Lincoln Park Mafia

Before we begin our lesson on the history of the LPM, the Lincoln Park Mafia would like to present to you a short history lesson on the area in Michigan where they derived their name from. This won't take very long, and hopefully this will clear up any and all misconceptions in the future.

Once you've done reading the short history information, and finished looking at the wonderful map, please click on the links below the map to continue on your journey.

History of Lincoln Park

Although small farms from before the Civil War settled this area in Ecorse Township, it was not laid out until 1906. From its first subdivision names of Lincoln Park Subdivision, Lincoln Park Estates, Lincolnmoor, Lincolnshire, and so forth, the area became generally known as Lincoln Park, and that name was adopted when the village was incorporated in 1921. It was later incorporated as a city in 1925.

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