**Scene begins after 'Her Majesty's Gold', in the Lincoln Park Mafia limousine. The limo itself is a stretched black limousine, with a sunroof over the back seat. As the limo speeds off into the night, the arena fades from view. Inside we see the three members of the LPM, Tommy Gunn, Sebastian Black, and their manager Josh Styles celebrating their victory. Each man has a glass of champaigne in their hand, each taking turns making half-drunken toasts. Black is dressed in a pair of blue tear-away track pants and a navy tshirt, with his IWF Tag Team Title belt draped over his right shoulder. Next to him sits his tag team partner, Tommy Gunn. He too is dressed casually, with a pair of red Adidas track pants, and matching red tshirt. He has his belt draped on the seat beside him. Across from them sits Josh Styles, dressed in a pair of beige khakis and black tshirt. He holds up his glass of champaigne for another toast**

Styles: "Gentlemen, a toast to Main Distraction. Here's to you putting up no competition, and allowing Sebastian to pin you."

Gunn: "Here, here!"

Black: "Here, here!"

Styles: "Here's to our other opponents, the former champs, Joker and Kakuma. Here's to you two running your mouthes all week, but failing to back up your words."

Gunn: "Here, here!"

Black: "Here, here!"

Styles: "And here's to us, the Lincoln Park Mafia. For doing exactly what we said we were gonna do. That is, walk into 'Her Majesty's Gold' the challengers, and walk out the champs."

Gunn: "Here, here!"

Black: "Here, here!"

**The three burst out in laughter at the toasts. Finally, Sebastian Black speaks up**

Black: "You know, Joker and Kakuma, I hate to say we told you so but.....we told you so!"

**More laughter from the three half-blitzed individuals**

Black: "See the thing is this. When the Lincoln Park Mafia sets its sights on something, more often than not, we'll accomplish our goal. We told you, in fact we warned you all week, not to take us for granted. But instead of training, instead of preparing to face us, all you did was spend your time bemoaning the fact that we weren't any good. And when you weren't droning on about that, you were bitching and complaining about how unfair you have it. Well boys, let this be a lesson to both of you. Don't ever take your opponents lightly, especially when they're simply the most dominating pressense in the world of professional wrestling!"

**Black takes a sip of his champaigne, as Gunn speaks up**

Gunn: "You know, I can see it now. These two are natural born whiners, so come tomorrow or whenever they decide to come out from their rooms, they'll moan and whine about how we pinned Main Distraction, not them. Which is fine, I'll conceed that point. But the fact also remains they knew about that stipulation beforehand, so they should have prepared contingency plans to deal with that disadvantage. But tell you what, we'll be more than happy to grant you a rematch for OUR titles. Any time, any place, anywhere. You bring your sad sack bodies to the ring, you sign away your death certificates, and the LPM will be more than happy to oblige and take you from hell and back one more time just to prove that we're better than you, and just to prove that what we say we'll do, we can do."

Gunn: "I'd give Main Distraction that same offer, but seeing as how opening this bottle of champaigne put up a better fight than they did, I don't see much point."

Black: "And as far as us doing Hawke's dirty work, I guess mission accomplished. So Hawke, if you're listening, we expect that Christmas bonus to be extra large this year.

**Black takes another swig of his champaigne, then leans down to kiss his belt on his shoulder**

Black: "You boys and girls on the IWF roster better get used to seeing these belts on our shoulders, because they're gonna be staying there for a damn long time. 'Cause just like I said to Joker and Kakuma, that's not just a promise.....that's a guarantee!"

**With that, the camera switches to an outside view of the limo. We see Gunn and Black emerge from the sunroof, with the Tag Team Title belts held aloft, as the limousine disappears into the night**

****Scene fades out****