considering you kept running your mouth about how you were going to become the first World Champion in Outlaw Wrestling history, huh Johnny."

**He smiles once more, letting out a small chuckle**

Black: "What was it you said, Johnny? Something along the lines of calling me yet another one of those individuals who come along with idle threats and promises but fail to come good on them? Well Johnny, seems to me that this time, you were dead wrong. You see, everything I promised I was going to do, I did. My 'idle threats and promises' not only came to pass, but they also magnified the fact that you are NOT as good as your reputation claims to be. Johnny, I dominated you from beginning to end in our match. I proved to be stronger than you, I proved to be faster than you, I proved to be more talented than you, and worst of all from your point of view, I proved to be much, MUCH smarter than you."

Black: "So let's hear the parade of excuses, Johnny. Let's hear you bitch and moan about how I won the match, because I'd love to see you make a complete hypocrit of yourself on national television. What exactly am I referring to? Does 'win at any cost' mean something to you? I believe you made it crystal clear in your victory speech over Mike Irwin that it doesn't matter how you win, as long as you win. It doesn't matter what methods you use, or what lengths you go to to secure that victory, as long as it's secured. So now that I did that, now that I beat you at your own game, how does it feel? How does it feel not being able to bitch and moan, knowing full well that there won't be a single soul in this entire world that would feel an ounce of pity for you. I'll tell you how it makes ME feel, Johnny. It feels GREAT. Except, something seems to be missing."

**He glances down at his waist. He runs his hand horizontally along his midsection, then looks back up at the camera**

Black: "Logan Treasure, do you have any idea what that might be? Could it possibly be the fact that, in your jealousy over my success, you decided you'd make a name for yourself the only way you know how, by stealing my World Title belt? I mean, you know and I know, hell the entire world knows, that you would NEVER be able to win that belt yourself. So your desire to know what it feels like to be a champion, what it feels like to be me, was too strong for you and you decided that even though you can never beat me for that belt, you'd steal it and walk around your appartment pretending to be me."

Black: "I know how your mind works, Treasure. You look at me, and you see everything you wish you were. You watch me wrestle, and you wish that you had half the skill and talent that I do. You watch me with a beautiful woman like Tasha, and wonder why you can't even get the neighbourhood skank to give you the time of day. It's okay, Logan. You can keep that belt for as long as you like, because merely holding a piece of tin doesn't make you a champion. Hell, if you want, I can go down to Toys 'R' Us and buy you a dozen fake wrestling belts if it will make up for any insecurities about not being able to match up to me in that ring. Either way, your little stunt on Saturday Stampede doesn't bother me in the least. Because whether or not I have a belt around my waist, or whether that belt is sitting on your Scooby Doo dresser collecting dust matters little. All that matters is that the world finally bared witness to the crowning of Sebastian Black as the first, the greatest, and the only World Champion in Outlaw Wrestling history. And that, Logan, is something you will NEVER have."

**A huge smile creeps across Black's face as he wraps his arm around Tasha once more, pulling her close to him as the camera begins to pan out**

****Scene fades out****