At the beginning of the show:
Black and Gunn are shown arriving early. They make their way to the ring, to set up their equipment for later in the show (but it isn't shown on camera what equipment they have, and where they put it)

Match Mindset:
Black and Gunn are the more experienced team. They'll use double teams to their advantage every chance they get. They'll start the match by keeping the legal man in their corner, working him over so he can't get to his partner.

(middle of the match)
Black and Gunn start to double team Mason. Gunn whips Mason into the ropes, as Black and Gunn lock arms and deliver a running double lariat. Styles jumps up on the ring apron to distract the referee. Renegade tries to intervene, but Styles points at him, warning the referee that Renegade is trying to get in the ring. The referee intercepts Renegade, not allowing him to come to his partner's aid. Gunn and Black use this advantage, as Gunn places Mason in the figure four leg lock, as Black mounts the second rope, leaping off and executing a leg drop on Mason, before returning to his corner.

Black whips Renegade into the ropes. He catches him in a spinebuster, as Renegade bounces off the ropes. Black proceeds to climb the turnbuckle and leaps off, landing with a knee to the shoulder area of Renegade. He follows that up quickly by applying an STF.

Gunn whips Mason into the ropes. As Mason is about to bounce off the ropes, Styles nails him with his cane, which causes Mason to crumble to his knees. Gunn follows up with a running dropkick, sending Mason tumbling to the arena floor. Styles circles near Mason, as the referee warns Styles not to touch him. Styles puts his arms in the air, as Renegade turns his attention to Styles as well. This allows Gunn to level Renegade with a running lariat.

(End of match)

Gunn whips Mason into the ropes and executes a facebuster. He lifts Mason to his feet, and points at Black and instructs him to go to the top rope for 'Crime and Punishment'. Gunn drags Mason over to one turnbuckle, sets him up on the turnbuckle, and prepares to execute a superplex. Meanwhile, Styles grabs the nail gun and fires off a nail into Renegade's boot. Renegade can't move to help his partner, as Gunn executes a superplex, which Black follows with a frogsplash from the opposite turnbuckle. Black slides out of the ring, as Gunn covers Mason for the 1...2...3!

After the match ends, Styles reaches under the ring and pulls out the shovel. He strikes an unprotective Renegade in the back of the head with it, then tosses it in the ring to Gunn. Black reaches under the opposite side of the ring and pulls out the steel chains. He tosses them into the ring, then slides under the bottom rope. Styles walks over to the announce table and grabs the IWF Tag Team belts, and carries them with him into the ring. Gunn rolls Mason over onto his stomach. He places one of the belts under Mason's face. He looks at his teammates, then at the crowd. He then proceeds to slam down on the back of Mason's head with the shovel, impacting Mason's face with the Tag belt. Blood starts pouring out of Mason's head, as he's split wide open. Black and Gunn lift Mason to his feet, as blood continues to pour from his head. Styles wraps one of the steel chains around his neck, then Black and Gunn proceed to toss him over the top rope, as Styles holds onto the chain. As his limp body flies over the top rope, Gunn helps Styles keep hold of the chain. They tie the chain around the top rope, as Mason hangs helplessly.

They turn their attention to Renegade now. His foot is still nailed to the ring apron, making it impossible for him to move. They pry the nail from the mat, and proceed to throw him inside the ring. Gunn sets him up on the top turnbuckle for a superplex, as both Styles and Black mount the other turnbuckles. Gunn executes a superplex, then rolls out of the way as first Black leaps through the air and executes a frogsplash on Renegade, then Styles leaps through the air and executes a frogsplash. They lift Renegade to his feet, once again Styles wraps a chain around his neck. They proceed to heave him over the top rope, hanging him by the chain just as they did to Mason. The LPM then make their way towards the back after a mission accomplished.

Various notes:
I'm not sure if the rest of the Big Sky Generation is on hand, but if they are, that's where the blowtorch comes in. Before our match against Renegade/Mason, the LPM is seen blowtorching the Big Sky dressing room door shut. They won't be able to come and interfere in our match.

Also, Steve Somers has our back, in case we need someone to guard against attacks.

-Styles will carry his cane with him
-blowtorch (for the Big Sky Gen dressing room door only)
-nail gun (to immobilize Von Erich to the mat)
-steel chains

For Somers' match:
(After the match, regardless of win or loss)
(LPM storms the ring. Chang doesn't see them coming, as they slide under the ring ropes. Styles is carrying his shovel, as he levels Chang with it. Black and Gunn pick Chang back up and hold each arm, as Styles hammers him once more with the shovel, splitting Chang wide open. Styles begins to wind up again to strike Chang, but Somers stops him. He motions for Styles to hand him the World title, and grab the microphone. Styles drops the shovel and slides under the ring ropes, retrieving the World title as well as the mic. He slides back in the ring and hands Somers the microphone)

Somers: "Chang, remember this night. Remember the night you got your ass handed to you by Steve Somers....the IWF World Heavyweight Champion, Steve Somers!"

(Somers proceeds to strike Chang with the World title, as Gunn and Black let go of his arms, allowing Chang to crumble to the mat. Black slides under the ropes and reaches under the ring and pulls out the last remaining steel chain. He slides back in the ring, as Gunn drags Chang to his feet. Black wraps the chain around Chang's neck, as the LPM are about to toss Chang over the top rope. But once again Somers stops them)

Somers: "Allow me."

(Somers tosses Chang over the top rope, holding onto the steel chain. As Chang's legs flail helplessly, Somers and Styles tie the chain tightly around the top rope. Somers pics up the mic)

Somers: "Let it be known from this day forth, that what you see in the ring at this time, is the ELITE of the Elite. You've got the IWF World Champion, you've got the IWF Tag Team Champions. Quite simply put, you can't touch this."

(Somers hands the mic over to Styles, as Somers slings the World title over his shoulder)

Styles: "Let this be a lesson to you Big Sky boys. You may be legends of the Big Sky, but we're Untouchable!"