**Scene opens at a seedy hotel, somewhere in the great state of Texas. The hotel itself looks like it's straight out of the movie "Psycho", with a red blinking light with a couple of the letters burnt out. The night time sky provides an even scarier appearance, with only the full moon providing the light to the landscape. The camera travels along the driveway to the front office of the motel, where the registration desk is. It then follows along the sidewalk path, passing by each room until we reach room #7. The scene shifts to inside the room, and we see Sebastian Black laying on one of the beds, watching a bit of television. His shirt-less physique shown off to the camera, as he's only got on a pair of plaid pajama bottoms. We also see Josh Styles, dressed in a similar get up. He's banging on the bathroom door, all the while holding his crotch**

Styles: "Come on! Open the f**king door before I piss myself!"

**After a couple of agonizing seconds for Styles, we here a "click" sound, and the door swings open. Out walks Tommy Gunn, dressed in a black tank top and a beat up pair of jogging pants that are cut into shorts. He's holding a folded up newspaper and has a huge smile on his face as he plants himself on the other single bed. We see Styles rush into the bathroom and disappear behind the closing door, but not before we hear him scream at Gunn**

Styles: "Oh dear God!! What the f**k did you eat??

**Gunn and Black laugh hysterically as their manager can be heard coughing and almost choking on the stench. Black reaches for the television remote and switches the channel just in time to catch re-runs of AEP's promos. Gunn opens up the newspaper and resumes reading it as Black watches and listens carefully to the promos**

Black: "Well I'll be damned. These two cartoon characters out of a tacky Dungeons & Dragons cartoon have the gall to make fun of our team name. Apparently they're a little slow, since just like the Joker and Kakuma, they're confusing our team name with that of the musical group Linkin Park. It's just a shame that we've already explained this to the world, but I guess the two big goofs need for me...to...talk...slow...ly...for...them. That good enough?"

**Black sits upright, at the edge of the bed as he continues to watch the promos play out**

Black: "First we have this Lucifer character. I guess you're supposed to be the devil or something. Catchy gimmick, dude. No really. I'm sure you put alot of effort into thinking that one up. Not to mention the time your mommy put into sewing that outfit for you. But you claim that you and your partner are gonna walz in to the IWF and unseat the LPM for the Tag Team gold? Pardon the pun, but not a chance in hell, Lucifer. You see there's a couple of things you need to learn before entering a match with the LPM."

**Black holds up one finger**

Black: "Number one, size only matters when you're making sweet love to some hot chick. So your size advantage means jack shit in our match, because we're smarter, we're faster, and more than anything, we're much better than you guys are."

**Black holds up a second finger**

Black: "And number two, no one is ever prepared to face the Lincoln Park Mafia. The WhirlyBirdz learned that the hard way. Gyon and Hunter learned that the hard way. And just this past weekend in London, England, the Joker and Kakuma learned that lesson the hard way. You see the thing is this, the LPM not only outwrestles its opponents, we outsmart them too. You think you have the necesary preparations to deal with the three of us? Think again, son. Just when you think you've mastered the game, we change the rules. So you can shoot off your mouth as much as you want about being some dominant tag team, but you're making the same mistake that the Joker and Kakuma did. You're underestimating our ring savy. Fool you once, shame on me. Fool you twice, shame on you."

**Black sits idle as Lucifer's promo ends and Apollyon's promo begins. His smirk turns to that of a scowl as he listens to the big man desecrate the name of the LPM**

Black: "My God, I thought Lucifer was a winner. But I take it back. His partner takes the cake. So apparently we're a disgrace to the IWF Tag Team Titles. Hey Tommy (turns to Gunn) Apollyon just said that we're a disgrace to these titles. What do you think of that?"

**Gunn lets out a loud fart, then goes back to reading his paper. Black chuckles out loud**

Black: "I take it from your condescending applause that you weren't that impressed with our defeating of the Joker and Kakuma, or the ability of the Joker and Kakuma as well. Well you know what? You're opinion means squat here boys. Because quite frankly, you're nobody. You walk in to the IWF and start berating the talent level of the teams in the company, yet have nothing to show for yourselves. That's pretty weak, boys. But I should come to expect that kind of rheteric from newcomers. It's the same crap all the time. New team comes in. New team downplays how good the rest of the competition is to try and 'psyche' the opposition out. New team insults the current champs. Same formula we've seen dozens of times. Hell, boys, we've even borrowed from that formula a few times. But here's the part of the formula that you guys didn't read up on. It's the most important part. Ready for this?"

**Black motions for the camera to come closer to him**

Black: "New team falls flat on their faces and loses. See boys, that's the part of your little scheme that's gonna bite you in the ass. Everyone wants to make some noise when they enter a federation. The problem is, there's only a select few that can live up to their bravado. And gentlemen, it's your misfortune to have to face one such team this Tuesday in San Antonio."

Black: "But don't sweat it boys, you've got everything covered, right?"

**Black and Gunn let out a roar of laughter**

Black: "Better think of plan B. Because come Tuesday night, the LPM is gonna retain these belts. That's not just a promise, boys. That my friends, is a guarantee."

**We hear Styles screaming something from inside the bathroom**

Styles: "Gunn, you jackass! You used up all the toilet paper!"

****Scene fades out****